Writers – Reasons Why It Is Good To Be Unique #writers #writer #WeekendBlogShare


  1. Having a unique view of the world makes great story telling.
  2. Having unique ideas for stories will differentiate your work.
  3. Viewing yourself as unique means that you dare to accept yourself as different and lose some of your writer insecurities.
  4. Developing your own unique writing voice helps readers identify with you and will add magic to your work.
  5. To be unique we have to believe in ourselves and this is when the real writing magic starts. Once you believe in yourself as a writer you start to write new things, experiment with different genres and take creative risks.
  6. Everyone has led a different life. As a writer you will have a load of unique life experiences to draw upon and use within your work.
  7. Being unique means you write for yourself and don’t imitate others. You stay true to yourself.
  8. Being unique helps you stand out from the literary crowd.
  9. ‘I’d rather be interesting, original & unique then follow the pack. Revel in who you truly are & be liberated!’ Amy Leigh Mercree.

  10. ‘So you’re a little weird? Work it! A little different? OWN IT! Better to be a nerd than one of the herd!’ Mandy Hale.

Be different.

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This photo below captures how I feel on a regular basis.


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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

46 thoughts on “Writers – Reasons Why It Is Good To Be Unique #writers #writer #WeekendBlogShare

      1. If I was at any time, it was the black sheep… 😉
        That was one of the things ‘wrong’ with me, I didn’t try to fit in. C’est la vie!
        Happy Friday!

      1. If it wasn’t for the time difference, I would say we should chat again in 12 hours or so. I suspect I will be a bit less intellectual then.

      2. I think I might write a post, which will be a variation on one a couple of weeks ago, titled ‘when blog comments are beyond you’ – sigh plus faraway look out of the window…..

  1. After years of being the one out-of-step with coworkers, I finally gave up trying to fit in and suddenly understood why it just didn’t matter. As a writer, it’s actually a good thing. I’m with John–I am who I am and that’s what comes out in my writing”.

  2. Yes, unique is a much more positive way of saying odd-one-out. I spent too many years of my life thinking of myself as the latter. In fact, funnily enough, it was rejections from literary agents that made me realise I had a unique voice … too unique for them to take a risk on me, apparently! Being unique isn’t always the easiest route to success, but it’s the most honest.

    1. I have really struggled with feeling like the odd one out. It’s been so hard ‘coming out’ as a writer, some close friends and family have surprised me with their horrid comments. It’s a wonder I haven’t given up after being told to ‘never darken their door with my writing’ and I ‘write like a 9 year old’ – agents rejections will be nothing after this for me. Labelling myself as ‘unique’ has got me through an emotional writing time. After shedding a lot of tears in 2015 I am now of the opinion – ‘stuff the lot of you – I enjoy it!’ – end of lecture lol! Sorry about that – it all came out. Feel better now. 🙂

      1. You poor thing. Big virtual hug coming your way. I can’t believe how foul some people are. Those are such nasty comments.
        Have you ever wondered if those people are jealous that you’re having the opportunity to develop your creative talent? Often, it’s frustrated people who’ve dreams have been stamped on by a particular person or set of circumstances. Then they become bitter and resentful towards others who are more fortunate than they’ve been in this respect.
        No more tears in 2016 🙂 xoxo

  3. Great post. I’ve sitting here watching the Olympics in my PJs.. Just been out in the garden with my hair up in a bright green shower cap. As strange as that look might sounds, it’s actually rather ordinary around her. Child brings nits home from school and shares them with the family!
    My blog is called “Beyond The Flow” because I’ve always been out there. I’ve actually sound my own through blogging and it’s been fantastic! I’m home.

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