Falling In Love With Your Fictional Characters – 5 Key Stages #writers #SundayBlogShare



  1. Awareness. You find yourself writing the same scene again and again. To loved ones you seem distracted and distant. This is because your head is full of one fictional character. You knew they were something special when you were creating them. You got a bit carried away with giving them some eye watering and flush inducing physical attributes. You even gave them some attractive personality traits too; some arrogance mixed in with that all important wild streak. As you write more scenes with this special character a little voice inside you says ‘it’s a fictional character crush!’
  2. Denial. You tell yourself that it’s not a fictional character crush. It’s just character favouritism. Totally innocent and all above aboard! Nothing to worry about. They are fictional and live in your head so it cannot be a crush. You are a serious  writer and you certainly don’t have character crushes.
  3. Reality Check. As the crush on your fictional character develops you spend more of your writing time hanging out with them. Cue the irrelevant romantic scenes! Your crush leads to the plot going off course. As this thing in your heart heats up you start to imagine your special character in day to day life. You give some serious thought as to whether your handsome vampire could control himself around others whilst out buying groceries or at the DIY store. You find yourself thinking about whether your sexy long haired warrior elf could accompany you to your Pilates class and could you send your sexy werewolf man down the butchers to get a pound of sausages for you?
  4. Crossroads. You reach a crossroads. As expected the fictional character crush has not really gone anywhere. Due to them being so special you struggled with finding them a fictional mate. Writing romantic scenes between your special character and other characters proved difficult as you became a green-eyed writer monster. It should have been you in that scene being seduced by your character. Not some minor character! You start to debate your special character’s future – should you a) kill them off in your story, b) create a new special character for you to become infatuated with or c) both.
  5. Farewell. It was a nice crush whilst it lasted but as a writer you know that all good things come to an end. You are sad to see your fictional love interest leave the story but you have left the door open for them. You couldn’t bring yourself to kill them so instead you arranged for them to journey off into a far distant land to find themselves. You get back to your character creation workshop and….[five minutes later] hang on…who is this starting to appear on the page….hello handsome! All is well in Writer Land again – sigh!

Good luck out there writers 🙂


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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

25 thoughts on “Falling In Love With Your Fictional Characters – 5 Key Stages #writers #SundayBlogShare

  1. I usually fall in love with the oddest, most unbalanced characters in my stories. Such characters would be impossible to handle in real life. Sigh … I just know they would, after years of working in psychiatry! And what would Mister say?

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