When You End Up Writing an Emotional Book Review #Goodreads #bookish #BookNerd

Sometimes we can get emotional at the end of a book. It happens. Books can do strange things to us. You then transfer this emotion into your book review. Before you know it the review has been published…aghh!

There are many reasons why you would write an emotional book review, here are ten:

  1. The book you have read has been truly amazing / life changing / breath-taking. As you write the review your emotions get the better of you. Your review is littered with ‘WOW’s’ and ‘OMG’s!’ and ‘I WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN AFTER READING THIS!’ Everything in full caps and lots of exclamation marks.
  2. You have got so close to the characters that they feel like old friends. The thought of not seeing them again is too much for you. Cue the tears as you tap out your review and you end it with #missingthemalready
  3. It’s a book by your favourite author and you are in the throes of a HUGE author crush resulting in a tearful and emotional review. Your review will be full of author compliments and you will tell them how amazing they are at least five  times.
  4. You know the author personally and you know the battles they have faced getting to this stage. As you write their book review you are reminded of their personal struggle and your emotions will run wild.
  5. You have drank too much coffee. A firm favourite of mine.
  6. You have a whopping crush on the fictional character in the book and their death at the end has reduced you into a sobbing mess. This emotion will be fed into your book review. By the end of your book review it will sound like someone in real life has passed over and you are struggling with your grief.
  7. The book was so sad that it left you in floods of tears. It was in the same literary tear jerker league  as Watership Down and War Horse. Writing the review brings back all those sad animal moments and the tears plop onto your keyboard as you type away.
  8. The author nicked your idea for a story and reading it has brought tears to your eyes. They did a much better job than you and this makes you start to snivel as you write the review.
  9. You are feeling hormonal and for no real reason find yourself crying and typing out your book review. Another favourite of mine!
  10. Its written late at night. I find book reviews written in the small hours are deep, meaningful and full of emotion. Cue your groan the next morning when you check Amazon to find out what you wrote!

I can’t wait to read reader reviews of my book when it finally hits the virtual book shelves! Loud sigh!

I do hope some of you get emotional after reading it.

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

24 thoughts on “When You End Up Writing an Emotional Book Review #Goodreads #bookish #BookNerd

      1. If you don’t get at lt least 10 I would be shocked. You create amazing characters that are so alive. Every reader would have their favorite 🙂
        When’s your book going to be ready?

  1. I suffer from hormonal responses…and that’s just to the things I say! Have to say though that I’ve been ‘saved’ more than once by being able to ‘morning after’ edit my Amazon reviews…I once happened to mention that one particular author came across as a bit of a slapper…well she did…I changed it hands shaking on waking!

  2. I get really emotional when I have to kill all my characters because I can’t finish any other way unless I want a billion page novel. But I love her and she can’t go and … oops Oh yeah, I forgot it’s fiction, but don’t you know she loves me so and I know it can’t be so, because my angel has wings and she is flighty and just and I will not let the sky take her because blue is my favorite color.

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