The A to Z of Being a Writer #writerslife #writers 


  • A is for Author – something us newbie writers aspire to be.
  • B is for Book – we are all writing, editing or publishing one.
  • C is for Cheese – some of us writers are constantly nibbling on this – sigh!
  • D is for Dictionary – a useful tool for some of us.
  • E is for E-Book – some us have written some amazing E-Books.
  • F is for Fiction – a category of literature.
  • G is for Guts – we need guts for when we are sending our work out.
  • H is for Happy – this is what writing makes us feel….(some of the time).
  • I is for Imagination – a vital tool for any writer.
  • J is for Juxtaposition – a useful writing tool.
  • K is for Kiss – some us write powerful kissing scenes.
  • L is for Love – our love of those little things called ‘words’
  • M is for Motivation – we all need this, some more than others…
  • N is for Novelist – it sounds so romantic – sigh!
  • O is for Online – we all busy growing our online profile.
  • P is for Procrastination – some of us show real promise with this writer skill!
  • Q is for Quotes – sometimes you just need to read some writing quotes to make you feel inspired.
  • R is for Readers – we love you!
  • S is for Sesquipedalian – using a lot of long words that most people do not understand – sigh!
  • T is for Twist – a plot twist is a writer’s secret weapon.
  • U is for Unique – something we are all striving to be.
  • V is for Validation -some of us are seeking writing validation
  • W is for Write – something we do when we are in the mood..
  • X is for X-Rated – some of us write stuff that makes us blush.
  • Y is for Yes – the magic words we want an agent or publisher to say!
  • Z is for ZZZZ – some of our stories make our readers do this.

Good luck out there!

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

29 thoughts on “The A to Z of Being a Writer #writerslife #writers 

  1. But mostly the alphabet is there for writers in the toolbox of life. We need every single one, the tools of our trade; how stories are made. Love your posts Lucy have some writery love for this Valentine’s weekend.

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