How To Be Romantic With A Writer #AmWriting #writer #ValentinesDay

Here are some great hints and tips on how to be romantic with a writer.

  1. Let the writer rest. Writers need their rest. All that creativity can be exhausting and will take its toll on your beloved writer’s looks. Allowing them to have a nice lie-in is a great way to start a romantic day.
  2. Make them a breakfast to remember. Writers love their breakfast as it sets them up for the perfect creative day. Whilst they are busy tucking into your fantastic breakfast you can make a start on the housework. Your beloved writer does not want to be burdened with the ironing or cleaning on a day of romance!
  3. Let them write and don’t interrupt them. Make a real effort with not disturbing your writer as they are busy creating something wonderful. So this means you will need to sort out any children who won’t stop squabbling, visits from annoying relatives and naughty pets.
  4. Take an interest in their work. Ask your beloved writer whether you can spend the afternoon reading some of their work. This is the day when you turn off the sport on TV and make your writer the centre of your world. Turn off the TV / put down the games console and grab your writer’s latest first draft. As your writer enters the room let out a little sigh of literary contentment.
  5. Keep them hydrated. Make sure your beloved writer has a constant supply of cups of tea, coffee and hot chocolate all day! As the evening progresses switch to wine.
  6. Keep their sugar levels up. Your beloved writer will be lacking in sugar mid afternoon and this could bring on a ‘low mood’ and impact their work. So make sure you are on hand to rustle up some sugary snacks!
  7. Show your literary side. Whilst delivering them a fresh tea or coffee launch into an unexpected recital of John Donne’s ‘The Good Morrow’ and hold your beloved’s gaze with ‘Let us possess one world, each hath one, and is one’ ….then quietly leave.
  8. Make a fuss of their pet. Make sure your beloved writer’s pet is treated like royalty all day, even if it annoys you and gives you that smug pet look. If you know that your beloved writer’s pet enjoys a cuddle with the blonde woman up the street, try locking it in the house for the day so that it can spend some quality time with your beloved. The last thing you want on a romantic day is for your beloved writer to see their beloved pet trotting happily into the house up the street for extra cuddles, this could bring on writer tears.
  9. Be writer nap friendly. Writer naps are important for your writer. They allow your writer to refresh and rejuvenate themselves. If you are going to be romantic then you need to be writer nap friendly. Let them happen and don’t comment!
  10. Keep your true thoughts about their latest idea for a novel to yourself. This is not the day for being a literary party pooper! Let them talk about it and do your best to encourage. Even if it’s not your cup of tea or does nothing for you. Go mute and smile!

Sigh… feeling romantic already 🙂

Follow these steps and anything can happen….

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

42 thoughts on “How To Be Romantic With A Writer #AmWriting #writer #ValentinesDay

  1. I came here by way of Chris and just want to mention that I am hosting a blog party and it’s really getting on well. Just in case you find the time, the link starts with Yes!! Party link live…. I didn’t want to leave the link on your blog so it won’t go to spam, hopefully

  2. Is it me but the picture looks more like she’s checking he’s still alive? I think that might be the most romantic thing a partner can do for a writer who’s collapsed on the floor in desperation at the plot having more holes that that a Goth’s fishnets. Splendid post as always Lucy! And PS, what is it with cat’s going elsewhere for their whatever? It’s not like I don’t read to them? Often they’re the only ones who stay still long enough.

    1. Sigh! Bless her – checking whether he is still breathing after a plot hole discovery!
      My cat ‘The Duke of Wellington’ likes the ‘older blonde’ up the street. I am just a dirty secret to him – he only gives me attention when it’s dark / no one is around. Sigh! I love him but it’s a cruel love!

      1. Oh bloody cats. We have two sistas and they are about as affectionate as dishcloths. We provide heat food and veterinary services and they provide… Hmm. I’ll come back to you.

  3. Hi Lucy,
    The tables are often turned in our house and it’s the writer who though not short of ideas of romance, is needing to make up for lost ground in terms of ignoring partner as he starts up repeated conversations just as inspiration hits and I’m caught yet again “not listening”. This same unnamed person stays up long after said husband has gone to sleep because the muse always seems to visit late at night.
    I’m afraid when the list of give and take is drawn up, this here writer would do well to pay more attention to her other half and give.
    That said, the kids decimated Valentine’s Day in our household and we spent the day taxiing them around and had a family meal at McDonalds on the way home from Scouts.
    xx Rowena

  4. If only!! A girl can dream though right? This fairy tale needed to start by kissing the frog to turn him into the handsome Prince, thus getting 1 through 10 fulfilled by said Prince, LOL.

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