35 Things You Might Do After A Plot Hole Discovery #writers #writerslife



Picture this.

You are busy reviewing your draft.

Things are going well. Your brain is busy projecting images of you collecting a literary prize and of a famous film star begging you to cast them as the lead, when your book is turned into a film.

Then from nowhere the rug from under your literary feet is whipped away and down you fall into some huge plot hole! Gasp! It is more like a gigantic crater.

The events of your story are now illogical or impossible. You know in an instant that it is going to involve some serious rewriting to fill it. The plot hole spans at least six chapters – sharp intake of breath!

Here is what you might do next:

  1. Let out a piercing scream.
  2. Start to wail.
  3. Yell.
  4. Kick the litter bin.
  5. Go hide underneath the covers in your bed (a favourite of mine!)
  6. Go hide under your bed (another favourite of mine)
  7. Go for a writer’s nap as the situation has got too much for you.
  8. Make yourself a strong coffee and let caffeine ease your troubled mind.
  9. Start to cry.
  10. Shout until loved ones come running.
  11. Let out a loud moan.
  12. Tweet out your frustrations.
  13. Post your frustrations on Facebook.
  14. Deluge a couple of writing friends with some emotional emails about the plot hole.
  15. Place your head in your hands and groan.
  16. Quickly search Pinterest for tips on getting out of a plot hole.
  17. Pace the room.
  18. Mutter to yourself.
  19. Phone an emotional support helpline.
  20. Whip up a quick blog post about being stuck in a plot hole.
  21. Pinch yourself in case its a bad literary nightmare and you’re still asleep.
  22. Pour yourself an emergency glass of wine and sigh loudly.
  23. Slice off a large chunk of cheese from the fridge and eat whilst wiping away tears.
  24. Grab emergency chocolate bar and stuff into mouth whilst crying.
  25. Get down on your knees and pray for a literary miracle.
  26. Start a new story project! (Another favourite of mine – sigh!)
  27. Chuck draft in the bin or send draft to the trash folder.
  28. Run yourself a bath and sit in it for hours.
  29. Go for a long solitary walk in the rain.
  30. Phone an understanding relation.
  31. Cuddle your pet
  32. Have a tantrum and storm off, slamming a few doors and stomping upstairs.
  33. Ask a loved one to hold you close and make all those bad thoughts go away.
  34. Search Google for famous books and films with glaring plot holes to make you feel better.
  35. Calmly work out how you are going to resolve the issue.


Don’t you just love finding a plot hole! Sigh!


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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

47 thoughts on “35 Things You Might Do After A Plot Hole Discovery #writers #writerslife

  1. Oh,that one is so familiar to me! 😀

    Judging from some of the TV series/movies/books I’ve come across, there is an option #36: pretend the hole is invisible, even if a truck could go through, and simply carry on! I’m relieved it didn’t make it into your list 🙂

  2. Weird…just spent last 2 hours trying to figure out how to write myself out of a hole and realised I seem to have somehow written 3 parallel stories …not a novel concept but now thinking hard about this as the concept for my novel? Now need more coffee…and Waitrose calls!

  3. Plot holes are wonderful indeed. I just did a complete rewrite of my novel and thought it was pretty solid… until I saw all the plot holes. At least now I have 35 ways to get over it!

  4. There’s only one thing worse than a plot hole discovery. Picture the scene – you’ve finished writing your novel, revised it umpteen times, passed it to your beta reader(s), had it back, had it edited professionally (at great expense), proofread it, and are just about to set it free in the big wide world when, totally by coincidence, you come across a well-known book (well-known, that is, by everyone except you) that has virtually the same plot as the one you’ve just written…

  5. Love this…and I’m pretty sure I’ve tried a few of these coping mechanisms too.

    As for plot holes…Ugh, I hate them! I just dealt with one myself a week ago. I think my first response was a scream. 🙂

  6. Phone an emotional support helpline.- that one made me laugh. 😀 My plot hole discoveries are usually greeted with a few emotionally charged expletives and then swearing that the story’s rubbish and can’t be fixed. I get over it though. Usually. 🙂

  7. Well, I’m horribly late to this post, but in my defense, I’ve been dealing with a plot hole! Ahahahaha. Sadly, my general response is 26. Last time I started a new version of the book, found another plot hole and ended up merging the two stories. I really hope I don’t find another one…

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