How to Make Simple Finishing Touches to Blog Posts #bloggers #bloggingtips

Here are some easy finishing touches that you can make to your blog posts before you hit publish:

  1. Edit the post and use spell checker. Back in the day (sigh – 2014 / 2015) when I was a newbie writer blogger I would just chuck anything down on a post and press publish. You see I held the belief that whatever came out of my finger tips and onto the keyboard would be AMAZING! This is how the mind of the newbie writer works. In my little blonde brain there was no need for yawn inducing things like editing or spell checking. All my posts were good to go! After reviewing all my old blog posts over Christmas I realised that not everything that comes out of my finger tips and onto the keyboard is good to go.  Now I draft my post, leave it for a period of time, return, edit and spell check.
  2. Use CoSchedule Free Headline Analyser. So simple and effective. The wonderful Rachael Ritchey introduced me to this little gem. It is a bit like submitting school work and getting graded. You punch in your headline and it grades your attempt. In the early days I was at the bottom of the headline class.
  3. Take photo of your blog post and stick on Instagram. I have recently joined Instagram and I am loving it! There are loads of amazing book readers, book reviewers, book addicts and writers on there. I have been having some success with this in terms of getting some traffic to my blog. I have also been brave enough to put some of my own photos on there.
  4. Check tags and categories. I am seeing too many good blog posts going out as ‘uncategorized’ or with no tags. Adding categories and tags is not hard. These let the search engines know where to place your blog post. A really simple and valuable finishing touch.
  5. Ask your readers for their thoughts at the end of your post. This is so simple and it drives reader  engagement. Everyone has a view. See your post as your conversation opener. The best blog posts are the ones which ask you what your thoughts are and this sends you into a search for the comment box  frenzy, muttering to yourself  ‘I must let them know what I am thinking on this…’

These are really easy finishing touches to make to your blog posts!

Once you have done these share via social media, sit back and nibble on that luxury cheese you bought at the supermarket the other day…

Happy Blogging!



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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

58 thoughts on “How to Make Simple Finishing Touches to Blog Posts #bloggers #bloggingtips

  1. Hmm you got me thinking … ‘1 & 4’ I do … ‘2’ I’d not heard of will look into… ‘3’ I’ve mixed feelings but maybe …”5 I rarely ask but tend to respond when asked to. As for comments ‘1’ I don’t do as so often made on impulse, the more emotion the more typo’s … I’m an easy man to read … maybe? Have a good day Lucy. ps your influence … now frantically checking I got the numbers right!

      1. You always say such nice things about my blog. Thank you.
        You have such a great blog, don’t sell it short and my offer of helping you add stuff still stands 🙂

  2. You’re getting to be a real pro, Lucy. Okay, I will sign up to Instagram. Just haven’t done it yet (says I, one week on from having good intentions). Just checked out the co-schedule headline analyser and noted that it was only free for the first 14 days. Shucks, there are so many people making mega bucks out there, except for me!

    1. I don’t think so Sarah Potter – just a small time blonde writer blogger making her way in the world – sigh!
      Been using CoSchedule and have not noticed that 14 days. I just go in via Google and click on headline analyzer link..

      1. That is the truth! And I have a feeling all your patience and hard work will definitely not go unnoticed. Your sense of humor and attention to the human condition are huge assets! I am jealous of your easy ways.

  3. Great tip–headline analyser. Hadn’t heard of it before, I don’t think. I’m glad you re-pointed it out, Lucy; I’ll have to read that guest post, as I think I missed it the first time. I have considered Instagram (Pinterest a little less so), but goodness, one spends so much time promoting that it feels like you get no writing done! 🙂 I can’t even imagine how the “pro’s” (if they don’t hire social media staff) do it . . . so, how do you make time for promoting, Lucy? Is it like 30% writing (what I’ll call blogging, editing, outlining, interviewing, brainstorming, that kind of thing), 60% social media (tweeting, Instagramming, Facebook, reading & commenting on other blogs, seeking out guest posters, connecting with other writers, etc.), and 10% other (maybe stress? ha! hopefully not!) for you on an average day?

  4. When you say you take a photo of your blog post, is it just pointing the camera at your computer screen and clicking or do you do it some other way? I do use Instagram but have never considered taking a photo of my post and loading it there.

    1. Hey Hugh. My method which appears to be getting me some success is to pin the post onto Pinterest. Then take a photo of the pin summary and add that to Instagram with all the top hashtags. I am getting a lot of traffic from doing this and a lot of likes. Check me out – Blondewritemore and let me know thoughts 🙂

      1. Ooo, thanks, Lucy. I’ve got a Pinterest account too, so I’ll give it a go. I’ve already pinned this post to one of my boards. However, I’ve not as yet had much traffic from Pinterest.
        I’ll let you know how I do 😀

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