What is in Your Bad Writing Day Survival Kit? #writers #amwriting

Bad writing days – sigh!

We all have those devastating and dark moments where:

  • We hate what we have written.
  • We want to chuck it all away and forget we ever took up writing.
  • We realise that we have been staring at a blank screen for some time.
  • We wonder if our writing muse is still our friend.
  • We doubt ourselves.
  • We feel tears prick our eyes as we tell ourselves the writing dream could be over.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a bad writing day survival kit to hand during one of these emotional times?

Wouldn’t it be fab to plan for writing related gloom days?

Ok here goes. This is my bad writing day survival kit.

  1. Hope. Remind myself that the sun in Writing Land will  come out again. It always does even though I worry the clouds of doom will never pass.
  2. Growth. Tell myself that when things are hard it’s a sign I am developing as a writer, albeit in a painful and frustrating way.
  3. Reassurance. Tell myself it’s going to be ok.
  4. Gratitude. I am getting to do what I love. A lot of people in the world don’t get the opportunity to follow their dreams. Yes it’s hard but I need to be grateful for my little literary journey and stop moaning!
  5. Fresh air. To go for a walk or just sit outside for a bit.
  6. Social Media. Tweet out or post out my frustrations via social media, as there is always someone else going through the same problem.
  7. Music. To get my uplifting play lists on.
  8. Bath. To go have a nice long bath and switch off. Everything feels better after a bath.
  9. Chocolate. Huge chunks work best in times of crisis.
  10. Lip Balm. Reapply my favourite lip balm. Once you have glossy, rose smelling pink lips – anything is possible!

Let me know what things are in your bad writing day survival kit?

Happy Writing all 🙂

For the record – the phrase ‘I quit!’ is not in my kit bag. I am done with this phrase. I am a writer. Fact.

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

40 thoughts on “What is in Your Bad Writing Day Survival Kit? #writers #amwriting

  1. I may be a walking, talking cliche, but probably the most vital ingredient in my Bad Writing Day Survival Kit is huge amounts of coffee. And if that fails, alcohol. Then there’s always alcohol in coffee for the really dire situations 🙂

  2. Coffee, chocolate, going for a walk are all in my ‘kit bag’ – also cuddling up with my cat or, in winter, going skiing or cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. A cold swish in the snow really helps to clean out my thoughts.

  3. After reading this post’s title, my first thought was two fingers of whiskey. But you’ve offered healthier alternatives. A good list, and I especially like the one about taking a walk outside. Get away from the computer and get some of that wonderful fresh air.

  4. I like your list. Definitely music to lift my mood.
    Chocolate or some type of sugar to stimulate my brain.
    A jigsaw puzzle or video game to allow my mind to rest.
    A chat or outing with a good friend.
    A light, fun read that gets my creative juices flowing again.

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