How Do You Explain Writer’s Block to Non-Writers? #writers #writerslife


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Here are some ideas on how to explain the concept of Writer’s Block to non-writers.

For noting, you could just say ‘it’s when I cannot think of anything to write!’ – but that would be dull. We are writers, we were not put on this planet to give dull and straightforward explanations. Sigh!

So, when faced with a curious non-writer who wants to know more try some of these.

Writer’s Block is…

  1. ‘When all the voices in my head stop talking to me!’
  2. ‘Very similar to having an internal blockage where nothing happens. I get very frustrated and end up looking like a bulldog chewing a wasp for several weeks…’
  3. ‘Like someone turned off the tap of creativity inside my head’
  4. ‘Like I am suffering with severe memory loss. I forget how to write and then I start to question who I am!’
  5. ‘When the creative light inside of me is turned off and my world goes dark!’
  6. ‘When all my imaginary friends fall out with me and give me the silent treatment!’
  7. ‘Similar to a drought scenario. Think of me – the writer – as the land. Creativity is my rain. When Writer’s Block occurs it’s like a drought. The rain stops falling. Everything dries up and then cracks!’
  8. ‘Very similar to being on the dance floor, busting some seriously hot moves and some bright spark turns the music off!’


I hope those non-writers appreciate some of these gems…

Have an amazing day writers!


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36 thoughts on “How Do You Explain Writer’s Block to Non-Writers? #writers #writerslife

  1. Certainly, these explanations are more fun than just saying you can’t write any longer. It would also be fun to see someone’s reaction if I said the first explanation to them 🙂

  2. Kinda like #1 (when all the voices in my head stop talking to me), when the voices are drowned out by the voices and chaos OUTSIDE my head. 😝 Don’t know if that’s technically “block” but same result. Bah!

  3. Lol – great one! It’s the voices, for me. They sometimes keep me awake at night, but I miss them when they’re silent. I’ve learned to deal with it by being patient. In fact, I now think there is no such thing as writer’s block; storylines get resolved when they’re ready to. Otherwise, the end result feels contrived.

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