Freeing Yourself From a Blog Stats Obsession #BloggingGals #blogger

Freeing Yourself From a Blog Stats Obsession

There are 5 stages to this wonderful process:

  1. Emotional Attachment to Blog Stats. You are in a crabby mood; glum facial expression, stomping about, loud sighing and you have let the odd door slam shut. Anyone would think you’d just received some bad news; like being told you didn’t get your dream job or being told your car is going to cost a small fortune to repair at the garage or being forced to watch your beloved pet cat finally decide to go live with the woman up the street who it has been secretly cuddling (behind your back) for years. But no – the reason why you look like a bulldog chewing a thistle is that your daily blogging stats are down. In your head this means the online world doesn’t love you!  Gasp! A loved one comments on your low mood and reminds you of how you were goofy happy only two days ago. You glance at your stats tool and see that was when you experienced a peak in blog views. An image of you dancing merrily around the house in celebration springs to mind. It feels like a distant memory. You let out a sigh and go back to figuring out why the online world is not showing you any love for the second day running.
  2. Denial. A close friend or a loved one makes a joke about how obsessed you are with your blog stats and you find yourself looking in horror. How dare they make such an accusation?  You – obsessed?  The cheek of some people these days – huh! You race off to have a private word with yourself. After a thirty-second assessment of your blogging life you come to the swift conclusion that you are not obsessed with your blog stats, you just have a healthy interest in number crunching.  You tell yourself that your blog stats need an hourly review and that’s not the sign of someone who is obsessed! You frantically start to search for blog posts from other bloggers on the subject of ‘being obsessed with blog stats’ and you find yourself adding comment after comment ‘My stats tool is something I occasionally look at…if that…yawn!’
  3. Realisation. It slowly dawns on you that maybe you do have a thing  (you cannot bring yourself to use the word obsession) for your blogging stats. This revelation normally occurs after a series of bad blogging days where your views flatlined, leaving you in a tear-stained mess on the floor. You also were checking your stats in ten minute intervals and letting out a wail after each review. Before you hit the ‘go crazy button’ a little voice somewhere deep inside you says ‘in the grand scheme of things – is it worth getting agitated about?’
  4. Mindset Change. This is the glorious stage where you change your mindset towards blog stats. It really is a lovely stage to reach because you take the pressure off yourself. You think back to why you started blogging and write down all the reasons why you created your blog. On your list you have things like letting off some creative steam, sharing some writing, hanging out with online friends and having something cool to say when people ask you what you do in your spare time. You have the first proper discussion with yourself and even though your stats have dipped you remind yourself that you are still doing all of the things on your list. So you decide not to check your stats for a few days. You also decide to get back to enjoying writing blog posts.
  5. A New Dawn. Its like magic – you stop obsessing about your blog stats, revert back to enjoying writing posts and voila – after a few weeks up go your stats!! Obviously you were not paying that much attention to them in your new era of ‘only check my stats tool every 3 days…. 2 days if I am feeling desperate and every day if I think the world is ending soon’. 

This is the beauty of the blogging world – over think things too much and your stats go down. Keep a reality check on your blogging and enjoy writing good posts – your stats go up!

Have a great day!


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45 thoughts on “Freeing Yourself From a Blog Stats Obsession #BloggingGals #blogger

  1. First and foremost hope you are feeling a little better today Lucy? Blog stats… a distant memory but a bit like dating…or trying too…you put it out there…dress it up as best you can…nothing much happens unless you’re one of the special one’s who never have to try…so you fret and wring your hands a while until the penny drops and you just be yourself and realise you just need the one’s who make you think a while and smile…true in so many ways…but who am I kidding…the more the merrier…not that I’m counting…least not today!

  2. I am a self-proclaimed stats obsessive – I check them at least three times a day and it’s the first thing I look at when I wake up… In a way, it’s a positive thing – they give me an indication of the sort of posts that my readers like, but at times it can be a negative experience if my stats have suddenly slumped…

  3. When I open up to write or edit a post and while I’m scrolling down to the WP admin link to find my dashboard I can’t miss the stats. I see views for the day, comments and likes. I take them in and I wonder if on a particular day they have fallen. But I discern no pattern, no evidence what drives the traffic – the post, the day of the week, the coincidence of several bloggers choosing that day to catch up… I have no idea. So I move on.

  4. How true!

    Only problem is, you then get the odd post that somehow goes viral. Yesterday’s post on how Amazon is removing reviews linked through affiliate links seems to have struck a chord, giving me almost 2,000 views in a single day – well above my average 200-300. Now, all I can think about is my stats 😀

    1. Crazy viral posts. I had a piece that seems to have resonated, however it also crushed everything else I’ve ever written, and not just by a little. I mean everything I’ve written is now the equivalent of literary interstellar dust for as much as they show on my stats. Looking at my charts, one might think I’ve never written anything before and haven’t since either.

    1. Couldn’t resist taking a look at your blog…glad I did … plenty I want to catch up with… now following. Agree with your sentiment … even a single view is something!

  5. IN my beginning days, I used to watch the stats hoping for a brass band, a drum roll and a parade. Gave up soon enough and it’s just not worth it. Blogging is supposed to be F-U-N!
    😀 😀 😀

  6. Lucky for me I’m not trying to make a name for myself as a blogger! No one reads my blog, but you know what? I’m at that blissful stage 4 – I’m not writing for the adulation. Of course, that begs the question: why am I blogging in the first place? That’s a topic for a whole new day, though.

  7. I’m somewhere between stage 3 and 4. I decided to take a break from blogging today (Thursday) after blogging Monday through Friday & Sunday for the past month.

    This post was written specifically for me, right?? It really spoke to my experience. Thank you for letting me know I was obsessed with blog stats in a slightly unhealthy way :p

    I’m going to try the check every 3 days strategy. I may fail the first few times. I probably WILL fail. But I have to start somewhere!

  8. I’m not even sure how to check blog stats. So… Swimming away. 🐠
    (Geoff says you can’t miss them but, seriously, I do. Maybe because I still use the old WP dashboard.)

  9. It’s a sad fact that when I don’t have much time to visit other people’s blogs, the stats plummet. Maybe it’s a case of “out of sight, out of mind”, but I get terribly paranoid about it, thinking that people feel let down because I’ve gone off the radar when simply it’s a case of there not being enough hours in the day. Yes, I agree that blog stats can become an obsession, but it’s probably best just to shrug your shoulders, get on with your day, and do the best you can with the time available. I find that the longer my posts are, the less likes I get, but then it’s easy to “like” short things in the WP Reader but more of a commitment to visit a blog and read a whole long post, then stick around to comment.
    I’m sure your stats are wonderful, as you’re such a prolific blogger and have loads of fans 🙂

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