Writers: What Questions Do You Ask Yourself With An Amazing New Book Idea? #writers


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Imagine this.

You have just had an amazing new idea for a book. Like the writer, in the photo above, you have just felt the earth move for you, as the fantastic idea starts to take shape in your mind.

This is such a delicious and wonderful moment for any writer. You are consumed by this glorious warm fuzzy feeling and you may even feel a little unsteady, depending on how much literary potential you think the idea has. Back goes the head as you shriek with creative joy!

For noting some of us experience moments like these in public places – sigh!

Here are 10 questions you may ask yourself next:

  1. Is it worth dropping everything else that I am working on?
  2. How much research is this baby  going to require?
  3. How quickly can I get on Amazon and check no one else has written something similar?
  4. When can I grab five minutes to myself to jot down some high level thoughts?
  5. What will be the opening line?
  6. Where is the nearest loo as all this new idea excitement has set my bladder off?
  7. What genre am I going to be taking over?
  8. Where can I grab a coffee so I can do some caffeine hot housing on this little  gem?
  9. What am I doing tonight and can I get out of it so that I can get started?
  10. Can I write out a premise? or what’s the logline?  (Thx to  Alvarado Frazier)
  11. When am I going to sleep? (Thx to Hugh’s Views)
  12. What have I gotten myself into? (Thx to Niina Paasikallio)
  13. Why is that person over there staring at me like I am some weirdo? Ok so I am muttering to myself but I am a writer!

As with all my posts, please let me know of any questions you ask yourself when faced with an amazing new book idea. I will add you in and link.

Enjoy this moment today if you are on the receiving end of a life changing book idea!

photo credit: <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/57626931@N06/8334460119″>Feliz 2013.</a> via <a href=”http://photopin.com”>photopin</a&gt; <a href=”https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/”>(license)</a&gt;

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37 thoughts on “Writers: What Questions Do You Ask Yourself With An Amazing New Book Idea? #writers

  1. I get many ideas and none, so far, have come to fruition!
    However the first question I have in my mind is “How can I get the rest of the family on board, understanding that mummy or wife needs peace and alone time to create? !

      1. I wish I wasn’t up…
        Why is it, the first day of the holidays. ..and both kids, even the One we need to drag out of bed, are up by 6.15!!!!!!
        I just gave en breakfast, put on a film and said no disturbing until 9am, but I’m up now, so browsing the Reader!!!

  2. With many ideas coming and going time is always essential, especially as a mum, wife…(poor husband of mine). So my question(s) is first ‘how & when am I going to find the time to explore this baby?’ and next..’how much of my mind is this idea going to invade if not explored?’ From experience I’ve noticed that the ideas that won’t escape my thoughts are those screaming for attention.

  3. No questioning I am too afraid I will miss something big if I ask too much first. I hit the paper and pen and pour or as many say pantz. The questions come after but the initial out pouring is on paper and immediate.

  4. I came up with what I think is a great idea for a novel over three years ago and I am finally in the stages of editing it. What I would add to the list is, ‘Reasons why I need to take my time and get this novel right’. Sometimes our ideas can bubble up, much like a child would experience things and we want to go full steam ahead, getting on with everything now and not doing a thorough job as a result. I have been on a constant ‘high’ with my novel and idea, wanting to get it out there well before yesterday, and I’ve had to tether myself with constant reminders that slow and steady is best.

  5. I’ve learned to ask myself, “Can I write out a premise” after I had a new idea hit me or “What’s the logline?” I mull it out in my head or make notes. If the premise keeps at me I’ll begin to write. I never thought to look at Amazon, but I’ll keep that in mind for the future.

  6. Happens to me a lot. Both with fiction and non fiction ideas. Then I look at what I have already stacked up and… Well, summer 2142 is looking good. Ok, a just bit hyperbolic (it’s 2141) but you get the picture! ☺

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