The Writer’s Book Turned into a Film Daydream #AmWriting #WritersLife



There are several stages to this wonderful daydream:

Stage 1. Writing Euphoria. The Writer’s Book Turned into a Film Daydream usually follows a writing high. You are crazy nuts about your current story. Every time you read through your draft you see [enter currency of your choice] signs go dancing in front of your eyes. Your writing sounds amazing. Whilst giving loved ones a literary treat, by reading out a chapter or two, you have to pause, blink away tears of joy and catch your breath. You have produced a literary game changer….which could very well be turned into a film – gasp!

Stage 2. Publishing Daydream Upgrade. With any book you write you spend a fair amount of time daydreaming about literary agents and publishers hunting you down and begging for your business. However with your current draft it feels like the standard publishing daydream is not enough. This literary gem deserves something bigger and better! Cue your daydream upgrade – your book is going to be turned into a film – huzzah!

Stage 3. The Writer’s Book Turned into a Film Daydream. In your head this is how the whole thing plays out. Your BFF literary agent passes manuscript draft to some film contact in Los Angeles. This person passes it onto some producer chums who spew coffee / go very pale with shock or shriek with joy – your story translates very well into film and has blockbuster written all over it. You knew this after the first draft! Sigh! There will be some deal struck and you will be on cloud nine. In your head there is no time for screen writing stress so you will move on quickly to production. Even though in reality casting for the main roles will not be down to you, in your head you will be in charge of running the show when it comes to getting some acting talent to appear in your film. This part of the daydream will go on for a quite a bit as you perv over the attractive stars who will feature in the film. The daydream ends with your red carpet walk at the premiere and then a win at the Oscars.

Stage 4 Reality Check. This is the painful stage where you come back to Earth or reality with a bump. You realise that your draft is a long way from completion and there is a long road ahead of you. There is no literary agent or publisher in place. Doubt starts to creep in and before you know it (ten minutes later) you are telling yourself that your draft is a stinking pile of literary wrong. It’s amazing how fast things can change in writer world.

Stage 5 Hope. The daydream is well and truly over. You are up to your eyeballs in rewriting chunks of your story and film casting feels like a distant memory. Until one of your reviewers says within their comments….’I could see this being turned into a film!’ Gasp!

Have a great day!


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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

27 thoughts on “The Writer’s Book Turned into a Film Daydream #AmWriting #WritersLife

  1. These stages sound (unfortunately) too familiar. Stage 4 sometimes feel like going through a heartbreak. But then behind a broken heart there is always hope. Thank you for yet another relatable post! And hayppy Sunday & writing. 🙂

  2. So true! Stage 4 or maybe a whole new stage for me is self-doubt. Is this the RIGHT book? This draft is terrible. I should stop writing altogether! Usually followed by, hey, it’s okay, you’ve got time. And all is good again.

  3. Yes they are all films in waiting. How can people not see it. I wondered out loud to my wife what it might be like to be optioned and she suggested it might be like being Sectioned without the prospect of cash in the future

  4. Oh Lucy, I love how you dream! Which is why you are such a good story teller. You have a great imagination. And I giggled to myself about perving on good looking actors. 🙂

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