Things to Expect When Writing a Romantic Scene #writers #romance

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  1. You will get carried away with your emotions and imagination. Sigh!  Once you accept this you can plan for several re-drafts.
  2. The aim of the game is for a slow build up to the kiss. You will find it hard to show restraint with some of your fictional characters, especially with the ones who hold a special place in your heart. You will want to write the kissing bit first, as opposed to delaying it. Write it and get it out of the way.
  3. Accept that your first draft will be full of cliches and cheesy moments. This is your imagination running away with itself. Personally I am all for cheesy moments and cliches but that’s my guilty literary pleasure.
  4. Whilst writing the romantic scene loved ones can expect the following from you; sighing, lip biting, muttering, tissue dabbing at the brow a lot, mumbling “oh my goodness!”, eyes darting about to see if anyone is watching you, blushing, and electric fan requests (the room will feel stuffy and hot).
  5. On your first draft you may be in a rush to get to the kiss. Remember it is the detail that will help drive your readers crazy. When two faces are up close and personal there is so much more to focus on. Eyes might have an interesting fleck of colour, lips might have a unique feel and there will be nasal fun to be had with choices of aftershave or perfumes.
  6. You will learn that unexpected romantic moments can bring the most pleasure for you and your readers! The ideal situation is where your characters unexpectedly end up with their faces close together, hearts beating quickly and eyes locked in! *Blonde writer takes a moment to think about such a scene and gazes out of the window and let’s out a loud sigh*
  7. You will come away from writing your romantic scene with a heightened awareness of the five senses.
  8. You won’t think that dialogue matters but it does!  I think dialogue is what makes it more realistic. Pepper it with pauses, interruptions and awkward silences to achieve that knee trembling romantic moment. Loud sigh!
  9. You will feel like a shadow of your former self after writing a romantic scene. Emotional scenes take it out of you. Make sure you have a sugary drink waiting for you as emerge from Writing Corner (and then head for a cold shower!)


I do love a good romantic scene!


Have a wonderful day!

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

25 thoughts on “Things to Expect When Writing a Romantic Scene #writers #romance

    1. Exactly. You could even have in your head how you want it to go, but from brain to reality is so hard to do. And I tend to find myself daydreaming into a corner because I don’t know how to say it. Cold sweats exactly.

  1. Oh gosh, such good ideas peppering the “this is what will happen”. I needed the suggestion of pauses and awkward moments and up close and personal. But then item 4.”eyes darting about to see if anyone is watching you, blushing, and electric fan requests (the room will feel stuffy and hot).” is so right! I was writing something more steamy with my writing group last week and I was doing all of these things, except asking for the fan. I almost started fanning myself and my heart was racing and I was sighing dramatically. Fortunately no one notices. 😛

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