Things To Worry About Whilst Reading a Book Series #WeekendBlogShare #lovebooks #books



  1. The author will get bored and not write the rest of the series. You make it your personal mission to remind the author daily via social media that they have committed and loyal fans who want to see the series finished.
  2. The author becomes unwell mid series and this delays books three and four. As a back up plan you have a box of tinned Chicken Soup, some fluffy slippers and a heartfelt ‘get well soon…but keep writing!’ card ready to be sent out.
  3. You worry the author will kill off a much-loved character. In book series emotional character attachments are stronger and more powerful than in single novels.
  4. Someone around you will let slip what happens in later books in the series. You feel like wearing a sign with the words ‘I don’t want to know what happens in book two!’Β 
  5. Your depression – which will start once you finish the last book in the series.
  6. Your loved one books a romantic weekend away which according to your reading estimations coincides with the dramatic end of book two. Do you speed up / not enjoy the book as much or cancel romantic weekend?
  7. The author takes too long to get the third book out and you read online that they have marital issues. When do you pop a ‘How to Resolve Your Marital Differences’ book in the post?
  8. The author takes too long to get the third book out and they keep tweeting about how much they are enjoying some luxury holidays. When do you start dropping some hashtag hints in your tweets that you are getting frustrated? – #getyourprioritiesright #writingnotsunbathing and #stopenjoyingyourselfandwrite
  9. Your best friend deciding to read the series and not liking it as much as you. Will your friendship survive?
  10. The author radically changing the cover design mid series. If this happens if will set off your OCD tendencies and it could lead to a re-purchase. You cannot have three beautiful books and one random lookingΒ book, that doesn’t match the rest in a series! It will bug the hell out of you and you will find yourself catching sight of the book that doesn’t match the rest. You won’t be able to settle until everything looks the same. Gasp! Must keep book shelf looking pretty.


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54 thoughts on “Things To Worry About Whilst Reading a Book Series #WeekendBlogShare #lovebooks #books

  1. I am so with you on the last one! I recently read a book only to discover that it was the re-published version with a different cover and title and the second two books in the trilogy look completely different and are even different sizes!

  2. I kind of like it when the covers change mid-series – it makes everything all higgledy-piggledy, and I’m a fairly random kind of person. My bedroom can only really be described as ‘junk shop chic!’ πŸ˜‰

  3. Some of these anxieties have already hit – I’m starting book four in the series! You might add another – you decided to write a book in a different genre and get distracted from the series.

    1. Well done you for not putting yourself in a life / death situation before the end of your book series. I respect you as an author. I need to read your books πŸ™‚ happy Sunday!

    1. *chuckle* I like how you see me contacting an author daily to remind them that I am a loyal / committed fan of their book series! Sigh! Amazing how insightful blog followers are these days…second sigh!

  4. Oh yes, I remember going through all of this with Robert Jordan and reading about fans offering to donate marrow just to get those last books out. Alas I had to make due with a sub using Jordan’s notes but at least the series was completed.

  5. I wrote the final volume of my series The Labors of Ki’shto’ba Huge-Head (giant intelligent termites reliving Greek myth) while I was having chemo in the spring of 2015. I knew I HAD to get it done, for the sake of my most supportive readers! And my favorite number above is No.9!

  6. 4 just happened to me last night. I was almost in tears as I realised there wasn’t going to a miracle to save this dying character.

    And 10? Don’t even get me started. :X

  7. LOL! I enjoyed this, especially #8. Those hashtags, #getyourprioritiesright #writingnotsunbathing and #stopenjoyingyourselfandwrite, are hysterical.

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