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This time last year I thought it would be a good idea to blog every day for twelve months.

I wanted to know whether it would do anything to my writing or give me some direction in my creative life. Last year I had just finished writing a bad thriller novel and wasn’t feeling the literary love.

If I now look back at myself I can’t believe how far I have come and what I have achieved. I put a lot of this down to daily blogging.

Here are the things that I have learnt as a result of daily blogging:

  • Focus. Writing and publishing 7 posts a week requires a lot of blog focus. I have had to set aside my Sunday afternoons to writing all my posts for the week. Then there have been the weeks when life has taken over and I have had to write posts on the hop (on trains, buses, in my lunch hour, on walks and late at night).
  • Creativity. Daily blogging requires creativity and a lot of it. You have to come up with different ways of putting your content together and finding new angles on subjects which have been discussed before on other writing blogs.
  • Social Media. In twelve months I have established a presence on all forms of social media. I have learnt a lot about the various forms of social media and my favourites are Twitter and Instagram.
  • The Importance of Networking. This is so important in blogging as you can learn such a lot from the successful bloggers and this can help you grow your own blog. I have come to value my blogging networks.

In terms of achievements which are linked to my blogging:

  • I have won ‘Funniest Blogger’ twice (2015 & 2016) in the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards. As this is an award based on votes from the online community it gave me such a lot of confidence when I won. It also taught me that I can get a reaction from readers through my writing. This to me is more important than reviews, book deals etc. I write because I enjoy getting a reaction.
  • I published my comedy blog series ‘The Diary of Roxy Collins’ on Wattpad. I created Roxy because I wanted to run a series on my blog. This was useful in terms of daily blogging as having a weekly series to continue saved me from thinking up a new post. Roxy was spotted by one of the Wattpad team and turned into a Featured Romance Story. Since March 2016 Roxy has been read by 113,000 Wattpad readers and has had nearly 5,000 likes. I have had some wonderful feedback from my Wattpad readership and it has given me the confidence to pursue my love of writing romantic comedy. Read the first episode here. 
  • I have attracted some amazing blog followers who brighten up my day and make me smile.

The big thing for me is that daily blogging has helped me find my creative direction. Publishing post after post of stuff designed to bring a smile to my readers faces has made me realise that this is what I do with my creative life. I want to make people smile!

So, I am at 57k  words with my new romantic comedy novel ‘Instructions For Falling In Love Again’. Words are gushing out of me. I am writing about 3k a day and loving every minute. I believe in my story and I am helplessly in love with it. I can’t wait to share some stuff from it with you. I just know you are going to love the humour.

I have also decided to turn Roxy into a comedy podcast and in August I plan to get a real life actress to voice it. I have already pestered someone into doing the music and someone to do all the technical stuff for me. The thought of being on ITunes makes me squeal!

In view of my projects I have decided to revert back to blogging 4 days a week starting from today. I want to give my projects the time they deserve.

I will therefore be putting new content live on Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Saturday. 

I do hope you will stick by my Blonde blog and follow my creative journey. Think of all the laughs we are going to have when I share the link to my podcast and when I start writing about my experiences of trying to get a literary agent. *sigh, followed by a dreamy look out of the window* I promise there will be many more giggles here at BlondeWriteMore.

Sad news, I have had to sack the cat (the other half of BlondeWriteMore) as he wasn’t giving my blog the support it needed. He was too busy cuddling the woman up the street.

Vote For My Owner BlondeWriteMore-2

Have a great day!

See you Thursday.

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Lucy Mitchell lives in South Wales with her husband, her two teenage daughters, a giant labrador and a gang of unruly cats. Lucy is the author of the award winning blog, BlondeWriteMore and was a Featured Romance Author on Wattpad. When she’s not working or writing, Lucy can be found listening to audiobooks in a muddy field with her dog or sat outside her local pub in the sunshine enjoying a glass of wine. Her debut novel Instructions Falling In Love Again is OUT now and already pulling in some fabulous reviews ❤️

88 thoughts on “How Blogging Daily For One Year Has Changed My Life #MondayBlogs #BloggingGals

  1. I’ve only discovered your blog relatively recently (maybe a couple of months ago), but I’ve been enjoying it and voting for you! I didn’t know that you had set yourself this ambitious challenge, but I’m glad it worked out so well for you and that you got so many benefits out of all the hard work you put in.

  2. I didn’t know that the post a day was a challenge. Well done you, it’s been fun trying to read them.all and I can’t imagine what life would be like without your blonde blog.
    I’m really looking forward to seeing your work doing new things! Go Roxy! 😃

  3. I have loved all your posts since I started following you Lucy! Well done fir completing your challenge alongside all the other projects!!!
    Well, whenever you post, I’ll be there! ❤️ good luck Hun!!!

  4. I used to wonder how you have found the energy to blog daily, but after getting to know you better I understand how motivated and driven you are. looking forward to reading the book!

  5. Soooo no Roxy… what about Tina? Is she sitting outside with the cat? On the other hand a whole book! Yep you’ll explode. If you do can you let me know. I’ll bring a deckchair and doritos. Keep oozing stuff oh wise owl person.

  6. Wow… well done! I didn’t even realise that’s what you were doing! It’s great to see what you’ve learned from it and marvellous that it has changed your writing life… and your life life too! I always enjoy your take on being a writer and blogger – you hit the nail on the head, every time.

  7. What an amazing feat to meet your goal of blogging every day while writing your new novel. I think I’ve read and enjoyed every one this past year. Congratulations on your success with Roxy on Wattpad and what exciting news about the podcast! That’s awesome. Great things are in store for you. You’re an inspiration, Lucy.

  8. How exciting about Roxy!!! I think you’re being wise re pegging back on the blog posts. Great to hear the words of your novel are pouring out of you #iwillneedabiggershovel 😉

  9. How wonderful to read about your accomplishments. I love your RomCom and I’m so glad you managed to get lots of reader-love on Wattpad. I’ve been curious about Wattpad and signed up but when I couldn’t find any quality writing to read there, I got discouraged and went back on the blog hunt. For my good reads. I guess the good news: I found BWM. 😊 Congrats!!

  10. Congratulations, Lucy! I’ve only recently discovered you, and I’m impressed by your output and tenacity. I love hearing the excitement in your voice for your new rom/com and am looking forward to reading it. Cheers!

  11. Congrats on this great accomplishment! It looks like you’ve come a long way since you first start and I hope you will continue. Even though you’re scaling back, I’ll still be around to read your stuff. It’s not like you can get rid of me, I’m now living behind your red chair. 🙂

  12. I actually never noticed that you published every day–just always counted on a post from you showing up in my inbox. When I started my blog, I decided to post 5-6 times a week solely to add content to my blog, make it more robust. So when someone searched a topic, they didn’t find one article. They’d find a selection. That became a habit which I’m trying to break. I think followers prefer 2-4 posts a week. I see you’re at 4…

  13. Congratulations. I am six months in to the same exercise and I agree that it is life-changing. Just the network I have built and the friends I have made have been worth it.

      1. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a committed writer in possession of real talent, must be ever in pursuit of her life’s ambition. 🙂 Keep at it, my sweet friend!

  14. This post lit a light bulb in my head. While I was traveling, I didn’t touch my novels. I walked away and forgot about them, which was great! It have me a clean slate to come back to and the opportunity to clear writer-bias that I have of my own work. However, I haven’t really done anything outside of chapters 1-3 since I returned and it’s starting to set in. I’m not on vacation anymore. I’m not clearing my head. This is now neglect for my novels and I need to give them a little TLC again if I want to really get them published. So, thank you for reminding me to take time away from my blog and focus on what’s important: my novels. (And it’s not like I’m behind on blog posts. I have all of July stacked with a post a day, already written. :p)

  15. Wow! Great job on everyday! I’m lucky if I write one every week! I enjoy your blog a lot. Here’s to all your accomplishments and future accomplishments. I am sticking around. 🙂

  16. I’ve been following you on Twitter for a while now Lucy and I love your writing too. This post is fab. I’ve been thinking about blogging daily now and I think reading this has given me the push I’ve been needing to do it!

    Grace xx

  17. Lucy, you have a lot of affirmation there in all those comments above and I have no doubt you will be buoyed by all those good vibes–you’re good at that, I’ve seen. You do indeed have a remarkable optimism and a lively wit and your posts never fail to make me smile. I believe you’ll like lightening your blog load and I expect future posts to be evermore dazzling as a result. Good luck with the novel roller-coaster…hang on tight!

      1. Okay, I have to ask…what are you meaning to convey with “Arrr” because, over on this side of the pond, “ARRR” is what pirates say! And, thanks for motivating me to do more with my own blog, by the way.

  18. I love your dedication and admire your commitment to something that you so dearly love. I absolutely love the way you share such incredibly well written posts day after day. Amazing job and congratulations on that!

  19. Ohhh, I definitely agree on not needing the validation for your writing. I used to write on a site called Wattpad – it’s a horrible place – and all I wanted was validation. Once I got past that, I was happier and enjoyed writing more =)

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