20 Reasons Why a Writer Might Be Feeling Embarrassed #SundayBlogShare #writers #writing

Writing can bring on a host of feelings for the writer; it can make them feel amazing, putting a huge smile on their face and a spring in their step. Writing can dissolve the writer into floods of tears, casting a feeling of dark gloom over their little world. Writing can send shivers down the writer’s spine, leaving them feeling uncomfortable and frightened of shadows on the walls.

Writing can also leave a writer cringing with embarrassment, a radish red face and burning cheeks.

Here are 20 reasons why a writer might be feeling this way:

  1. They have just read a story that they wrote years ago. Their brain keeps reminding them about how they used to think that this story would set the literary world on fire. They can now clearly see why it never made the New York Times Best Sellers List.
  2. The writer has just noticed a silly typo in something they wrote, which is now in the public domain.
  3. A family member is busy reading their draft and has reached the part with the steamy bits. As the family member rolls their eyes at the page and shakes their head, with what looks like family relation disappointment, the writer prays the ground will open them up and swallow them whole.
  4. The writer is trying not to listen to someone reading their work aloud.
  5. The writer’s beta reader has just discovered a crater sized plot hole which looking back was glaringly obvious.
  6. The writer submitted a piece of writing to a competition a few weeks ago. After a quick read through of their submission they have just come to the conclusion that their spell checker must be faulty and what they wrote was the biggest pile of literary manure. They are now wishing  they could request their entry to be sent back or destroyed.
  7. The writer gave their non-writing friend a first draft for them to review and the non-writing friend has gone quiet on them.
  8. A family member at a social gathering has just announced that there is a writer in the room [points to the writer] and then says “they will be the next J.K. Rowling!”
  9. The writer has just explained their plot to an interested non-writer friend who has remarked “that story has been done so many times before, have you not seen the film with….”
  10. The writer’s ten-year old has just spotted a typo in the first sentence of their 75k draft.
  11. The writer’s elderly grandmother is busy reading their book and the writer is now regretting littering their novel with strong language.
  12. The writer’s sister-in-law has just informed the writer that she felt a little bit uncomfortable when she realised the hero, in the writer’s steamy romance novel, was based on her older brother.
  13. The writer has just read through their first draft, after resting it for six weeks and can’t believe how terrible it sounds. This was the draft which six weeks ago, made them tweet like crazy #lovemywriting
  14. The writer has to write a detailed sex scene and even starting it makes them cringe.
  15. The writer has just got their beta-readers comments back and feels stupid as their beta-reader has marked up really obvious things like calling the main character by the same name throughout the story.
  16. The writer tweeted something a few hours ago containing a typo. What must people think if they cannot write something correctly in a tweet?
  17. The writer has just read out one of their comedy short stories to a friend. Even after hinting that there is a “really funny joke coming,” their friend still failed to smile, let alone laugh.
  18. The writer has just experienced what can only be described as a ‘literary orgasm’ in the supermarket, frozen veg section, after coming up with a genius way out of their plot hole. Shoppers are staring in horror whilst the writer makes small moans of literary pleasure and dabs at their sweaty brow.
  19. The writer has just been spotted making some bizarre facial expressions whilst writing. Family members fell about laughing as the writer mimicked their character’s   face screaming.
  20. The writer is out socializing with friends. Whilst in a bar the writer hears a familiar song. It is a song that instantly reminds them of their main character. Cue bizarre dance from writer whilst announcing to everyone “this is how [enter character’s name of choice] dances..” as friends go silent. The writer has just realised that their character is fictional and lives in their head.

Please share some more reasons why a writer might be feeling embarrassed. I will acknowledge and link!

Have an amazing day!

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Lucy Mitchell lives in South Wales with her husband, her two teenage daughters, a giant labrador and a gang of unruly cats. Lucy is the author of the award winning blog, BlondeWriteMore and was a Featured Romance Author on Wattpad. When she’s not working or writing, Lucy can be found listening to audiobooks in a muddy field with her dog or sat outside her local pub in the sunshine enjoying a glass of wine. Her debut novel Instructions Falling In Love Again is OUT now and already pulling in some fabulous reviews ❤️

43 thoughts on “20 Reasons Why a Writer Might Be Feeling Embarrassed #SundayBlogShare #writers #writing

  1. It’s always really cringe-worthy when I visit my older posts – I have just been through a stage of deleting loads of them as they were complete nonsense! Loved the list, Lucy!

  2. Oh Lucy, Thank you! After this week being mainly offline, yours was one of the first on my reader and I am still laughing now, this list is great. Thank you for the laughter therapy, just what I needed.

  3. Writers see the world differently and don’t usually remember that until insane words pop out of our mouths.

    I once opened the trunk/boot of a rental car and yelled, “HEY! This is so big you could almost fit four dead bodies in here!” Good thing my husband understands I’m just seeing the world through writer-colored glasses instead of actually planning murders…

    Hey,I love that you often use numbered lists. My Twitter thing is to use a numbered list that corresponds with the day of the month. This list of 20 things is now scheduled for Feb. 20, 2017. Thanks for great inspiration!

    1. Hey Simon! Yes I have probably done all 20 at some point.
      Roxy is coming along. The first episode is done – took forever to get right. I had to find the ‘Roxy voice’ 🙂

      1. Ha! I always know you write from the heart Lucy.
        I’m glad to hear it’s coming along – are you the Roxy voice or your actress?

  4. Twitter typos are the worst! Why will they not let you edit? Why?!

    Here’s one: after being introduced at a party as a writer a new connection asks if you’ve read xyz best sellers. After answering no to all, realize conversation may have shifted from polite interest to judgmental. These are hypothetical examples though as I never make typos on Twitter or get embarrassed at parties. No. Never.

  5. Haha this was so spot on.😂 I can’t think of anything you left out. Since most of my writing is derived from personal life experience I particularly suffer from number twelve, a lot. My characters are sometimes way too obvious and I began to melt anytime a family member or close friend reads work of mine. And I’m also a horrible spellar, so there’s that (ha, see what I did there).

    Thanks for making me gitty, your blog is very refreshing.

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