24 Signs of The Creative Itch #writers #writerslife



Once you get The Creative Itch you will struggle to carry on with daily activities as your mind will not stop chanting “I want to do something creative!” or “I must write something!”  

The urge to do something creative can be pretty powerful. It is very similar to a sugar craving as it is hard to ignore and in some cases you can experience withdrawal symptoms.

The Creative Itch is worse when you have zero chance of being able to write or do something creative. In these situations the symptoms will intensify and in some cases can lead to a total meltdown / hissy fit!

Here are some of the signs of The Creative Itch. 

You may experience a few or all of these depending upon your creative urge:

  1. Restlessness.
  2. Difficulty concentrating.
  3. Irritability.
  4. Muttering.
  5. Glazed over eyes.
  6. Lack of desire to interact with other humans.
  7. Urge to draw doodles.
  8. Racing heart.
  9. Sarcastic.
  10. Huffing and puffing.
  11. Emotional.
  12. Stroppy.
  13. Being a pain in the neck.
  14. Sighing (a lot!)
  15. Drumming fingers on table.
  16. Crazed facial expression.
  17. Scribbling plot ideas on the back of shopping receipts.
  18. Massaging temples (a lot!)
  19. Moaning.
  20. Impatience.
  21. Low Mood.
  22. Lack of interest in social media.
  23. Chewing on pencils / pens.
  24. Being extra nice to loved ones in the hope they might tell you to go write for a few hours.

Don’t ignore your creative urges readers!

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

36 thoughts on “24 Signs of The Creative Itch #writers #writerslife

  1. This was fantastic! It perfectly describes how I get when I haven’t been flexing my creative muscles. Sometimes I don’t even notice that’s the reason, I’m just irritable and snappy, then I realise it’s because I haven’t written/photographed in ages. Funny really!

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