Important & Valuable Writer Activities That Are Hard To Start #writers #amwriting


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Why are some writer activities so hard to get started?

In your head you visualise doing them with ease…and then you sit down at the table. An hour later and you are still sat at the table staring at what you are supposed to have started.

The frustrating thing about the activities we find difficult to start doing is that they are always the ones that are going to be of most value to us. *Eye roll*

Here are some writer activities that fit this bill:

  1. Writing Everyday (even when we don’t feel like it). This is a challenging activity to start doing because things like TV box sets, books, films, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest always seem far more appealing and its amazing how that feeling of tiredness can occur just as you decide to start writing. The only way to improve at our craft is to write everyday.
  2. Self Promoting. I have been trying to promote my podcast. Oh my goodness this is so bloody hard to start doing!  Respect to all you authors out there promoting your books. Self promotion is yuk! It makes me cringe. I can tweet the life out of my blog posts but I struggle with anything else that I have created. I would rather stick pins in my eyes than start doing a spot of promotion. The trouble with this one is that if you don’t promote yourself and your work – who will?
  3. Editing a First Draft. My first draft has been waving at me from across the room for a few weeks now and I have been struggling to start editing it. It just feels like a mountain of work and my initial reaction is to go lie on the sofa with a cushion over my face. If I don’t edit, my novel won’t move on and develop.
  4. Interacting With Readers. Oh this is a tough one to start doing!  I did this through Wattpad and it took some guts to get going. Real life readers scared me for years. Readers are your customers at the end of the day. They are the ones who will hopefully buy your books. At some point you do need to start interacting with them.
  5. Telling Close Friends & Family That You Are a Writer. This is a tough one to start doing. I don’t know why it is so challenging and stressful but it is. By doing this people around you start to understand you a little more.
  6. Choose Your Mindset. My creative mood swings can be likened to a roller coaster ride at a theme park. One day I am up, riding high and feeling positive about my work and the next day I am down, glum and wishing I didn’t have such a creative passion. Recently I have learnt that you can start to choose your mindset with writing and take control of your feelings. It is not easy to start doing as its like your mind wants to languish in that self loathing and negative state. The other day I was suffering from creative doom and gloom early on in the morning. In a grump I did some Yoga, meditation  and then decided to select another mindset. I made a real effort to switch it. Well, my day completely changed. I had a really positive and upbeat creative day. It was all down to choosing my mindset. I am glad I started doing this.

If you have some other writer activities that you struggle to start please share.

Have a fabulous day folks!


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Lucy Mitchell lives in South Wales with her husband, her two teenage daughters, a giant labrador and a gang of unruly cats. Lucy is the author of the award winning blog, BlondeWriteMore and was a Featured Romance Author on Wattpad. When she’s not working or writing, Lucy can be found listening to audiobooks in a muddy field with her dog or sat outside her local pub in the sunshine enjoying a glass of wine. Her debut novel Instructions Falling In Love Again is OUT now and already pulling in some fabulous reviews ❤️

36 thoughts on “Important & Valuable Writer Activities That Are Hard To Start #writers #amwriting

  1. You have to let us in on that “change your mindset” trick! Sounds like a Jedi thing.

    It can be hard to tell people you’re a writer, because their first reaction is, “anything I’ve read?” (erm, probably not) and the second is, “so, you make a living out of it?” (erm, definitely not.) Which always makes me feel gloomy. I’ve learned to overcome this by presenting it as a hobby before even saying the “writer” word. People react differently then; they might start telling you about their hamster collection or whatever. Plus, it helps having a number of interesting anecdotes from the book world. For example, a really helpful one for me has been the discovery of notes from a German court in the spine of an old book. These contained an order for fresh roses, which was very cute (I recently blogged about it, if you recall).

    As for writing every day, people do that?? I always assumed it was one of those “eat 5 servings of fruit and veg daily” things; i.e.,In Captain Sparrow’s immortal words, “it’s more of a guideline, really.” I can’t imagine how you can do that and work a day job and raise a child and have a social life, and get some rest and…

    1. Great comment! The mindset thing did work and I had a great day. I have spent hours and hours reading countless self help books which go on about this. Social life – what’s that? 😉

  2. I think I am ok with the whole mindset issue… I can be raring to go, thinking “yes! Let’s write!” But most of the time it’s the universe that conspires against me!
    From jobs that need doing, to kids who choose opportune moments to have meltdowns… The best time for me and my Surface is once the rest have gone to bed. I start… Then Hubby comes crawling in looking for attention!
    Social life?! What social life?!
    And as for self promotion, it is sooooo hard!
    My poetry book is out there… It’s on my shelf, and a few others, but I can’t find the time to do huge promo pushes!!! I should try though!
    My plan for,this summer holiday was to try and use August to write at least an hour every day… That went out the window, with redecorating! And now I have 10 days before schoo, starts, and so the rigmarole continues!
    One day I’ll manage….

  3. All good points. And I like the idea of writing every day. I do that, I just don’t “publish” every day, not even on a blog. But I am retired and my kids are grown. Not sure I’d have tried to do that earlier in my life. 💖

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  5. Funny, relatable list, Lucy! For me, I think 5 and 1 are most pertinent. And I’d change #3 to say something like “editing your story after acceptance is such a drag.” This year, I’ve had three fairly different experiences of editing (all for anthologies) of my stories; one changed or excised large blocks of text, one was sentence and word-level, and the third was pretty hands-off. There are merits and arguments for each, of course, but for me (despite having been an editor—of other people’s writing of all genres and styles, NF and F) this part is beyond tedious. I tend to sometimes procrastinate on it if there’s heavy editing, unfortunately.

  6. I cringe at the very thought of self-promotion. Why oh why can’t potential readers simply stumble on (and purchase) my work on their own accord simply because I am a nice (or at least decent) person? WHY?

    I also had an incredibly hard time identifying myself as a writer. I mean all my friends knew that I wrote on the side, and if it came up naturally in a conversation with a new aquaintance I’d mention it, but it took me a looooooonnnnngggg time to get up the nerve to actually lead with it when people asked me what I did.

    1. Thank you for having the same idea as me – the idea that people will find you by just…stumbling upon your work. I love this! To think there are people out there accidentally coming across my work – sigh!

  7. I find it hard to actually get started writing. Once I’m going, I’m going. But it’s so easy to procrastinate and never get started. 🙂

    Don’t think I could self-promote. I’d sooner just keep my fingers crossed that someone just stumbles across it. Probably not going to happen. I think you’re doing a great job promoting your podcast. 🙂

  8. Once I got down #5 (which took years), my mindset improved. And as Eric mentions, if I get my rear on the chair and say, ‘just 10 minutes,’ then I’m usually rip roaring for hours.

  9. I have no problem interacting with readers – if someone comments on my blog I’ll always go and comment on theirs too! So I guess I have a problem with actually sitting down to write because I end up doing everything else on this list instead…

      1. Seriously there is something stopping me / blocking me – damn frustrating! I had so much hope for it at the end of the first draft. Then I rested it and now…eight weeks later…nothing 😢

  10. Some of these I can do, but some are soooo hard. writing everyday is hard, but even harder is telling family about my work. I did the other day and they laughed… i was hurt!
    I hope you’re doing well Lucy – sorry I’ve not been keeping up with you.

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