Useful Super Powers For #Writers #ThrowBackThursday


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Ever wondered how your writing world could be transformed if you had super powers?

I have been busy researching super powers (it amazes me the stuff I get up to when I am trying to avoid writing my second draft…sigh!) and I have come up with 8, which I believe would be useful for writers.

  1. Super Human Speed & Endurance. This would allow the writer to hammer out words at an astonishing speed and carry on without ever getting tired. Our books could be written in a matter of hours as opposed to days, months, years or even decades.
  2. Invulnerability. If a writer possessed this power, they would never have to worry about getting negative feedback, unwanted criticism or literary rejections. Can you imagine a life without any emotional breakdowns over uncomfortable feedback?
  3. Time Travel. This amazing power would let the writer travel into the past and into the future. There would be no need for Google research – hurrah!  Amazon reviews would contain phrases from readers such as ‘it was like she had lived in the 16th Century’ and ‘if that is what the future is like in his book…WOW!’
  4. Telepathy. This wonderful power would allow the writer to read minds. The writer would not have to spend hours people watching, or ear wigging into conversations. They would just read a couple of minds before they sat down and whipped up a first draft. Their books would contain amazing insights into the human thought processes.
  5. Time Manipulation. This fabulous power would let the writer turn back the clock and play around with time. A writer could really savour those special literary moments and live them again and again.
  6. Mind Control. OMG – can you imagine what a writer could do with this amazing power? They could persuade literary agents and publishers to snap up their books in seconds! There would be no more literary struggle. To take this daydream one step further the writer could persuade film producers to turn their book into a blockbuster film. The writer could then swan up the red carpet at their own film premiere – sigh!
  7. Flying. If a writer possessed this special power their creative life would be a lot more interesting. They would get creative inspiration from flying about and they could arrive at Writer Conferences / events in style. “Is it a bird…is it a plane…no it’s a….OMG…it’s that historical fiction writer!”
  8. Power Mimicry. A writer could absorb the literary abilities of the great writers in a flash. There would be no need for them to bury their heads in writing craft books, spend 10,000 hours slaving over their passion and watching endless writing webinars. After using their special power they would be hailed a literary genius!  Can you imagine getting feedback on your draft with this special power in play?  There would no red pen and the only highlighted bits would be things like ‘WOW’ and ‘I hate you!’

Writing this post has been tough. I have found myself wanting each super power. Call me greedy but I don’t just want one super power.

I am now a little sad. Does anyone know whether Amazon sells super powers?

Have a wonderful day 🙂

Inspiration for this post was provided through this article. It gave me a helpful and fascinating list of 25 super powers.

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Lucy Mitchell lives in South Wales with her husband, her two teenage daughters, a giant labrador and a gang of unruly cats. Lucy is the author of the award winning blog, BlondeWriteMore and was a Featured Romance Author on Wattpad. When she’s not working or writing, Lucy can be found listening to audiobooks in a muddy field with her dog or sat outside her local pub in the sunshine enjoying a glass of wine. Her debut novel Instructions Falling In Love Again is OUT now and already pulling in some fabulous reviews ❤️

50 thoughts on “Useful Super Powers For #Writers #ThrowBackThursday

  1. I would also ant to add in invisibility…. Perfect for mums who want to write but can’t hide away for long enough… So being invisible means no one can see you to disturb!!!!

  2. Writers have one amazing super-power – they can WRITE – and they know how hard writing is. Super-power? You betcha. That said, you’re right – one super-power isn’t enough. I’d quite like the ones Dr Manhattan had, except they made him look like a radioactive Smurf.

  3. If we could only have one, I would pick time travel. That would be so cool and just think of all the research you could do. Although super human speed & endurance certainly would come in handy. My grandson thinks I am super mega woman!!

    1. Hey Esther! Am trying to sort out my second draft as had a ‘weak main female character’ which came out in review. Everyone loves my male character lol! Once second draft is completed I will be in touch 😉

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