What is in Your Writer’s Handbag? #Writers #Writerslife


For the record, when you are a writer you can kiss goodbye to the dream of possessing a tiny handbag. There are so many things we have to cart about with us.

So, I thought it would be interesting to see what a Writer’s handbag contains. As I am a writer I thought we could all take a peek inside my handbag?

So brace yourself, here we go:

  1. Note books. I carry around a collection of notebooks. One is not enough! When I am not scribbling down new story ideas in my Creative Inspiration notebook I am busy filling my Writer’s Diary with thoughts on how I am feeling creatively (some days my diary entries are surrounded with doodles of flowers and happy faces….some days my entries are short, covered with miserable faces, hand drawn black shadowy figures and one or two naughty words). I have been known to really enjoy myself and carry a third notebook. This is one that I can’t bring myself to write in as it’s too beautiful. I often come across these in shops, buy them and tell myself they are too pretty to spoil, so I carry them in my handbag and marvel at them during an idle moment.
  2. Coffee Shop Loyalty Cards. I adore coffee shops (I am a writer of course) and I like to have an array of coffee shop loyalty cards on the go.
  3. Bits of loose paper with creative ideas scribbled on them. Sometimes I don’t get to my notebooks. The idea comes so fast that I can only scribble it down on a bit of paper. For noting – all my important and potentially game changing ideas are written on loose scraps of paper – not in the notebooks…sigh!
  4. Kindle plus paperback. I like to have two books on the go. Writers must read a lot. Now I could just have both books on my Kindle but I can’t go in a bookshop without making a purchase plus I have a nasty book sniffing addiction. I like to open up my handbag and smell the delicious scent of paperback! 
  5. My printed out first draft with hand drawn smiley face and the words ‘it’s fab!’ I am busy on the second draft but I am spending my lunch breaks at work browsing through my first draft. One of my reviewers kindly drew the smiley face and wrote ‘it’s fab’ on the front. She did tear it to bits with red pen inside, but the sight of that smiley face and those words keep me going in the dark moments.
  6. Pretty pencil-case. I love stationary and I am a big lover of attractive looking pencil cases. Mine is stuffed full of pens and pencils. A nightmare scenario for any writer is have an idea and not have anything to write it down.
  7. Emergency Lipstick.  If the worst does happen and I can’t find a pen or a pencil (lost pencil-case scenario) I always carry with me an emergency lipstick, which could be used to scribble down the key points of an idea.
  8. Soothing Lip Balm. I find applying layers of lip balm helps one to focus the creative mind. Especially if it has a lovely sweet and sugary scent!
  9. Phone. Of course. Where would a writer be without access to social media? Duh!
  10. Writer’s Bladder Emergency Kit. It is terrible when you suffer with this condition. A new story idea, a lightbulb moment on how to get out of a plothole or the arrival of a stunning new character can send some writers running for the loo. We have to be prepared for all Writer’s Bladder scenarios.
  11. Handbag Basics. Hair brush, tissues, makeup, plasters, headache tablets, purse, hand cream, mints, keys, Evening Primrose oil capsules (for the hormones) and body spray.

I hope I have given you all some valuable and quite frankly, some much-needed insight into what a writer carries around in their handbag!

Please share me with the contents of your own Writer’s handbags!

Have a marvellous Thursday!

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

75 thoughts on “What is in Your Writer’s Handbag? #Writers #Writerslife

      1. Oh God YES!
        A peaceful inset on Monday, but stressful for me as my Lil Man started secondary School, so I was worried about him!
        My babies in nursery have started now, so they are doing short sessions this week, without parents, and it will be interesting to see what characters we have this year… Last year, my first full year of teaching, was a true baptism of fire!!!

  1. I can remember the days of carting an oversized bag around, full of a lot more than the basic writers kit. It had to double as an emergency kit for all things child related too. But I hated carrying a bag! Once I retired I swore I would never do it again, and up to now, I haven’t.
    BUT… I find myself stuffing things in my pockets, too many things. I also stay at home far too much, basically to be near all my essentials!

  2. All the contents are replicated in my bag except your dubious bladder kit… is ir a shewee? A pack of absorbant piddle proof liners or a fold up porta potty? The mind boggles as the stomach threatens to release my morning musily. Oh and primrose oil is also not in my bag . You don’t appear to have any money or cards… maybe you are like the Queen and don’t carry such common things as loose change *wonders* who pays for all that coffee *gasp* please say you dont… *whispers* pay in kind. ” shocked at such a thought I need to put myself prone on the chaise lounge and sniff some salts, I only have Maldon and I’m keeping that for me chips so I will sniff the ginger snaps in the tin (being as I’m dieting once again) and hope to recover at cake time… I meant later”

  3. Enjoyable read, Lucy, you had me at handbag, lol! I take my small tablet with me, for reading on Kindle and for jotting notes or maybe dictating into Google docs, and of course for social networking. Yes, I can do some on my phone, but I like the bigger screen 🙂

  4. Let’s see… my bag typically includes my kindle, an emergency toy or two for times I’ve dared to go out to eat with the children only to be reminded of all the reasons why that is a terrible idea, a pack of band-aids and travel Neosporin because well… boys, at least three pens (some even still contain ink!), scraps of leftover receipts now containing notes and reminders, my phone, and a camera (sure, I could use my phone for that, but old habits die hard). I’d like to say my money is in there too, but I’m a writer 🙂

  5. Yes, my bag makes me lean over dangerously to the right as if I’m going to fall over. I add in snacks because I don’t like being hangry, my notebook computer, and my DSLR camera because I try to take my own pics for blogging. I finally had to succumb to buying one of those practical, but oh so ugly, computer bags with wheels for our many traveling adventures. Even my hubby wasn’t brawny enough to survive lugging my purse through major airports. I do have one practical tip for a writer/mom who is overpacked. I use clear pouches, one for personal things like lipstick, lotion, etc., and one for business stuff, download cord, earphones, emergency charger. Makes it much easier to send your hand down into the scary cavern.

  6. Reblogged this on Sleepy Book Dragon and commented:
    There must be a meme or a challenge in this somewhere. Anyway, I have to agree with the tiny bag thing. It’s impossible to have one if you are a writer!

  7. I have a small but stylish shocking pink, black and grey backpack, as I like my arms free. It also means that if I’m socialising somewhere that I’m required to stand, I don’t have to put my handbag down and worry about it getting stolen (I do have a slightly posher designer backpack, too, in Italian brown leather). If I go somewhere crowded in a town, I attach my neighbourhood watch bell to my bag, so that if anyone tries to open it, I will know! As for what I carry in the thing — a small umbrella, purse, keys, comb, lip salve, notebook, a paperback, pencils, scraps of paper, sometimes my camera, business cards, tissues, and occasionally a dog poo bag.

  8. For me it’s a backpack or a messenger bag. Recently it’s been more so the backpack (more room and whatnot).I used to be fixated on mechanical pencils and ballpoint pens. It was a thing with me. I lived in Germany for half a year and I was fixated on tracking down that ever elusive perfect soulmate writing implement to give my words the right depth of smeared lead on the page and the grip that made me feel whole–like a bushido practitioner or a befuddled new applicant to Hogwarts.

    I’ve quit all that though and most of the time I can’t even find a pen. It’s not the laundry eating socks. It’s the damn Shroedenger’s pen-in-a-bag paradox: forget the cat.

    Basically my bag is stocked with a bag of mixed unsalted Costco variety nuts, a Moon Festival packed cake, wasabi peanuts, an umbrella, honey tea and a 15″ Macbook Pro.

    I’ve lost the aesthetic of using notebooks. I used to love it, but I write slowly with my hands. When I type I can put the words on the screen almost as fast as I can think them. I know it sounds weird but it’s more of a visceral connectivity for me. It allows me to tune out my quotidian self and just let my Writer’s Id flow freely. I’m realizing I’m rambling. Interesting topic =) I’ll shut up now. Bye

  9. Lovely post, I carry a reading book and a journal, pens and pencils and then another reading book just in case my mood alters for the other. A notebook, my pencil case really and water to keep hydrated sometimes.

  10. Pretty sure you just described my bag!! Enjoyable read, especially the third notebook – the pretty one you just look at? I have about four haha!

      1. Happy Thursday to you too! I am trying to get into the game and you have great tips. I finished my book but I have to find a decent agent. Don’t know all the publishing fine print yet. 😉

  11. I myself am a writer and I can’t tell you how accurate this is! My purse is huge because I always carry around one or two notebooks, and actual book, several pens, lipstick and chap-stick, and sometimes my actual laptop. My purse gets very heavy sometimes!
    I created a blog about my life as a writer it you want to check it out https://katiemdeanblog.wordpress.com/

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