How Would An Online Dating Site For Writers Work? #WritersLife #Writers


Have you ever found yourself wondering how an online dating site for writers could work? Don’t worry – I got this topic covered!

I think an online dating site for writers is a great idea. Luckily for me, my loved one has not yet traded me in for a younger model, grown tired of my emotional breakdowns, creative tantrums, hormonal fluctuations, frequent use of a shrill voice and my inability to reduce the ironing pile to a more manageable level. However, that doesn’t stop my mind from thinking through this gem of a business idea!

I am sure writers would want to date other writers. Can you imagine dating someone who understands your editing pain, lets you off the housework when you need to focus on your first chapter and gives you constructive literary criticism during pillow talk?  I know…it sounds like the making of relationship bliss!

An online dating site for writers probably exists somewhere in the world, but here is how I think an online dating site for writers could work:

On the site you would use the following date search criteria:

  • Genre. If you were going to date another writer you would want to know what genre they write in. My own view is that dating a writer from the same genre could lead to issues. Can you imagine how much unnecessary emotion there would be on a date between two romantic fiction writers?
  • Work in Progress Status. If you are going to start dating another writer I think it is essential you know what stage they are up to with their current project, as this gives you a good indication of their mindset. If you see a writer status of ‘enjoying writing my first draft’ you know your date is going to be up for some romantic fun. We can all relate to those goofy happy days when writing a first draft!  On the other hand, a writer status of ‘just shelved my 86k word draft!’  might encourage you to quickly choose someone else or swipe in a different direction.
  • Creative Likes. Useful for making small talk on that first date. Writers could add stuff like ‘I love writing flash fiction – it really gets me going!’  or  ‘using bad clichés is one of my guilty pleasures – mmm.. naughty but nice!’
  • Creative Dislikes. I think it is important you know what annoys your date on the literary front. Can you imagine if your persistent grammar issue was one of their pet hates?
  • Social Media Usage.  I think its essential to know your date’s social media usage. Can you imagine having a healthy love of Twitter and your writer date not even having a Twitter account?  I think there would be the following tick boxes for a writer to describe their social media usage; rarely use it, occasionally use it, a frequent user and obsessed. Obviously we would all be imaginative with the truth and tick the ‘occasionally use it’ box. Sigh!
  • Average Amazon Review Rating. I think some of us ‘competitive – even when in a relationship’ writers would go get this info ourselves, so it saves us a job.

Everyone would have to complete a profile or ‘About’ section. As this is a dating site for writers I think the dating profiles would be very imaginative and LENGTHY. Writers generally struggle with forms which have tiny text boxes.

Writers could use their ‘author photos’ as their profile pics so you could get an indication of how much tweed they choose to wear.

So, there could be romantic hope for this fictional writer below:

‘A lonely historical fiction writer seeks literary fun and frollics with another writer, preferably someone who writes Gothic or vampire fiction.  They are hoping to find someone who shares their love of editing, likes tweeting and is not afraid to be very strict with a red marking pen!


Good luck out there to all those writers looking for love!


Have a wonderful day!


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Lucy Mitchell lives in South Wales with her husband, her two teenage daughters, a giant labrador and a gang of unruly cats. Lucy is the author of the award winning blog, BlondeWriteMore and was a Featured Romance Author on Wattpad. When she’s not working or writing, Lucy can be found listening to audiobooks in a muddy field with her dog or sat outside her local pub in the sunshine enjoying a glass of wine. Her debut novel Instructions Falling In Love Again is OUT now and already pulling in some fabulous reviews ❤️

112 thoughts on “How Would An Online Dating Site For Writers Work? #WritersLife #Writers

  1. Sounded like a good idea at first…then I realised I don’t think I’d want to date someone like me having seen the baggage my wife has to put up with through my writing 😂

      1. Yeah, and on your matching site, you could have the question: What is more important to you, collaboration in a) the kitchen; b) the bedroom c) your writing

  2. Not something I’ve ever considered – but what about the big one? Professional jealousy. Snobbery. What if ‘he’ is a successful genre fiction series writer, and ‘she’ writes very good women’s contemporary fiction that doesn’t really sell??!!

    Okay, okay, I get that this is not to be taken seriously!!!!!

    This biggest question for me is this – do you do all this stuff as a displacement activity? I’m guessing you’re probably like me, and odd stuff pops into your head that you feel the urge to write about, right…??? I remember ages ago when I got the idea for ‘If Best Selling Authors and Literary Greats were self-published and promoting themselves on Twitter.’ I was ironing at the time, with a day’s novelling planned. I stopped mid-iron, and the writing never happened 🙂

    Oh – here’s the post, btw!!

  3. this is a great idea – at least your significant other would understand when you get an idea for a blog post/story and immediately need time to write and not be bothered – no questions asked

  4. Good stuff! I only worry about the same genre thing. How can, say, a horror writer ever hope to woo a romance one?

    Romance Writer: Those red roses are beautiful, darling!
    Horror Writer: Thank you! A raven flew in and left them on my desk. I believe they were white originally – before the raven plunged them into the blood of our enemies.
    RW: Eeek!

      1. Apparently….science fiction / fantasy writers make the best dates! I have been told there will be a lot of ‘date search’ action going for these writers.

  5. I have no idea what you posted after this:
    “Creative Likes. Useful for making small talk on that first date. Writers could add stuff like ‘I love writing flash fiction – it really gets me going!’ or ‘using bad clichés is one of my guilty pleasures – mmm.. naughty but nice!’
    😀 😀 😀
    I see you’re still on your game. Love these. Hope you never stop! 🙂

      1. Would be lovely. 🙂 Whenever you get the chance. On a side note, you should know: I am mind-boggled and amazed, almost synonymously, by your creativity, drive, and determination! 😀

  6. I think a writer should be paired wit an opposite genre, biographer with a fantasy writer. A writer of romance with a self help writer who specialises in divorce etc… Otherwise the competition could destroy any second dates.

  7. I think it’s a fab idea though I’d worry about their urge to give an honest review. Or imagine them tellng you you’re now between Russell Grant and Hugh Grant on the best of lists.

    1. Mmmm I think the ‘honest’ reviews could harm some new romances. I think I would be torn between trying to show I am interested in their writing and telling them exactly what I thought about the ‘weak’ kiss in chapter four and their unrealistic ending. Good thoughts TanGental

  8. Ha love this & really not a bad idea ha. My main problem with dating a writer is what if we’re trying to meet a deadline at the same time? We’d starve, the house would be a mess, kids would be unfed/unbathed….it could be a match made in fictional hell. I guess I could I add on my profile “must not be writing at the same time as me”. Anyway, very funny post x

  9. Gosh, we’re a complex lot aren’t we?! I’m now pausing to think about how writing has influenced relationships in my life! I’d love a section where we could write things like “Please don’t make me into a character in your next WIP – she’ll only be a better version of me and we’ll both be disappointed that I’m not her!”

  10. Ha! This made me laugh. What a splendid idea! Beats Tinder any day of the week. At least you’d have some things in common! JIll

  11. But do romance writers have an unfair advantage over say, authors of dystopian fiction? And just think of the carnage if a writer of erotica was paired with a graphic novelist. It could get very messy!

  12. Although I am happily paired with a non-writer, I do think a writer/writer relationship would have a lot to offer. I can only imagine the drama, the tension and the bodice ripping!

    Oh, and I need much more tweed in my life!

    Loved this very much xx

  13. Ha, ha, ha – can you imagine the editing of each other’s profiles? What about a name? Writinder, Authorinder, Authors Unite, Writers’ Passion, Passionate Pens…..I’ll stop! Think I will have to share with the writers and reviewers in my bookclub (The Book Club on Facebook)…..will make them smile x

  14. Top drawers.. if we are going down the path of innuendo and….oh hang about; a profile…you mean like an author bio, or synopsis? Dang it, I struggle with them for novels, never mind a writers dating site! Doomed again. Oh hang about, I could consult with Mystic Clive, the ubiquitous omnipresent being that I seem in tune with for some reason, or maybe Orange Lorna as she seems left out.

    Stephen King is the ideal concept here; his first beta reader and critic is his wife. That one has endured since before Carrie got accepted so there must be something in hooking up with a writer after all. I believe I saw something that said in his opinion you can’t write alone…which is a tad annoying !!

    That said; if ones genres were both erotica then I very much doubt any writing would get done at all amidst concept experimentations. Or maybe they would just end up blogging about product testing instead… best stop now methinks and go write this bio 😉

    1. 😂😂😂 so many comedy moments being presented on this blog post. It’s almost worth creating such a site. The erotica scenario is hilarious, I mean they got to have ‘moves’ which are realistic!

      1. I rather think it tunes into the writers mind and characters that have all the “fun.” Have you noticed posts like this get hit hard.. mention of nefarious and boom stat spike. I rather think such a site would be an instant hit and the bloggers bash would become surrounded with fully booked “hotel” rooms.

        Can you imagine it though, a writing partner and some dubious 50 shades, but better written. “What do you think is missing?” #RompCom Say no more upon that methinks 😉

      2. Oh my! This puts a new twist on editing!!! But best sellers; I guess the hook line there on the site is “Have you got what it takes to become a Best Seller?” Get the right exotic “cover” logo et voila. Do we charge a joining fee?

        What’s romance again??

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