The Imaginary People in a Writer’s Life #Writers #NaNoWriMo


Once I started brain storming this important literary topic I couldn’t stop!

This might surprise you, but there are quite a few imaginary people in a writer’s life.

  1. Your Creative Muse. The excitable, wild and uncontrollable imaginary person, who turns up whenever they feel like it. If they don’t get their own way they sulk or throw a tantrum. They will whisper stuff, making you squeal with literary excitement and force you to stay up really late exploring their ideas.
  2. Your Writer’s Intuition. As I said in my post on Sunday, I see ‘Writer’s Intuition’ as another imaginary person. They are sensible, wise and at times can offer you a guiding hand – should you choose to listen!
  3. Your Writer Demon. This cruel and unforgiving imaginary creature lurks at the back of your mind and waits for you to have a bad literary day. It will then sneak up to the front of your mind and tell you bad stuff about your writing or creative abilities. It has only one goal in life – to make you give up!
  4. Your Inner Critic. This imaginary person comes to life once you are reading through your own work. Most of the time it will point out all the stuff you don’t want to see like grammar issues, typos and badly constructed sentences. It does have its uses, although you are never really in the mood for its harsh (never positive or constructive) critique of your work.
  5. Your Characters. This happy (dependent upon genre) bunch of imaginary folk will live inside your head as you go through life. Some days they will be quiet and entertain themselves whilst on other days they will get impatient and start making a racket!
  6. Your ‘In The Cold Light of Day Writing Fairy.’ This imaginary person comes to life the morning after a late night writing session. She sprinkles her magic literary dust over you and suddenly your opinions relating to your draft change!  It is NOT the Booker Prize contender that you claimed it was (whilst drinking a nice Shiraz and nibbling on some fine cheese) all those hours ago. It is a huge pile of literary wrongs!
  7. Your Writer’s Ego. This helpful (I am being sarcastic readers) little imaginary person causes more trouble than the rest of them. It is the one who tells you are a great writer and that you don’t need to go through another painful rewrite. You know that your draft needs a rewrite but you find yourself believing all the wonderful things your naughty ego tells you. It whispers things about how perfect your manuscript is and how it is going to catch the eye of a literary agent or publisher. This imaginary person messes with your mind and expectations.
  8. Your Special Character! We all have one and they might be special for a number of different reasons. I am not going to say too much on this imaginary person, but they brighten up your literary world, make your heart race and can give you a few sleepless nights! Sigh!

The key phrase is ‘imaginary’ so if you are battling a writer’s demon – remember they don’t actually exist!

It is amazing how authors still manage to write and publish books with heads full of imaginary folk. I am raising my coffee cup and toasting all authors who have managed this mind boggling feat.

Have a great day!

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

28 thoughts on “The Imaginary People in a Writer’s Life #Writers #NaNoWriMo

      1. I should do… But I’m so tired at the moment… Sluggish… No energy for writing in the evenings.
        It takes its toll on you, running around after 40 3-4 year olds all day, then coping with your own kids in the evening!!!
        I need to inject a boost into myself somehow!!!

      1. For me the timing was perfect. While it is my daughter that writes fiction it ties in perfectly with a little gift I sent her…

  1. This is inspiring for someone like me who just started writing, from a place where there is very less hope and encouragement, but a lot of things that happen and you just cant help it but write it..!

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