28 Reasons Why A Writer Might Be Having A Sleepless Night #Writer #AmWriting


There are so many reasons why a writer might be having a sleepless night:

  1. They are bubbling with literary excitement about a new story idea. It is very difficult to sleep in this situation.
  2. They feel that they have more ‘tweets’ left in them. Sometimes it’s hard for a writer to say goodnight to Twitter.
  3. Their excitable creative muse refuses to go to sleep.
  4. They can’t stop thinking about how much they dislike their latest draft. Why is it that our writer demons always come out to play in the early hours?
  5. They are questioning their entire literary career.
  6. Their blog stats are spiking due to their latest piece of flash fiction.
  7. Their blog stats have flatlined ever since they posted their latest piece of flash fiction.
  8. They are waiting ‘patiently’ for an international writer friend, who is living in a different time zone, to answer their ‘writer in literary distress’ email.
  9. Before they went to bed they submitted a piece of fiction into a competition and are busy visualising how they will react when they are informed that their short story has won.
  10. They are riddled with writer envy, after a writer acquaintance tweeted earlier to say that they have a new literary agent and this particular agent is treating them to a large KFC bucket, fries and a Sprite. All the writer can think about is how their acquaintance went a step too far with the KFC treat revelation.
  11. The book that they read before bedtime was so good it has given them a bad dose of writer envy.
  12. The writer can’t get an old unfinished story out of their head.
  13. They can’t stop thinking about a piece of negative feedback they got earlier in the day.
  14. The writer is lying in bed deliberating over whether or not to kill off one of their main characters.
  15. The writer is lying in bed trying to work out how they can kill one of their characters.
  16. They pinned too many motivational and inspiring quotes on Pinterest and are now charged!
  17. They are feeling wired after a late night writing session.
  18. It is the night before their book is launched. How does one sleep in this situation?
  19. They can’t stop thinking about an attractive and dreamy fictional character.
  20. They are waiting for the literary elves to appear and magically finish their latest draft.
  21. Their characters won’t stay quiet.
  22. They have been suffering from Writer’s Block and are wondering whether they will ever write properly again.
  23. Their creative muse kindly woke them up an hour or so ago to ask them a question about their draft novel. The answer to the question is still bugging the writer.
  24. After a day of editing every time they close their eyes they see their own typos and badly worded sentences.
  25. They can’t stop thinking about a catastrophic plot hole which they uncovered earlier.
  26. They are suffering from Writer’s Insomnia.
  27. They have just worked out how to end their novel.
  28. Their future literary agent tweeted earlier to say they were ill in bed with the flu. The writer is genuinely concerned for their future agent’s welfare and is contemplating sending a ‘get well soon’ card, together with the first three chapters of their draft novel (which their future agent can read from their sick-bed).

Sweet dreams writers!

Happy Thanks Giving to all my American readers.

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14 thoughts on “28 Reasons Why A Writer Might Be Having A Sleepless Night #Writer #AmWriting

  1. I like #20 especially…I have been waiting a fortnight for it to happen. Will have to sack the elves and get my story done this weekend irrespective as it’s due to the publisher… (I just CANNOT conceptualise the ‘crucial moment’ in the story despite writing a big build-up to it, or perhaps because of the big build up – thus ignoring my own key lesson to everybody else, which is to know the ending before you write the beginning…)

  2. These are fantastic! Most of my musing about characterization and plot points is done in the car, but I get hooked on YouTube writing vlogs and Wattpad at night and stay up WAY too late. I love reading your posts! They always brighten my day😊

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