Writer Fear: Will You Be Able To Write Another Book? #AmWriting #Writer

This deadly literary fear starts towards the end of writing your first proper book. I say ‘proper’ because nothing I have done up until now feels like what I am working on currently.

So whilst gripped with fear, a little voice inside you whispers ‘can you do all this again?’ and quickly follows it up with ‘maybe you are just a one and done author?’

The fear starts to grow inside your mind…

  • Will I be able to come up with another story because I am not like other writers who have a zillion plot ideas circling above their heads?
  • Will I be able to create new characters that make me laugh and cry?
  • Will I have the patience and stamina to go through the drafting process again?
  • Will I be able to go through all the joy and pain again that comes with writing a book?
  • Will I get the same burst of excitement that I feel when I think about my current book?
  • Will I have a life affirming moment over my next draft?

What makes it worse is when you review your literary journey with your current book and are reminded of all those dark holes of literary gloom that you fell into, but somehow managed to crawl out of. Will you be able to do all that again?

Crippled by fear you find yourself shuffling over to what I like to call the Writer’s Oracle – the coffee machine and asking it ‘will I be able to write another book?’

After offering you a strong coffee the Writer’s Oracle will send you the answer via telepathy:

  • Yes – you will be able to write another book!
  • Your journey with your next book will be completely different.
  • You will encounter new literary challenges and experiences.
  • Each book teaches you something new.
  • This time you will be equipped with all the wonderful insight you obtained through writing your first book.
  • You are a writer!

A smile creeps onto your face as you thank the Writer’s Oracle. So wise!

Ha – of course you will be able to write another book…why did you ever doubt yourself and waste a lot of ‘writing time’ thinking about this?

And then the Writer’s Oracle says ‘crack on with finishing that first book first!’


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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

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