The Writer Friend Job Description #AmWriting #Writer


The job description for a writer friend might go something like this…

About The Role

Writer friend needed to provide long-term creative and emotional support to a fellow writer.

Hours: Can vary each week. Dependent upon a number of factors:

  • The mental state of the writer
  • The stage the writer is at with their latest project.
  • The writer’s view of their current project.
  • The writer’s view of their own creative abilities

Location: Can be based anywhere in the world as long as there is Wi-Fi access.

Key Duties / Responsibilities:

  • Must be on hand to provide email, text or phone support to the writer. This will include evening, late night and weekend shifts.
  • Must be able to provide a quick literary assessment of the writer’s new story idea which might be written in the form of a brief text or a photo of a diagram involving arrows, stick people and some key words.
  • Must provide the writer with a much-needed confidence boost when necessary.
  • Must possess a good sense of humour.
  • Must be able to show empathy when the writer’s work has been criticised by others or has not been read by others.
  • Must be able to send amusing selfies or snapchat selfies to cheer up writer.
  • Must be able to make the writer feel better about their creative abilities by finding fault with the current best-selling books.
  • Must be able to operate across all forms of social media.
  • Must possess the confidence to tell the writer to ‘get a grip!’ and to ‘pull themselves together’ when needed.
  • Must be on hand to beta read when needed, providing honest and constructive feedback.
  • Must be able to think on their feet and help the writer get out of a plot hole when called upon.
  • Must be able to talk books for hours and hours and hours…
  • Must be able to quickly get to the root cause of the writer’s literary issue from a simple text which reads ‘SOS!’
  • Must be able to remain calm when the writer is having a creative tantrum.
  • Must be able to shout at a writer when they are busy procrastinating.
  • Must have a good working knowledge of the writer’s brain and their emotional limits.
  • Must be able to offer late night creative counselling when the writer is in a low mood about their writing and future literary career.
  • Must be able to share the writer’s love of coffee, wine, chocolate, cheesecake, cake and cheese boards.

About You:

  • You will have attained the highest qualification possible in patience.
  • You will be highly experienced in getting carried away with your writing, struggling with rejection, creative tantrums, hating your writing, being blinded by your writing, spending too much time on social media when you should be writing and daydreaming about your book being turned into a Hollywood blockbuster.
  • You will have reached the same ‘bonkers’ level as the writer.

Package and Benefits:

  • No salary. All done out of friendship 🙂

Have a wonderful day folks!

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

33 thoughts on “The Writer Friend Job Description #AmWriting #Writer

  1. Another great one. You forgot to mention the ability to have characters named after you suffer horrible fates without batting an eyelid.

    Mind you, this works as a benefit, too: you get to ask said author to include your archnemesis in their work, then spend hours with your friend plotting their untimely demise.

  2. So funny and many are on track with me, too, Lucy. For me, it’s especially sharing (occasionally) ideas with my best friend and having her read/edit things for me. She’s an editor by trade. But, you know what, mostly I feel like that’s such a bother (she’s so busy and lives in a different state!), so my husband (my other best friend!) bears the brunt of the writerly ‘abuse’! On a final note, it seems like maybe some clever writer should create a robot who can handle all these therapy-friendship-sounding board-beta reader conundra!

  3. Haha I liked this! I had one friend who was good at these things, but then she became popular and started ignoring me. I think being level headed is another good thing to add =)

  4. Your posts are such an uplifting source of fun information. Always smile when I read them as I can often relate to your words.
    I count my blessings as I am so lucky to have a writer friend that fits this description to perfection. In fact we were on line yesterday till 2.30am

    Thanks again for sharing this post. Have a wonderful Christmas.

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