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Welcome to my weekly blog series – Author Interviews.

Every week I get to interview an amazing and inspirational author over a virtual cuppa and a biscuit (or two). We talk about their literary journey, the struggles they have faced, their motivations and at the end of the interview they answer the question everyone is desperate to know – what do they wear whilst writing their literary masterpiece?

This week I am on cloud nine as one of my favourite romantic comedy authors is sat in my red chair – Lacey London!  Now, if like me, you are a huge fan of Bridget Jones you will LOVE Lacey’s hugely popular Clara Andrews series. I have never chuckled as much as I did when I read the Clara Andrews series. Her characters are so easy to relate to and likeable.

So, please welcome Lacey London! 

Hey Lacey, please have a seat and tell my readers about yourself and the books you have written.

I am Lacey London, the author of the best-selling Clara series. I live in Alderley Edge with my husband and our Yorkshire Terrier.

The Clara series has been likened to ‘Bridget Jones meets Shopaholic’ and I think that pretty much sums it up. Over the course of nine books, we follow Clara through the minefields of dating, wedding day nerves, motherhood, Barbados, America and beyond.

When did you write your current book?

My latest project, Clara’s Last Christmas, is the final story in the Clara series. I wrote this particular novel over the summer months, which was trickier than I had anticipated. Trying to get into the Christmas spirit when the sun is shining is extremely difficult, although all the mince pies I ate in the name of research helped a little!

Gasp – the final Clara? The final book in a successful series must be tricky. 

Loved how you ate mince pies in the summer months for research purposes!

Why did you become a writer?

I have always loved to read. I was that child who snuggled up in bed with a Roald Dahl book whilst everyone else played outside.

A few years ago, I was running a clothing company with my husband when I decided to put pen to paper and write a story of my own. Six months later Clara was born and I have never looked back.

Are you a plotter or a ‘just write / see what happens?’

I’m a definite plotter, although I have been known to deviate from my original plans. I believe that once you get stuck into a story, the characters decide which direction they want to take you in.

What is the best thing about being a writer?

Watching your ideas come to life is pretty amazing. I still find it fascinating to see a story transform from a simple idea to an actual paperback that you can hold in your hands.

What is the worst thing about being a writer?

Deadlines! The clue is in the name! I don’t cope too well under stress.

What does a typical writing day look like?

For me, a typical writing day revolves around my laptop, a dressing gown and a whole load of coffee. When the dreaded writer’s block hits, I try to venture out to hotels or coffee shops for a change of scenery. Minus the dressing gown, of course.

Loving your typical writing day!

How do you manage social media?

I have a very active Twitter account, which my lovely husband runs for me. I reply to any direct tweets or messages personally, but he handles the general social media advertising and promotions.

What have been your 3 biggest writing learnings?

1. Do not take negative reviews to heart. Developing a thick skin is a must!
2. You can’t run before you can walk. Try not to compare your writing ability to that of others.
3. Patience is key!

Do you have any advice for budding authors?

Never give up! Rome wasn’t built in a day. Every successful author had to start somewhere, don’t get discouraged if you face knock-backs.

Do you suffer from writer’s block and if so how do you overcome it?

Writer’s block is one of the most frustrating things about being a writer. I don’t think there’s any quick fix for overcoming writer’s block, but taking a break away from the laptop for a little while usually does the trick.

Did you ever think about your next book whilst writing?

All the time! I frequently have to stop writing one book to make notes on the next. I think writer’s minds are always working on the next project in the pipeline. For me, it is something that I just can’t switch off.

What do you wear to write?

My writing attire is usually made up of a dressing gown, slippers and sometimes fingerless gloves!

Fingerless gloves – how retro! 

How can my readers read your books?

The Clara series is currently exclusive to Amazon. You can also read the series for free with Kindle Unlimited.


Thank you Lacey – fab interview!

Here are some things I am going to take away from it:

  • I agree with you about how magical it is to see ideas come to life. 
  • You are right about not giving up and yes – every successful author had to start somewhere. 
  • I am currently learning about characters deciding the direction of stories so I am glad you raised it. 
  • I am really interested to see what you do next Lacey!  

Great interview! 

I am just going to nip out and get myself some fingerless gloves – sigh!  


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5 thoughts on “Author Interviews – Lacey London @thelaceylondon #AmWriting #Author

  1. Another smashing interview in the bag. I wonder what comes after Clara? I too write in fingerless gloves it’s my nod to being dressed, getting clever is the key pj’ bottoms that could be trousers, baggy long sleeved grandad tee shirt, fingerless gloves and a necklace fools most people.*sniff*
    Sometimes… I even fool myself. Lacey you’re a ledge! Merry Christmas.

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