12 Things Your Creative Dreams Will Do To You When You Decide To Follow Them #Monday Blogs #MondayMotivation

Creative dreams can be pesky little things. They will do whatever they can to persuade you to follow them and once you do decide to go after them, you will be at their mercy!

Here are 12 things your creative dreams will do to you once you start to pursue them:

  1. Lead you into strange new lands. One day you will wake up and discover you are launching a blog, recording a podcast or even sitting down to write a book.
  2. Change you as a person. By following them you will become brave and courageous. A lot of the time chasing after creative dreams means going it alone and that itself can be character building.
  3. Make you say goodbye to people who don’t share your vision. This can be difficult as it takes bags of guts and inner strength to do.
  4. Give you a sense of empowerment. By following your creative dreams you will be living the life you want and this can make you feel empowered.
  5. Break your heart. You might not want to believe this but your creative dreams will break your heart. Sometimes they will make you do all sorts of silly things, leaving you feeling embarrassed and ashamed.
  6. Give you sleepless nights. Your creative dreams will keep you up in the small hours.
  7. Make you doubt yourself. Oh my goodness these pesky things will make you question yourself, your sanity and your abilities on a daily, sometimes hourly basis.
  8. Send you miles out of your comfort zone. One day you will wake up and your comfort zone will be a tiny spec on the horizon.
  9. Awaken a powerful force inside of you. This force will keep driving you forward even in the darkest of hours.
  10. Make you forge new links with some amazing and inspirational people. Those creative dreams don’t seem so annoying when they make you do things like this. You will never forget the wonderful people who you forge links with.
  11. Terrify you. There is nothing like a bit of creative fear to make you quake in your boots.
  12. Make you feel fulfilled. You will be doing what makes you happy and this will give you a wonderful sense of fulfilment.

Be warned – following your creative dreams can lead to all sorts of mischief!

Have a wonderful day fellow creative adventurers.


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38 thoughts on “12 Things Your Creative Dreams Will Do To You When You Decide To Follow Them #Monday Blogs #MondayMotivation

  1. I have been so far out of my comfort zone for the last five years I think I’m now in a new one filled with danger and risk taking. Maybe I need to get out of this zone and find a rocking chair. Excellent post.

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