50 Things A Writer Notices Whilst Procrastinating #SundayBlogShare #AmWriting

The writer state of procrastinating is an interesting one and worthy of a blog post.

When a writer wants to write they crawl away into their cave and are not seen for hours, days and sometimes even months. The only things they notice are typos, adverbs and their word count.

When a writer is procrastinating they wander out of their cave and almost immediately become very productive. There are so many things a writer will notice when they are doing their best to avoid writing.

Here is a list of 50 things a writer notices whilst procrastinating:

  1. The order of books on bookshelves.
  2. The weather forecast for the next 10 days.
  3. The order of tins in the food cupboard.
  4. Dust levels around the house.
  5. Their cat’s daily routine.
  6. Their loved one.
  7. The ironing pile.
  8. Sparkly and pretty stuff on Pinterest.
  9. Facebook updates from distant relatives.
  10. The sky outside.
  11. The arrangement of furniture in a particular room.
  12. The arrangement of folded sheets in drawers.
  13. Split ends.
  14. All lists in the house and the creation of more lists.
  15. A desire for a nap.
  16. Current state of facial pores.
  17. An urge for a bath.
  18. The arrangement of DVD’s and CD’s.
  19. All the crops in Farmville which need to be harvested.
  20. Reality TV.
  21. The passing of time.
  22. The amount of time which has elapsed since they last spoke to their mother / father / other relative on the phone.
  23. The new movies / TV shows on Netflix.
  24. Sorting out their blog spam folder.
  25. The arrangement of coffee machine pods and coffee cups.
  26. The battery life in TV controllers or other battery operated equipment.
  27. The amount of pencils in their home which need sharpening.
  28. How beautiful their singing voice is (I bet I am not the only writer who breaks into song whilst procrastinating!)
  29. The amount of times a lonely house plant has been watered and re-potted.
  30. Their washing machine and what it looks like on a fast spin cycle.
  31. The tweets in their news feed.
  32. Their friend from work uploading 452 holiday photos onto Facebook (and the need to sit down to browse through each one making thought-provoking comments.)
  33. The number of sugar cubes in the sugar pot.
  34. The contents of their fridge.
  35. The order of wine bottles in their wine rack.
  36. The number of years they can knock off one of their selfies using a photoshop app.
  37. The lack of home-made cakes in the house. Cue – new baking initiative.
  38. The contents of their handbag – once emptied out onto the table.
  39. A desire to put all digital photos into folders.
  40. The amount of time which has elapsed since they last visited an elderly relative.
  41. An urge to organise and colour code their kid’s 2345 strong lego piece set.
  42. A desire to try a juice detox.
  43. An urge to put everyone’s birthday and addresses on a calendar.
  44. An urge to watch make-up tutorials on YouTube.
  45. A desire to go to the gym for the first time since they made it a new year’s resolution and paid for a year’s membership (5 months ago).
  46. An urge to remove all bobbly bits of fabric from a jumper.
  47. A desire to file paperwork and put in place a colour coding system.
  48. An urge to check out the promotional messages on the toothpaste tube.
  49. The arrangement of their underwear drawer.
  50. Their body hair growth levels and a strong urge to start pruning.

Happy Procrastinating Readers!

Photo: Stocksnaps

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55 thoughts on “50 Things A Writer Notices Whilst Procrastinating #SundayBlogShare #AmWriting

  1. I get distracted by my dog’s wet nose and the urge to stroke or play with him. I must confess to having a cleaner who also does my ironing so I dont have that particular excuse for not writing, although I do, of course do bits and pieces in between her visits! Kevin

  2. I could add a few. The state of the basebords – when did I clean, paint etc.
    Howf files are arranged on my computer, in the office desk. The basement- a mess; gotta clean out. And of course, every drawer and cabinet in the house must be re-organized. Thanks for the laughs. Unfortunately, I now have more ideas to aid in my procrastination.

  3. Haha yes!! Aww, the restless detailed mind of a writer…. On days that I’ve noticed every single one of these things.. I insist that a single wall in my house is absolutly in dire need to be changed into an accent wall…. so then I paint… I love this post 😀

  4. It’s me! Things accomplished just today: singing – LOL, checking remote batteries, laundry contemplation – did not actually do laundry, sorting of old journals, dishes, rearranging things in the fridge, checking the weather forecast, picking out what sweaters to wear for constant cold weather forecast, check facebook, check twitter, delete old emails, put Mockingjay Part 2 on. 😀

    Cheers, writers!

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