Vampire & Single – Part 2: Sam #Vampire #Paranormal #ASMSG

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Welcome to my weekly series – Vampire & Single. 

All previous parts are stored here.


Sasha, 23, is a new vampire, struggling to come to terms with life.

She never wanted to become a vampire. On a second date she was bitten by Boris, a guy she hardly knew. He vanished the following day leaving her to endure a terrible transformation.

Months later Sasha feels alone, angry and scared of turning into a monster. Her urges to drink blood are getting stronger and she struggles to keep control of her fangs.

Life for her is all about hiding the fact she has become a vampire and trying to act like a normal twenty-three year old.

Her worst nightmare is for the human world to discover she is a vampire and lock her away.

Will she ever find happiness?

Part 2: Sam


5.29 P.M.  The fresh meat counter in the supermarket is a special place for me. The smell of raw meat makes my nostrils come alive and tingle like crazy.  A glorious warm feeling shoots up through my body and I start to feel light-headed.

I’ve got to know the lady who works on the meat counter. Her name is Pam, a petite woman, with a twitching nose and a high-pitched voice, similar to a squeak.

“Hello Pam!” I say, pushing my trolley laden with a couple of huge frozen meat joints, several frozen steaks and a few pork chops.

“Hello Sasha!” she says, warmly. “How are you?”

I force out a smile. “Yea I’m ok.”

Pam’s face darkens. “You’re looking awfully pale today Sasha.”

I shrug and watch her eyes flick to my trolley.

“My goodness dear, you are certainly taking this Atkins diet seriously. Are you experiencing any side effects from eating all this meat?”  She casts me a look of concern.

If only Pam knew about the things meat did to me.

I shrug my shoulders. “Just a bit of bad breath.”

Pam’s frown breaks and she starts to giggle. “You are so funny Sasha. Now then, what fresh meat are you looking for tonight?”

“Anything bloody!” I say, in a loud voice, whilst hungrily surveying the counter packed full of red, succulent and juicy raw meat.

Pam sighs before gesturing towards a number of trays. “I have a date tonight Sasha.”

I smile. “Best of luck!”

She beams at me, whilst placing some fresh steaks in a bag.

“Is there anyone special in your life Sasha? Does he or she like meat too?”

I shake my head. “I’m single.”

Pam gives me a reassuring look. “I am sure a pretty girl like you with a….(gestures to my trolley packed full of meat)..healthy appetite will be snapped up soon.”

I give her a thumbs up and steer my trolley towards the checkout, muttering to myself. Who in their right mind is going to snap up a twenty three old vampire, who spends her evenings in the meat aisle of a supermarket?

5.56 P.M. I am walking home, clutching my bags of meat.

I pass a man walking an adorable dog with a glossy brown coat and cute doggy ears. As I reach out to stroke it, the dog starts to snarl.

“I’m so sorry!” cries the man, yanking the growling dog away from me. “Bernard is usually a big softie. I have never seen him like this!”

Lowering my head I hurry away. Animals don’t like me now that I am a vampire. It’s a tough one to accept as I would give anything for a pet to keep me company. The evenings alone in my flat are getting harder.

Being on my own is something I still need to get used to.

6.10 P.M.  ‘How can I help you?” asks the telephone counsellor.

I am making an anonymous call to an emotional support help line which work offer. Most of the time I can cope with being a vampire, but occasionally I have these weak moments, where I panic and do silly things. I think the episode with the dog made me sad.

The support help line is confidential and manned by trained counsellors. You don’t have to give your name or staff details and according to Helen, at work, you can talk to them about anything.

Earlier today I made the mistake of asking her what she had called them about. An hour later I was still listening to her ramble on about how she talks to the counsellor about her husband’s lack of affection towards her.

I take a deep breath. “I’m struggling.”

The counsellor remains quiet. I think she wants me to talk.

“I have turned into something horrible and I am finding it hard.”

I can hear the counsellor breathing down the phone. “Do you want to talk about it?”

My heart starts to pound. What if these calls are recorded? What if this trained counsellor tracks me down and calls the police?

“I think I will be ok, thanks for your time.” I put the handset down and fight the urge to cry. It was too risky to talk to a counsellor. This is not something I can share.

7. 03 P.M. I am sat in my kitchen squeezing the life out of a rump steak.

My phone bleeps. Sam, my ex- boyfriend.

‘Hello you!’  He texts.

Sam and I split up before I met Boris. We got together at university and carried on seeing each other once we graduated. I broke it off. We were too young to be settling down.

‘Hello.’  With Sam I like to keep things short and simple.

He replies. ‘I know you will say no but how about dinner next week?’

I wish Sam would meet someone else. He doesn’t know my vampire secret and he never will.

There would be no way Sam and I could have a relationship. I would get cross with him and devour him in seconds. He used to irritate me with his terrible singing in the shower, his dirty laundry strewn across the floor and his weak milky cups of tea. My fangs would be a problem for us both.

‘Sorry, busy next week.’ After sending my answer back to him I find myself distracted with the sweet red rivulets of blood trickling out of the meat.

 ‘I miss you Sasha.’ 

I let out a groan and switch off my phone. He needs to find someone else. I can’t do this anymore to him. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.

8.06 P.M. Emily is knocking at my flat door.

Earlier on Facebook she begged me to come out with her. She wants us to go to the opening night of a new bar in town.

I was going to make up an excuse about not going out, but then I got mad. All day I have moped about, wallowing in self pity and letting my secret vampire life control me. I think it’s time I went out and enjoyed myself. All I need to do is think positive and stay in control.

Emily grins and glides into my flat. Tonight she is wearing a miniscule off the shoulder black dress and red stilettos. I watch as she flicks her long blonde hair away from her face. It shimmers in the light from the window.

After a few seconds of standing inside my flat she pulls a face, screws up her pale blue eyes and clamps her hand over her nose.

“Yuk – Sasha this place stinks!” she moans, shaking her head.

“Um…its the drains” I say quickly, knowing full well it has nothing to do with the drainage system. My flat stinks of rotting meat and blood because I am a vampire.

I make a mental note to purchase some heavy-duty air freshener when I am next in the supermarket.

“OMG what are you wearing?” exclaims Emily, pointing to my shapeless black trousers and baggy oyster coloured top, which I bought in a charity shop, on the way home from work.

Before I changed into a vampire looking fashionable was an obsession of mine. I would spend all my wages on clothes, shoes and handbags. If it didn’t look trendy or fresh from the catwalk of Milan I wouldn’t wear it.

Looking good is no longer a priority. Books and films that portray us vampires wearing the latest season’s fashion looks have got it all wrong. Once you become a blood sucking monster you kiss goodbye to your spring capsule wardrobe and concentrate on bulk buying meat.

“Sasha you cannot go out looking like that!” she shrieks, shaking her head, whilst still holding her nose. “Go change now and please tell your landlord that this problem with your drains is a health hazard!”

I let out a sigh, turn and stomp back into my bedroom. My jaws are throbbing and my fangs are starting appear. Emily has no idea what pain she is putting me through by making me change my outfit.

I yank open my cupboard and work my way to the back where all my ‘pre Vampire clothes’ are stashed.

After I became a vampire I could not face any reminders of my previous life so I set about hiding everything from the days when I was normal.

Reluctantly I pull out a red dress and some red patent high heels. I seem to be attracted to the colour red nowadays.

9.01 P.M. I finally emerge from my bedroom and I can see that Emily has opened all the windows in my flat. She’s stood by the lounge window taking in large gulps of air.

“Oh you look a lot better!” she exclaims turning round to scan my outfit. “Let’s get out of this stinky place, I don’t know how you cope with living here!”

I like my little dingy flat which reeks of meat. Before I became a vampire I hated my flat. To me it was small, dark and pokey. Now it is perfect. The poor lighting means that I can avoid sunlight which makes me feel sick and the delicious smell in the air keeps me going on bad days.

9. 32 P.M. As we enter the bar I come alive. It is like someone has flicked a switch inside of me. I can feel my eyes widening, my body stiffening and a wonderful warm sensation shooting up my spine. My eyes no longer scan the bar crowd for people I know, cool outfits or handsome men. I am seeing nothing but heads, fleshy necks, succulent torsos and meaty limbs.

The music is thumping. I can barely hear myself think. Emily leans over to tell me something and my jaws start to ache. I can smell the sweet scent of her skin and I find myself clawing at my dress. If she carries on pressing her soft head against mine to tell me stuff we could have a problem.

I break away from her and dash to the toilets. My body is starting to tremble and I have started licking my lips in an odd manner. This is really concerning.

Once in the cubicle I pop open my blood bottle and knock back the contents. A feeling of calm descends over me. I slump down on the toilet and place my head in my hands.

I don’t think coming out to enjoy myself was a good idea.

No! I am not going to let my vampire state get the better of me. I can deal with this.

9.55 P.M. Emily thinks I am suffering with a dodgy stomach. My new coping strategy is to run off to the toilets whenever I can feel my fangs appearing.

I have just returned from my sixth toilet dash in the space of half an hour. Emily is busy talking to someone who looks vaguely familiar. In an instant I recognise the black curly hair and chiselled face. Sam. I groan. He’s the last person I want to see tonight.

Without them noticing I go to stand by myself in a dark corner. A plump man with wild red hair comes over to me. He introduces himself as George and informs me in a dreary voice that he works in a bank.

I do moan about my vampire breath but it does come in useful for situations like this.

I edge closer to him.  “Hi I’m Sasha.”

The change in his facial expression is almost comical. As soon as his nose picks up on the foul-smelling vapours coming from my mouth he screws up his eyes, clamps his hand over his nose and backs away.

Somehow I don’t think he’ll be talking to me for the rest of the evening.

10. 07 P.M. I am heading for the toilets again. Emily and Sam are still engrossed in their conversation. I catch sight of Emily’s hand brushing over Sam’s broad shoulders. Deep inside of me I feel a twinge of jealously. It evaporates as soon as I remind myself that I am now a vampire and Sam must move on.

A group of party revellers brush up against me and the smell of their sweaty bodies distracts me. My eyes lock onto a tall black-haired girl with a beautiful shaped neck, glazed in sweat. Necks are a big thing for me now. I am mesmerised by them.

Immediately I can feel my fangs coming through and instinctively I place my hand over my mouth.

“I am not a monster!” Repeating it again and again in my head helps.

My back is arching. I want to throw my head back and roar. Please no…I must stay in control.

“I am not a monster!”

In a panic I race towards the loos and knock into someone. I look up to see who it is and I see the familiar face of Sam. His warm brown eyes find mine. I watch a wide smile spread across his face.

“Hey Sasha!” he says.

I let out a silent scream. With my hand over my mouth I race away.

“Are you ok?” he shouts after me, as I dive into the ladies toilets. Behind him I can see Emily tugging on his shirt.

10.34 P.M. I sneak out in the hope Sam has disappeared and Emily has decided to go home without me.

“There you are! I was worried about you!” cries Sam.

“Bit of a dodgy stomach,” I say, averting my eyes to the floor. Less eye contact might give him the hint that I am not interested.

“Oh no!” exclaims Sam. “Do you want me to take you home?” he asks, glancing back over at Emily.

I shake my head and start to move away.

“You look really pale Sasha, I am worried about you,” he says, taking hold of my arm. In an instant I find myself entering ‘vampire attack mode’. My eyes burn as I whirl round to face him, my body electrified.

“Whoa!” he says, backing away and holding up his hands in defence. “You are in a grumpy mood tonight!”

I try to get a grip on my anger.

A surge of something terrible is building inside me.

All I can see around me are bodies and limbs.

Oh God here come my fangs again! I have to do something and quick.

I clamp my hand over my mouth and look away. The only options are for me to return back to the toilets or leave the bar. A quick glance at Emily tells me that she is wanting Sam to return to talk to her.

Sam follows me into the street.

“Hey Sasha – what is wrong with you?” he demands, as the cold night air stings my inflamed cheeks.

“Leave me alone Sam!” I shout, walking briskly down a side street.

“I miss you Sasha” he shouts.

I ignore him and carry on walking.

“Sam come back in the club!” cries Emily, from the entrance to the bar.

Tears prick my eyes and a lump starts to rise in my throat. Emily never called my name.

I have had a terrible night and at this rate I might never go out again. My body and mind feel like alien entities which I cannot control. I am really worried I am going to do something awful and my so-called best friend, Emily, seems more interested in my ex-boyfriend than me.

I need to be left alone. I am a monster.

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