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I am always on the look out for guest bloggers to take over BlondeWriteMore for a day, so I was thrilled when lifestyle blogger Jasmine from the blog ‘Thoughts From Jasmine’ accepted my guest post invite.

Jasmine’s posts are chatty and engaging. She writes her posts in such a way you feel like you are sat having coffee with her.

The subject of overcoming insecurities is a biggie for me. This is a topic I have been battling with my entire life so I am so grateful to Jasmine for putting a guest post together on it.

This quote sums up my experience:

‘The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.’ Steven Furtick.

Here’s what Jasmine has to say on the subject of overcoming your insecurities.

Hello all!

Everybody’s been there… You look at your face or your body or your hair and you think “I’m gross” or “Why would anybody like me” or “Why can’t I look like them”. It’s so easy to get yourself wrapped up in your flaws and lose sight of what makes you special, and once you start going down the rabbit hole it’s hard to get back out of it.

So, when you’re next feeling “gross” and are able to point out everything wrong with you, try a couple of these to get back to loving yourself!

1. Put on a killer outfit…

If you’re anything like me, I bet you that when you’re feeling less confident in yourself you start to care less about what you wear and how you look because you’re stuck with the “why bother?” mentality. This is the time when you need to stand out – put on something a little more daring for you; wear bright colours/patterns or perhaps something a little more revealing. Even if you don’t feel confident in it, you’re likely to have people notice the difference and receive a shower of compliments in return. Trust me, your ego will thank you for it.

2. Write down 10 things that are good about you…

When you’re feeling down about yourself there’s nothing like a little confidence boost to pick you back up again, and the best person for it to come from is you. Get a pen and some paper (or the notes app on your phone) and jot down a list of reasons why you’re awesome. Yes, this may be hard when all you’re noticing is your flaws, but start looking for the small things like your ears or your eyebrows or your laugh… They’ll remind you that you’re not “all bad” and slowly work at upping your self-confidence.

3. Post a cute picture online…

I know this may sound incredibly superficial, but sometimes we need the attention of others to remind us that we’re cuter than we think. Post a picture on Facebook or Instagram – whether it be one you take that day, or a throwback from ages ago when you were feeling body confident. The likes that you receive may help you get out of your self-hating slump a little and remind you that people do appreciate the way you look, even if you don’t.

4. Talk to someone…

I have stressed many times on my own blog the importance of a good support system: whether that be family, friends, a significant other or a therapist. If you turn to somebody and tell them “I’m having a bad day. I don’t feel good about myself”, a supportive person should be able to help you through that. Obviously they can’t do all the work, you need to believe it for yourself, but they’ll most likely try to be what you need: whether that’s someone to vent to or someone to tell you what you need to help.

5. Start accepting your “flaws”…

The problem most of the time is we see something about ourselves and get upset that we can’t/haven’t been able to change it. The truth is though, a lot of beauty comes from confidence and the best way to get that is to fake it til you make it. Look at your wobbly thighs or your large forehead and make them a vital part of you: embrace them as part of what makes them you, and you’ll find that other people start to too. Yes, this takes time, but trust me (as someone who’s been through this all), once you get there this step makes all the difference.

When it comes to insecurities I’ve been through it all, and these are the steps that have managed to help me gain more confidence over time, or bring myself out of those occasional slumps. Try these out and see if any of them work for you! Insecurity can eat you up and make you feel so alone, but we’re all going through this together, and we can all get to the other side.

Hope you enjoyed this, I really enjoyed guest posting! Check out my blog if you liked what you read!

Lots of love,

Jas xx

Thank you Jasmine – fab post!

To find out more about Jasmine – click here. 

My 6th tip would be to listen to my fictional chicklit podcast where Roxy works through her insecurities about relationships, motherhood and the wobbly bits on her hips and thighs 🙂  Just click on her heels!

Have a great day!


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