Vampire & Single – Part 8 World Gone Crazy #ASMSG #Vampire #Paranormal

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Welcome to my weekly blog series – Vampire & Single.

Last week Sasha chose to fight against her vampire urges and evil Viktor’s plans. She rescued Bill, the prisoner, and on top of an office block, bravely fought against the Vampires of Darkness. 

Whilst taking Bill to safety, a camera from a helicopter filmed Sasha flying.

Henry reappeared and helped to hide her away from the prying human world. He admitted he had strong feelings for her but couldn’t follow his heart, as he believed he would lose control.

Here’s is this week’s part:

World Gone Crazy. 


4.23 A.M. I have spent the last few hours alone. Henry left the room almost immediately after confessing his feelings for me. Before he closed the door he made it clear the TV was not to be switched on.

I would like to say his order was obeyed and I sat in silence, waiting for him to return, but curiosity got the better of me.

Every news channel is running the video of me, flying off a building, whilst carrying Bill. I can see why it has gone viral. Who would not want to watch a woman clad in a black cat suit and red stilettos, clutch a frightened young man, leap off an office block and fly?

The world has gone mad about me. #FlyingWoman. No one has come forward to reveal my identity, which soothes my tattered nerves.

Flicking through the news channels I stop on one where an array of experts are sat in the studio having a heated televised debate about #FlyingWoman.

The presenter turns to the row of four experts. “Can I ask you all what you make of this video?”

For a moment there is silence and then the extra terrestrial expert speaks. “She has to be an alien. No human on Earth can fly like that.”

The presenter turns to the camera. “This is in line with our online poll. 83% of our viewers agree with our expert, she must be an alien.”

A cough from one of the other experts distracts the presenter. He turns back to face them.

The expert at the end stops coughing. “It could just be a clever stunt involving a jet pack. We know they are being developed so we shouldn’t jump to conclusions,” he says, whilst being handed a glass of water by a studio assistant. 

Casting the expert a weak smile the news presenter turns away and conveniently blocks him from the camera view. “So can I ask you all, how is she able to fly like that?”

The extra terrestrial expert blows out the air from his cheeks. “Aliens obviously have the capability to fly.”

This sets off nods of agreements from the other experts, except the one at the end, with the cough. He clears his throat. “She could be using some sort of abseil rope. I really think we should avoid labelling her as an alien and causing a panic, it could be a hoax.”

The news presenter turns back to the camera to give his audience some reassurance. “As you can see folks, we keep coming back to this alien theory.”

There is a shot of the extra terrestrial expert grinning at the camera.

“So what does this mean for the human race?” asks the news presenter, forcing his sculptured eyebrows together into a serious frown.

The two female experts shake their heads, but it is the extra terrestrial expert who speaks first. “It could be the end of the human race. Who knows what this alien could do next?”

After giving the viewers his best concerned face the news presenter turns to one of the female experts, a tired looking fashion editor. “Can I ask what you think of this alien’s choice of clothing?”

The fashion editor’s face brightens as she realises the camera is solely on her. She adjusts her red glasses and secures a strand of blonde behind her ear “Well this alien certainly has an eye for fashion. I love what she has done here, teaming up an exquisite leather catsuit with those amazing red heels. I am predicting a retail frenzy on black leather catsuits and red stilettos by lunchtime.” She pauses and says quickly, “if she hasn’t taken over the world…and killed us all, whilst looking uber hot!”

As the camera slides back to the news presenter, he turns to it and gushes, “well folks, it looks like they have arrived and in style!”

The programme cuts to a commercial.

I gasp as the door behind me is flung open and Henry marches into the room. In a flash I hit the off button on the TV.

“I need the keys to your flat?”  Henry demands. “It is a matter of time before someone identifies you. We don’t want them to find anything incriminating. The vampire world is concerned. Keys?” He urges me with his hand outstretched.

I hand them over and he hurries out of the room.

He returns later as I am engrossed on the second part of the debate titled ‘are aliens living amongst us?’

I notice Henry’s silver hair is ruffled and his forehead is glistening with sweat. “I thought I told you not to watch TV?” he snaps, pointing at the news channel.

Nervous hysteria takes hold of me. “They think I am an alien,” I giggle.

He casts me a cold look. “This is serious Sasha. You are the most wanted women on the planet.”

I feel my smile evaporate. “Sorry,” I mumble, as my cheeks heat up with embarrassment.

“We got to your flat just in time. It now looks like you never lived there,” he says, shifting his weight from one foot to another.

His phone bleeps and he glances at it. I watch his dark eyebrows rise sharply. “They have identified you.”

My heart stops beating. His words echo in my head.

He switches on the TV. The news presenter is pointing to a blown up image of my face on a screen behind him. “We think we have uncovered the identity of the flying woman. Let’s go over live to our reporter, Ted Brown, who is in South London.”

The camera flicks to a pale-faced reporter, who is stood interviewing….Helen, my boss.

I gasp as I watch her stood on her doorstep, looking immaculate. Her hair is shiny and straight, her face is thick with makeup.

“You believe the flying woman to be a woman called Sasha Green – don’t you?” asks the reporter.

Helen nods into the camera. “She works for me. Yes I think its Sasha Green.”

The reporter turns back to Helen. “Have you seen the video?”

Helen dramatically sweeps her hair away from her face. “Who hasn’t seen the video?” she snorts. “Sasha has changed, she’s no longer the Sasha we all know and love. So it’s not surprising she’s pulled a stunt like this.”

The reporter thrusts his microphone closer to Helen. “Can you tell us more about this change in Sasha?”

Helen beams. “It happened about a year ago. She went a bit strange. Became very efficient, wrote excellent reports on how our firm’s latest bathroom sink design has changed the face of the bathroom sink market but how I can put this,…she started making weird sounds at the desk.”

Henry turns the television off. “Your old life is over.”

I place my head in my hands and wish I was back in my little flat, being a nobody, eating steaks and working my way through TV box sets.

Emily’s face flashes across my mind. Emily. The last time I saw her she was urging me to bite Bill. A wave of guilt washes over me. What happened her to in the Builder’s Yard when I flew off?

Henry places a cold hand on my shoulder. “She’s with Viktor. They are boarding a plane to Russia.”


I watch Henry chew his lip before saying, “you have to remember she’s one of them now.”

Switching my eyes to the floor I blink away stinging tears. “I feel like I have let her down. She’s now with those monsters and they’re making her do horrible things.”

Henry’s grip tightens on my shoulder. “Sasha, this might come as a shock but Emily is not the friend you thought she was.”

“What do you mean?”

He stares at me before saying, “darkness has been in Emily’s life for a long time. It’s something she has been craving.”

Emily’s words ring out inside my head, ‘being a vampire is the coolest thing that has happened to me Sasha.’

“Come on Sasha we need to change your appearance?” barks Henry, not letting me sit and stew about Emily.

I lift my head. “What?”

He gestures for me to rise and leads me out into the hallway. We enter into a large room on the opposite side. I smile as I spot Kai, the vampire hair dresser and Marie, the woman from the clothing boutique, stood talking. They turn to greet us. 

“Hey girlfriend!” exclaims Kai with a wink. “I see you’ve been up to mischief! Can I just say your hair looked amazeballs in that video!”

Marie comes over to pull me into a friendly hug. “It is so cool to see you Sasha. Can I just remind you the leather catsuit was my idea? Sometimes I amaze myself with certain fashion decisions.”

Henry walks over to a black leather chair, set in front of a large mirror. “Kai – we need a complete new look and colour.”

Instinctively I place my hands on my long brown hair. “You’re not touching it!”

Marie guides me by the elbow towards the chair. “Sasha, you need a new appearance. Everyone is looking for you. Now, I want you to trust me on this.” She stands in front of me and arranges my hair. “You have the most amazing facial bone structure. Any hairstyle Kai gives you will make you even more beautiful.”

My heart is thudding inside my chest. I glance at Marie, then at Kai and finally to Henry. He stays silent and holds my gaze with his emerald-green eyes. I sit down in the chair trying to ignore the fluttery feeling inside my chest. 

Don’t miss next week’s episode! 

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