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Welcome to my weekly blog series – Vampire & Single.

Last week the world went crazy over the camera footage of Sasha flying. As the search for #flyingwoman intensified, Henry hid her away in his mansion and organised for her appearance to be changed.

Brace yourselves here’s this week’s part:

Part 9


“What are you thinking about?” asks Marie, as I gaze out of the window at Henry’s impressive gardens.

“Emily,” I murmur, wiping away a solitary tear. “She would love these geometrical garden patterns. Down there looks like something from one of her expensive lifestyle magazines.” I pause and smile. “I used to love how she carefully arranged them on her glass coffee table, to show visitors how ambitious her life plans were.”

A sinking feeling takes hold of me. I left Emily alone in the Builder’s Yard whilst trying to save Bill’s life. Why did I do that? What sort of best friend leaves the other, when they are in trouble?

I chew on my lip. “What do you think has happened to her? Henry told me she boarded a plane to Russia with Victor, but that was over two weeks ago.”

Marie rises from the black leather sofa and clip clops across the stone floor towards me.

“Come on Sasha,” urges Marie, “Emily is following her own path, you know that.”

I hang my head. “Emily makes out she’s tough and street wise but I know she’s not. She needs me. I miss her texts and would you believe I miss her nagging!”

Marie places a cold hand on my shoulder. “Your friend made a decision to follow the Vampires of Darkness. It sounded like that was what she wanted.”

I fumble with my hands. “Emily always makes rash decisions. I worry becoming one of Viktor’s vampire was one of them. Oh Marie, I guess I just miss my best friend.”

“Henry said you were not supposed to dwell on her.”

On hearing his name I whirl round. “But Henry’s not here – is he?” I snap, my voice tinged with irritation. Henry left soon after Kai had finished cutting my hair. He needed to go away on an unexpected business trip and left in a hurry, instructing Marie to stay with me.

Marie peers out of the window. “He’ll be back soon.”

I sweep my new fringe out of my eyes, “When? He’s been gone for days?”

Marie turns to face me, “he needed to sort something out.”

Irritation bubbles inside of me. “He keeps doing this,” I growl. “Going away.”

Marie slips a gold cigarette out of the packet, in her hand. She lights it and releases a long plume of red smoke. “You like him don’t you?”

A smile quickly followed by a blush both find their way onto my face. “I don’t know what gave you that impression Marie!”

She shakes her head, whilst trying to contain a laugh. “You two fancy each other like crazy, everyone can see. When Kai had finished your new amazing haircut (she runs her hand over my sleek dark red bob) Henry kept staring at you.”

“Really?” I ask.

Marie nods and takes another drag on her cigarette. She exhales and the pink smoke creates a perfect heart shape in the air. “I don’t understand why you are both dragging it out.”

“He told me it wasn’t allowed, vampires and love.” His words echo inside my head.

Something flickers across Marie’s purple eyes. She grins. “Some rules need to be broken.”

I exhale and go back to looking out of the window.

“Tell me again what happened when he left?” whispers Marie. “The episode by his car where you thought he was going to kiss you.”

Slowly I turn round to find her perfectly sculptured eyebrows raised. I am about to replay Henry and I having a moment by his car, for the hundredth time in two weeks, when a terrified voice inside my head distracts me. “Sasha please help me!”

I place my hands to my forehead.

Sensing something is wrong Marie places her hand on my arm, “are you ok?”

The voice speaks again. “Sasha help! They’re making me do terrible things!”

The room starts to spin and I fall against Marie, who screams. “Sasha!”

She throws her arms around me. I wait until the dizziness subsides.

“I heard a voice,” I whisper.

“Who was it?” she asks, stroking my hair.

“It was Emily,” I say. “She’s in trouble!”

Every muscle inside of me tightens and my heart starts to pound inside my chest.

“Sasha ignore her,” Marie says, stubbing out her gold cigarette and then quickly pulling out a second one.

“She’s in a strange place Marie, she sounds scared,” I say, gripping onto the windowsill.

Marie rubs my arm. “There’s nothing you can do Sasha.”

I pull away. “Emily needs my help, I can’t let her suffer.”

Marie flicks her diamond encrusted lighter. She inhales and lets out two plumes of black smoke. “This could be a trick.”

“Sasha please help me! I need you!” cries Emily, making me jump in shock.

I shake my head. “No, no no she sounds frightened.” Anxiously I start to pace the room. Marie follows behind, making elaborate dark shapes with her cigarette smoke.

Emily’s voice makes me come to a halt. “We are back from Russia and in London,” she whimpers. “They are making me do horrible things. Please help me.”

Marie grabs my arm. “Think this through. Viktor could be making her say these things. Remember the Builder’s Yard.”

I shake off her grip. “I can’t sit here and let Viktor and Boris force Emily to do awful things. I need to rescue her.”

Marie’s purple eyes start to glow. She steps closer to me. “Don’t think about leaving here. If you get caught by humans they will stick you in a laboratory and hunt the rest of us down. You will be imprisoned in a science lab for the rest of your life!”

“Stop it – please!” I shout, placing my hands over my ears and forcing images of me in a white medical prison out of my mind.

“The vampire world needs you to stay safe,” urges Marie.

“Emily is in danger” I say, staring out of the window. “What would you do if it was your friend Melanie?”

I hear Marie take a deep breath. “Melanie is not one of them!” she hisses.

“Emily is my friend!” I say, through gritted teeth.

Marie lets out a cry of frustration. “Oh for goodness sake where is Henry?’

I spin round to face her. “Do you not know where he is?”

She averts her eyes to the floor.

“Marie!” I say, my voice almost shouting.

She takes a breath. “We don’t know. He stopped sending us messages about a week ago.”


Marie extinguishes her cigarette and with trembling hands starts to braid her long blonde hair. “Henry is missing.”

Nausea rises up inside of me. He can’t be missing. Not Henry. Please not Henry.

“Sasha help me!” says Emily, her voice sounds far away and little. “We are at an old warehouse in the East End. Viktor won’t tell me why,” she whimpers. “Please help me Sasha I don’t want to do this anymore. They have forced me to do some terrible things!”

Marie screws up her face. “You can’t leave this house Sasha. I promised him I would keep you here.”

I put my hands on her shoulders. “Something inside of me is telling me I have to help Emily. Once I have done that I will look for Henry.”

Marie finishes braiding her hair. “This is a trick, I can feel it. Viktor wants you. They know you are special.”

Viktor’s swarthy evil face appears in my mind. “I have defended myself against him before and I will do it again. Please let me go Marie!”

Marie nibbles on her thumb. “I am going to get into so much trouble.”

Before she can say another word I race downstairs, grab my leather jacket and slip out of the french windows at the back of the house. Zipping up my jacket I scurry round to the front and down the gravel driveway. Emily whispers the address of the warehouse and I break into a run.

I am jogging down a side street towards the warehouse. Dark clouds are scurrying across the blue sky like the curtains in a theatre, signalling the end of a performance.

Several silver saloon cars are parked outside the warehouse. My heart is beating loudly and my hands are clammy.

Something tells me not to use the main entrance. Instead I race around the side. All the windows are locked. At the back of the building I decide my only option is to get onto the roof.  In a flash I spring into the air and onto the roof. My eyes sweep it for a way inside.

Rain starts to pelt my jacket as I move across the huge flat roof. I spot a trap door. Yanking it open reveals a dark passageway beneath.

Softly I drop down and land on my feet. The passageway is deserted but I can hear voices coming from a room opposite. Kneeling down by the metal door I press my ear against it. I recognise Viktor’s voice. He’s laughing about something.

Footsteps are racing to the door. The door is flung open by….Emily. She stands grinning at me, a trickle of dark red blood running down the side of her mouth.

“Sasha come in and join our party!” she says, gesturing me to enter.

“I thought you were in trouble?” I gasp.

She lets out a cackle of laughter. “LOL! Me in trouble. I can’t believe you fell for that Sasha. You always were gullible.”

“WHAT?” I snap.

“Guess who is here with us,” she cries, pointing to Henry, bent over and shackled in chains to a pillar, in the middle of the warehouse.

There will be more next week!

Have a great day!

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