Vampire & Single – Part 10 The Prisoners #Vampire #ASMSG #Paranormal

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Welcome to my weekly series – Vampire & Single 

The story of Sasha, the ordinary twenty something girl who never wanted to become a vampire. In this serialised story she tries to come to terms with her new life and her physical transformation. She also learns she is no ordinary vampire. 

Last week Sacha was tricked into going to the warehouse, as she believed her best friend Emily was in trouble.

Brace yourselves.

Part 10

As I enter the warehouse Viktor yanks up Henry by the scruff of his neck. Henry’s chains rattle in protest and a flock of squawking birds fly out of the rafters.

“Look Henry!” Viktor grins at me. The sight of Henry’s limp body and half closed eyes sends a shiver down my spine.

“We’ve been expecting you!” cries Viktor, with a smirk, letting go of Henry. He falls to the floor in a crumpled heap.

I can taste sick in my mouth.

My eyes sweep the warehouse. It is empty apart from a few piles of wooden palettes and cardboard boxes. Stone pillars guard the four corners. Henry is shackled to one pillar and at the far end of the warehouse, a pair of hands are chained to another. The pillar shields the identity of the hand owner.

Emily rushes to my side with wide eyes and electrified blonde hair. With the back of her hand she wipes her mouth, leaving a smear of crimson blood across her face. “Sasha I am so pleased to see you…my best friend,” she whispers, looping her arm through mine.

I disentangle myself. “Why are you doing this Emily?”

She erupts into a fit of giggles. “Oh Sasha – I am in trouble – help me!” she mimics in a high-pitched voice.

“What have I done to deserve this?” I shout.  She stops laughing and stares.

I watch as she steps closer and strokes my hair. “You couldn’t be any old vampire Sasha, could you?”

“What do you mean?”

Emily touches my cheek with a cold, blood stained finger. “You had to be different.” A raspy sound comes from her throat as she tries to stifle a giggle. In a sing-song voice she says, “Sasha became a special kind of vampire. Silly Emily, should have known this would happen!”

I step back in shock at what is coming out of her mouth. “Emily?”

She cackles and then hiccups. “I have just about had enough of you Sasha,” she hisses.  “You don’t know what its been like for me. Everything I do in life, you always have to go one better. School grades, university, job and now becoming a vampire. Trust you to become some super vampire.”

I watch her come closer to run her finger down my neck. “To make matters worse every man I have ever been with wants you. I only have to introduce you to them and a few days later they become hooked. It’s happened so much I can spot the signs, they keep asking me when I will see you again, their faraway looks and then the avoidance of me.” Her eyes flick to the mystery prisoner at the far end.

“I don’t understand,” I say, following her stare.

Her head snaps back to me. “Even he,” she whispers, glancing at Viktor, “talks about you all the time.” She draws a heart on my cheek. “I have to listen to his Sasha fantasies, do you know what that feels like…eh?

Out of the corner of my eye I can see Viktor staring at me.

Emily grabs me by the neck. “No – you wouldn’t know what its like because you are so innocent and pretty!”  Her hand slowly tightens its grip. “I have spent years living in your shadow. This is where it ends.”

“Please stop…you are…choking me,” I croak, watching her blue eyes darken.

Viktor comes between us forcing Emily to let go. “Ladies, lets save fighting for later. Now Sasha, we are going to play a game. I will trade you for your boyfriend. He can go free if you take his place at the pillar.”

Henry lifts his head off the floor. “No Sasha.”

I watch Viktor’s giant red tongue run along his cracked lip. “There’s a good girl!” he cries, “we all want to sample some of your delicious blood.”

Emily wraps her arms around Viktor’s waist. “I can’t wait!” she purrs, fixing her eyes on me. Viktor bends down to kiss her roughly on the mouth. As he pulls away he purrs “calm down little one.”

A familiar voice, behind me, calls out, “a proper blood feast.” I turn to watch Boris, fly down from the roof.  “I’ve never tasted vampire blood before. Especially blood from one so special!”

“Sasha don’t do it,” moans Henry. Viktor strides towards him and violently kicks him in the stomach.

Viktor turns back to me, folding his thick hairy arms across his muscular chest. “When mealtime is over I have so much more in store for you, my beautiful Sasha!” he whispers, revealing two yellow-stained fangs.

Icy cold breath on my neck makes me flinch. Emily leans in, pressing her lips to my ear. “Do you see what I mean? He’s crazy about you,” she giggles.

Anger bubbles inside of me. Without hesitation I grab her thin bony arms and hurl her into the air. She crash lands onto a pile of wooden palettes, arms and legs in a tangle. “I will deal with you later,” I growl.

Viktor’s face starts to change. The broad grin evaporates and his eyes glow orange.

Throwing back my head I let out a roar so loud the ground beneath our feet shudders. I hear Emily scream.

My second roar shakes the warehouse foundations, causing part of the wall behind us to  crumble.

With a snarl I leap into the air. Both Viktor and Boris shoot up to the rafters. Boris flies towards me. Every muscle in my body clenches as he tries to drag me down to the floor, but I am too strong for him. Before he can wriggle free I hurl him against the wall. Bricks shower him as he slides down, dazed and confused. 

Viktor lets out a roar and dives towards me. In the air we wrestle. His claw like fingers dig into my arms, making me yell. Anger surges through my veins. As his jaws open and his pointed fangs edge towards my neck I start to spin. We gyrate at a terrifying speed until his eyes start to bulge in their sockets. Then I let go. He lets out a scream as he crashes through the wall, leaving a gaping hole.

I fly to Henry. “Quick tell me how I release you?” He tries to say something but a noise behind me makes him stop.

A squeaky voice cries out, “Oh Sasha, did I tell you I enjoyed drinking Sam’s blood?”

“What?” I gasp, whirling round to see Emily staggering towards me.

She points to the figure tied to the pillar at the far end. “Your ex-boyfriend Sam” she cackles.


“He wouldn’t stop calling me to find out where you were – flying woman,” she laughs, in between hiccups.

“You killed him!” I roar.

In a haunting high-pitched voice she screeches, “I couldn’t wait Sasha. You see Sam and I were sleeping with each other when you were being all depressed and boring.”

I feel my eyes widen with shock.

“He murmured your name once whilst he was with me. You won’t believe what that felt like.”

Slowly I shake my head.

“You wouldn’t know so I won’t go into detail. Anyway I couldn’t stop myself…oops sorry.”

With tear filled eyes I try to swallow back the lump, ballooning at the back my throat. “Not Sam,” I whisper. “Please not Sam.”

She throws her blonde head back and laughs. The Emily I knew has gone. She’s not coming back.

In a flash I fly into the air and speed towards the person tied to the pillar. The sight of Sam makes me wince. I hang my head and shut my eyes.

“He tried to call you after he’d slept with me!” she screams, before returning to her makeshift throne of wooden palettes.

After taking a deep breath I head towards her. “You will pay for this!” I snarl.

Before I reach her I am distracted by Henry, sitting up. “We need to get out of here, this building is going to fall.”  He gestures towards the black hole Viktor left. A low rumble can be heard from the roof.

“How do I set you free?” I gasp, staring at the huge silver chains around his hands and ankles.

“Use your strength Sasha. You can do this.”

One of the pillars at the far end crashes to the floor. Emily screams.

I pick up Henry’s hand chains. I can do this. With a mighty roar I pull them apart. To my surprise they snap with ease.

After helping him to his feet I glance at Emily. “Aren’t you going to save me?” she whimpers, as bricks start to rain down around us.

Sam’s smiling face appears in my mind. I remain silent. Fighting back tears I help Henry head towards the exit.

We jump into the back of a waiting black car. The driver powers the car forward. Out of the back window I watch the warehouse fall to the ground in a huge mushroom cloud of dust and debris. Through chattering teeth I mutter, “is that it? Are they dead?”

Henry shakes his head. “No, they are still alive. They won’t stop hunting you down. You are no ordinary vampire.”

A shiver passes through me.

“Are you ok?” I ask, turning to Henry, slumped by the side of me.

‘I tried to save Emily,” he murmurs, resting his head against my shoulder.


“I knew how much she meant to you.”

I stroke his forehead as tears spill from my eyes. “You did that for me?”

He nods. “They were in St Petersburg. I tracked them down and went to rescue her. She craves the darkness, there is no hope for her. They took me prisoner.”

I wrap my arms around him and hold him close.

He coughs before saying, “I couldn’t save Sam. I am so sorry Sasha.”

I press my head closer to his and weep. As the city flashes past the car windows I let out a silent prayer for Sam.

Henry and I stay huddled up until we reach the gates to his house. As the car crawls along the grave driveway Henry hauls himself up. He cups my wet face with his hand and gently wipes away my tears with his thumb. Without hesitating he leans in, brushing his soft lips over mine. We fall into a lingering kiss.

As he pulls away he whispers, “we have to leave London, tonight.”

There will be more next week from Sasha.

All previous parts are stored here. 

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