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Welcome to my weekly series – Vampire & Single.

The story of Sasha, the ordinary twenty something girl who never wanted to become a vampire. In this serialised story she tries to come to terms with her new life and her physical transformation. She also learns she is no ordinary vampire.

Last week Sasha saved Henry from the clutches of evil Viktor and Emily revealed her true feelings for Sasha. 

Here is part 11:

I am standing against a Manhattan hotel suite window, staring up at the sultry evening sky. Swollen grey clouds are gearing up for a storm. Henry is insistent I catch the first glimpse of the impressive lightening show, which he claims, is seconds away. 

“Why are we here?” I ask, feeling his strong arms loop around my waist and his icy breath on my neck. 

When we left London Henry instructed me not to ask any questions, as all would be revealed in New York. 

On the plane my head was awash with painful memories from the warehouse. Emily’s hateful words echoed throughout my head and Sam’s smiley face kept flashing across my mind.  I spent a lot of the journey in tears, curled up against Henry. 

Once we got to the hotel suite Henry did his best to take my mind off everything. He placed me in front of the vast Manhattan skyline and explained how impressive storms can be over here. 

“Henry,” I say, as a streak of white lightening flashes across the sky. “Please tell me what we’re doing over here?”

“Keep watching the sky,” he says, before gently nuzzling my neck. 

A clap of thunder follows making me jump. “Henry!” I tap him on the arm. 

“The seniors of the vampire world want to meet you,” he whispers. “They have invited you to the Vampire Ball, tonight.”

“What?” I gasp, freeing myself from his hold and turning my back on the sky. “A Vampire Ball? Me?”

Henry nods. 

“As in a fancy event? With smart dresses and tuxedos?”

He looks towards the hotel suite door. As if by magic it opens and in walks Marie, the personal shopper, followed by Kai, the vampire hairdresser. 

“I booked you a slot with these two. They will make you look even more beautiful than you are now!” Henry says, leaning over and planting a delicate kiss on my cheek.

Marie comes to stand by me and grins. “Your dress for tonight is amazing,” she whispers, taking out a slim gold cigarette case, from her red handbag. I watch as she lights up, inhales and sends a cloud of glittering gold smoke into the air. 

Kai hands me a blood pouch. “Drink this girl!”

I stare at it and cast him a puzzled look. “Why?”

Henry gently strokes my short red bobbed hair. “We need you to have long hair tonight Sasha. Kai has given you a pouch containing special modified blood. It will make your hair grow…fast.”

“What?” I turn to Marie who nods. “Sasha this stuff will blow your mind. Drink it and stand in front of a mirror. It’s so cool!”

She guides me by the elbow over to a full length gold mirror. I open the pouch and tip the contents into my throat. For a few seconds nothing happens. Then my red bob starts to move and quiver. I let out a gasp as hair tendrils wind their way down my face. Soon I can feel them glide down my neck, like tiny snakes. Within a few seconds I can feel my hair touching my lower back. 

“Being a vampire is awesome Sasha!’ purrs Marie, standing back to admire my new locks. She takes a drag on her cigarette before sending out two streams of pink smoke which come together in a heart shape. 

Kai comes over and runs a comb through my hair. “Girl you have long sassy hair! Let’s get to work Marie!”

Before I can say another word he and Marie steer me into one of the bedrooms. 

Henry’s choice of dress for me is revealed by Marie. A beautiful long red silk gown, adorned with black silk flowers and intricate hand beading.

Two hours later Marie leads me out of the room. I am greeted by the sight of Henry stood in a fitted black silk tuxedo. His silver hair is elegantly quiffed and as a smile spreads quickly across his handsome face a thousand butterflies swarm into my chest. 

“Sasha you look divine!” he says, his emerald green eyes scanning my hair, piled high in delicate ringlets, my bust packed into a tight red bodice and the dramatic flare of my dress, as I walk . He comes over to me and runs the tips of his fingers down my neck. “Now, we are going to the Vampire Ball tonight, so I must remind you that….” he pauses, whilst tenderly kissing my neck. “Fangs are most welcome!” he whispers, revealing his glistening white fangs.

“The car is here,” says Marie, tapping Henry on the shoulder. He takes my hand and leads me towards the door. 

We enter the Vampire Ball, side by side. I gasp as we walk into a gigantic room filled with a sea of twirling couples dressed in red and black. An orchestra is playing below a stunning chandelier and waiters dart about, carrying aloft trays of crystal glasses, filled with dark red blood. 

All faces turn towards us as we glide in. Henry pulls me close to him as we weave through the crowd. Everyone in the room, apart from me, is bearing their fangs. For months I have trained myself to hide them whereas here they are actively encouraged to be on show.

“They are staring at me,” I whisper to Henry, as conversations fade and heads turn in our direction. 

“You are a celebrity here Sasha, enjoy it!” he says, with a grin.

We head towards some tables and a throng of older stately looking men. 

“Evening all, can I introduce you to Sasha?” announces Henry, placing his hand in the small of my back. 

“Finally – we get to meet you Sasha!” cries one man, with silver hair and kind blue eyes. 

I remain quiet as Henry does most of the talking. Everyone has heard about how I can defend myself against the Vampires of Darkness. As I stand and listen to them talk about what happened at the warehouse I think about Sam and how he lost his life because of me. Tears prick my eyes as his face appears in my mind.

I turn away and find myself staring at a striking woman with fiery red hair. My eyes are drawn to the silver streak running through it. Her black velvet dress is breath taking.

“You must be Sasha,” she says, handing me a glass of blood. 

“Yes I am,” I say, shifting my weight from red stiletto to red stiletto. 

“I am Lila.” Her American accent is soft and smooth. 

Taking a sip from my glass I notice the blood tastes exquisite and glides down my throat.

“I saw your flying video,” Lila raises her glass at me with a smile.

My cheeks heat up with embarrassment.

“Hey, you looked awesome!” she gushes, sweeping back her long hair. “We’ve never seen a light like yours.”

“Thanks” I say, flicking my eyes to the floor.

“You are struggling with the fame aren’t you?” she asks, placing a cold hand on my bare arm. 

I nod and take a large gulp of my drink.

“It must be hard for you being so special,” she looks around for a waiter to refill her glass.

“I am not special.” My stomach tightens. Over the past few weeks this word has brought me nothing but pain.

“My advice to you is to get some good security,” she says, as her green eyes start to glow. 

“What do you mean?” 

She leans into me. “The Vampires of Darkness are after you. They think your blood will make them stronger. You do know that Viktor survived the warehouse disaster don’t you?”

At the mention of his name I place a hand on Henry’s arm for support. “Yes.”

A waiter refills both our glasses. “Viktor is determined to hunt you down…and..” she stops.

“And what?’ I ask, as a wave of nausea crashes over me.

Lila bites down on her crimson red lip. 


“He wants you to be his own personal blood bank,” she whispers.

“What?” I exclaim. 

“Viktor is a dangerous vampire. He believes drinking your blood will bring him great power.  From what we know Viktor won’t give up.”

The room starts to spin as my mind replays his booming laugh.

“No one has ever seen the sort of power you have Sasha. You have advanced skills but they have attracted the wrong attention.” She swiftly drains her glass.

Henry turns towards me, sensing something is wrong. “I’m scared Henry” I say, through chattering teeth. “He won’t stop will he?’

I notice his eyes are wet with tears. All of a sudden he grabs my hand and barks “come with me!”

We head into a labyrinth of corridors. At the end of one corridor is a series of closed oak panelled doors. Henry selects the middle one and knocks loudly.

The door is opened by the siver haired old man with the kind blue eyes.

“Come in,” he says, gesturing for us to head over into a large open plan room with a long conference table and leather clad chairs. “I have been expecting you.”

Henry guides me towards the table. “Sasha this is Nicholas, he’s the head of our vampire order.”

I smile at Nicholas and sit down at the table.

“How are you Sasha?” asks Nicholas, seating himself at the head of the table and folding his hands in front of him.

“I have had better days!” I say, which brings a small smile to his face.

“Viktor won’t stop in his quest, you do know that?” Nicholas raises a tall glass of blood to his lips.

“But we must be able to protect Sasha?” asks Henry, wiping sweat from his forehead with a silk handkerchief. “You wanted her to come tonight. I thought it was to tell her about something we could do.” 

Nicholas shakes his head. “Henry, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but we have no means of stopping Viktor. Sasha here is the only one who stands any chance.”

My body starts to tremble and Henry squeezes my hand. 

“Sasha,” says Nicholas, rising from his chair. “I know you have been struggling with your change.” He starts to pace the room. “We watched you for months. We knew you were different as you were enduring more suffering than the average vampire.”

I wipe away a solitary tear.

“The only way to defeat Viktor is to stop fighting against what you have become and accept you are special.”

The word makes me wince. “Please don’t use that word.”

Nicholas holds my stare. “You still don’t believe in yourself do you?”

I shake my head, as an army of tears invade my cheeks. “I am just an ordinary girl who never asked for any of this.”

Henry places his arm around my shoulders. “You are far from ordinary.”

I break free from him and stand up. The room starts to sway as Lila’s words ‘blood bank’ echo inside my head. I need some fresh air. “Excuse me.” 

Without stopping to hear Henry shout my name I dash from the room and race down the corridor. “I am just Sasha Green. I am not special!” Repeating the words again and again brings me some comfort. 

I must have taken a wrong turn because soon I find myself in an unfamiliar room. A door slams shut behind me and someone places a foul smelling cloth over my mouth. 

My world goes dark. 

Yikes! Poor Sasha πŸ˜” Don’t miss next week’s part! 

If you have missed any parts please click here

 Have a great day! 

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