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Welcome to my weekly blog series – Vampire & Single. 

We are coming to the end of this story and next week will be the finale so make sure you don’t miss out.

I did write a sequel on Wattpad, killed one of the characters (not telling you which one) and got deluged with reader complaints, so will not be going down that route again.

If George R.R. Martin is reading my blog (he might want to connect with his inner blonde writer self) – can he please let me know how he handles reader grief after killing a much-loved character? Just pop a few words in the comments section – thx G!

On with the show!

This is the story of Sasha, the ordinary twenty something girl who never wanted to become a vampire. In this serialised story she tries to come to terms with her new life and her physical transformation. She also learns she is no ordinary vampire.

Last week things took a turn for the worse. Whilst at the Vampire Ball Sasha learnt Henry’s Vampire Order could not save her from evil Viktor. At the end of last week’s part she mistakenly ran into the wrong room, not realising that someone was behind her. Gasp!

Part 12 – The Cell

Bright light. Pain.

Muffled voices are nearby.

Hands are touching and prodding my arms.

The voices have gone.

I am cold and tired.

The hands have returned. They are exploring my neck, my chest and my stomach. Inquisitive hands.

I can feel cold breath against my chest.

Someone is talking to me but they sound far away.

I wish I could move.

The light is back again. Bright and painful.


I’m thirsty.

The voices have turned into blurry pink and white images. They stand over me and say things which I cannot hear properly.

Sharp pain in my arm.

My teeth are chattering.

Hands are crawling over my arms.

My eyes have opened to a row of ugly steel bars. As I try to move huge iron chains rattle in protest. Above is a giant light, bathing everything in a harsh fluorescent glow. 

A white machine to the side of me is bleeping. A thin red tube is sticking out of the side. It coils and twists before finally coming to rest, against the giant needle, protruding out of my arm.

Blood is being extracted. I can see it filling up a red plastic pouch, hanging off the machine.

I manage to turn my aching head. It looks like I am in a basement. On the far side of the cell bars are rows of building pipes. Without the harsh light above the prison cell would be dark and gloomy. I spot Viktor and Emily sat outside the bars. Viktor catches sight of me and smiles. As he walks into where I am lying. I notice he’s wearing blue surgical overalls.

“Hello Sasha,” he cries, with a beaming smile. “It is so nice to see you. I do hope you enjoy your final stay with us,” he breaks into a booming laugh. Emily appears by his side.

Viktor crouches down beside the dirty mattress I am sprawled on. He leans in and whispers, “we’re going to drain you completely.”

Emily lets out a cackle of laughter. “You must listen to his plan Sasha, it’s genius.”

He strokes my cheek with a cold finger. “Oh beautiful Sasha, I am afraid you are a threat to my plans so I can’t have you running about and doing silly things.”

I try to turn away. He grabs hold of my chin. “But your blood is a different story.” I watch as he kneels down and presses his face closer to mine. “Once I have drained you, my team of scientists will analyse your special blood. They will know what makes you so powerful and will replicate it for me. What do you think?”

Emily strokes the back of Viktor’s head, whilst staring at me. “Once we have got what we want from you, it will be game over for the lovely Sasha Green.”

I close my eyes. Henry’s face appears in my mind. My darling Henry. I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye.

Viktor and Emily are kissing beside me. The noise is making me gag. I can’t believe after twenty three years this is how I will end my life; as a blood bank for two evil vampires.

“I love you Henry!” I whisper, turning to face the steel bars. Tears trickle down my face.

A wave of exhaustion crashes over me. This is the end.

‘Sasha!’ barks Henry’s voice from inside my head. My eyes flick open in surprise. Henry – is that you?

‘I love you.’ A lump balloons in my throat. His voice is crisp and clear.

‘You are stronger than Viktor and Emily. Believe in yourself.’

They have drained my blood. I am weak.

‘They have not drained your spirit. Now fight!’

Spirit? What spirit?

‘You have kept going through some dark days Sasha.’

I think back to the lonely days I spent sat inside my flat and the hours I spent trekking into work so I could still pay my rent. My mind replays the moments where I came close to drinking human blood, but stopped myself; the red-haired girl in the music club toilets and Bill the young man who I saved. Even though it felt like all hope was lost I never gave up. Henry’s right – I never gave up!

‘I love you for your spirit Sasha. You are unbelievably strong. Come on. Fight.’

There must be something I can do. Lying on my side I face Emily. She is sat, cross-legged, staring into space, with her back against the bars. Her blue eyes are glazed and her blood stained mouth is ajar. Viktor has left the room.

Dismissing all the terrible things she has done and said to me I croak “Emily”. She glances in my direction, smiles and gives me a little wave.

“Why are you doing this?” I croak. My breathing has become raspy.

“I love Viktor,” she says breathlessly. “And I have never liked you.” She hiccups and then giggles.

My eyelids are getting heavier. “Please…give…me…a…drink!”

Emily scratches her knotted blonde hair. She casts me a quizzical look. “Viktor told me you were bad and I must let you die,” she squeaks.

“Just a tiny drink,” I urge. “I am dying.”

She lets out a cackle of laugher. “I suppose I could give you a little drink”. A frown passes over her face. “Viktor is in theatre. It will be dull if you died on me now.”

My breath is slowing down. The end is seconds away.

I don’t want to die. I must hang on.

My eyes are almost closed by the time Emily reaches me, holding a white plastic container filled with dark red blood.

I open one eye as she kneels down beside me. Gasping for breath I part my cracked lips so that she can tip the red liquid into my mouth. It slips gently down my throat and releases my tongue, which has been stuck to the side of my mouth.

Almost immediately I can feel a warm sensation wash over me. My limbs awaken from their cold sleep and start to tingle.

I watch Emily continue to pour. Her skeletal arm trembles as she holds the container against my mouth.

After I have drained it she sits back on her knees and hangs her head.

I reach out and touch her arm. She goes silent.

“Emily?” I whisper.

There is no answer. She is in some kind of trance, her eyes have stopped blinking and there is a strange frozen expression to her face.

“Emily,” I say touching her arm and flinching, her skin feels like ice.

There is no sign of life behind her blue glass eyes.

I touch her cheek. She doesn’t move but remains rigid.

“Emily please say something!” I say, my heart is starting to race.

There is no response.

‘Sasha leave her!’ orders Henry, from inside my head. ‘She’s drank too much human blood. This is what can happen to dark vampires!’

I still feel weak. Reaching across I grab the pouch attached to the machine. I rip open the top and tip its contents into my mouth.

The needle is still inserted into my arm. I remove it quickly and gasp. I have never liked needles.

My body is starting to feel like my own again. I look down at my red designer dress, now dirty and ripped.

Emily is still sat looking like someone pressed the pause button. I reach out and shake her arm. “Emily!” Nothing.

My eyes flick to the chains shackling my arms and legs to the stone floor, to my dismay they look thick and strong.

‘You can break free Sasha, you can do this. Use your strength!’ orders Henry.

I picture Viktor in my mind. Anger starts to bubble inside me and I release my fangs dripping with slobber. Clenching my fists I throw my head back and roar. The prison cell shakes and the metal bars start to rattle.

On my second roar I yank my arms away from the floor and to my amazement the chains break free. For a moment I sit panting staring at the remains of the broken chains lying on the floor. My vampire strength surprises me on a daily basis.

Emily hasn’t moved.

With a final terrifying roar I release my ankles and lie back on the mattress gasping for breath.

“Sasha!” barks Henry. “You have to go and quick!”

I place a hand on Emily’s shoulder. There is no sign of life.  “Thank you for rescuing me!” I whisper.

As I step out of the cage I glance back at my little concrete prison with the bleeping machine and chains.  My eyes fall upon the small skeletal blonde haired figure sat facing my dirty mattress. I close my eyes and fight the lump rising at the back of my throat. It is not Emily sat there, I know this now. My Emily died when she persuaded Viktor to bite her.

I leave the room and enter a dimly lit passage way. It feels like I am in the basement of a building. There are noises coming from the floor above. At the end of the passageway I come to some dreary looking stairs.

After three flights I push through some red double doors and step out into a busy hospital corridor. A team of theatre nurses charge past me with a metal bed containing an unconscious patient. I step out into a sea of walking wounded patients with bandages and crutches carry me along towards an accident and emergency room.

‘You are in a hospital,’ says Henry, from inside my head. “Did I tell you Viktor is a leading heart surgeon?’

“He operates on people!” I say, in surprise, imagining how many patients actually survive after Viktor operates on them.

‘I have a car waiting for you outside!’ says Henry.

The thought of being free makes me hitch up my dress and walk quickly towards the exit. Then I stop. Viktor will not stop hunting me down. He will keep trying, again and again.

A shiver passes over me. I need to kill Viktor. I can’t go on running from him.

‘Why put yourself through all that? We can hide you away.’ 

I sit down on a plastic chair. The accident & emergency room lurches from side to side.  Nausea rises up inside of me.

‘You will need to thrust a stake into his heart. That is the only way,’ says Henry.

Don’t miss the final part of Vampire & Single next week. 


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