Interviewing Your Fictional Character – The Hidden Benefits #MondayBlogs #ASMSG

I am a big fan of giving fictional characters the limelight. As a writer we have to accept we are simply the host. Once our fictional beings have been created by us they need to be released and allowed to take centre stage.

On a serious note, as writers, we have to be constantly looking for new ways to engage our readers and followers on social media. Yes – interviewing fictional characters might sound like you have lost your marbles but creative success today is all about doing something different and standing out from the crowd.

Interviewing your fictional character on a blog post or website has a number of hidden benefits:

  1. It is a great way of introducing your fictional character to the online world.
  2. Interviews with fictional characters will help refresh the minds of your readers, especially if you are in the middle of a series.
  3. The interview also gives you a chance to get to know your character better. I love character interviews as I always come away with a new angle to my character’s personality.
  4. Attention seeking fictional characters will love you for giving them a platform to shine on.
  5. Interviews can be interesting to read. They allow you to get into character and also give your readers a chance to perhaps pose questions they wouldn’t normally get the chance to ask.
  6. Through clever interview questioning you can bring out the key points you want your readers to take away.
  7. Bringing your characters to life through an interview is the first step to giving them their own social media profiles. *Sigh*

On Thursday my fictional character Roxy Collins returns to my blog for her second comedy series.


The first series was all about her dating highs and lows. It can be found here but you don’t need to have read it for Series 2.

All you need to know is heroine Roxy Collins is now in a serious relationship with Marcus, the man of her dreams. After a series of failed relationships with the fathers of her children; Jon (Matilda’s Dad) and Rob (Harry & Toby’s Dad) and a broken heart from the first series, Roxy has finally found her Prince Charming.

Marcus ticks a number of relationship boxes and Roxy is amazed he’s chosen her. Can she make it work?

I thought it would be fun to get Roxy Collins on my blog and interview her about this latest romantic adventure and have a catch up on what’s been happening in her life.

So, please welcome Roxy Collins! Hey Roxy – how are you doing?

Hi there! Its great to be back on BlondeWriteMore.

How’s life been treating you?

Yea ok. Shaz, my bestie, has had her baby, Matilda has started cheerleading and Marcus and I have found love.

Wow big changes! Tell me about Shaz and her new baby?

He’s called Spike. Shaz named him after the bloke she’s currently seeing.

Hang on – what about the baby’s father, the postman – didn’t he have a say in the name?

The postman is sadly not interested in the baby.

Spike used to date Shaz in high school. They met up again after she had given birth.

She calls the baby ‘Little Spike’ and her new man ‘Big Spike.’

Was Shaz still online dating up until she went into labour?

LOL! No. A friend of ours, Useful Kim, met Big Spike on a dating site. During their first date Useful Kim found out Big Spike knew Shaz from school. She messaged Shaz from her first date and sent her a selfie of Big Spike.

He decided to wanted to be with Shaz and turned up at the hospital after she’d given birth. Shaz was pleased to see him, but was keen to know what had happened on his first date with Useful Kim. Spike told her they’d not done much together (according to Shaz they didn’t take their clothes off) so he was good to go. The rest is history…well since last week. 

Useful Kim – does she live up to her name?

We always turn to Useful Kim in a crisis as she can get her hands on most stuff. She has her own fancy dress shop and does a bit of dodgy trading on the side. The trouble is things rarely work out when Useful Kim is involved.

Do you remember in series 1 when Shaz and I needed to go on a hen do as mermaids and we turned to Useful Kim? Her fancy dress outfits were so bad we didn’t look like aquatic beauties, we looked like a pair of old trouts.

Oh I see…anyway moving on quickly, great to see you in a serious relationship – tell us about Marcus?

*Swoons* OMG he’s so fit. He was my senior manager at work. We snogged over a photocopier at a Christmas party and spent about a year avoiding each other. As Shaz was going into labour we got together. He confessed his feelings for me as we pushed Shaz into the maternity suite.

Wow – is it love?

We’ve only been dating for a week but I am already in love. He’s from the posh side of town, drives a nice car, is solvent, doesn’t mind my kids and claims he’s happy with the wobbly bits on my hips and thighs. He’s not seen my wobbly bits in the flesh yet though so I am only going by his word. Some men change their mind when they see how big your wobby bits are.

I am worried he will find someone better than me on the posh side of town.

How is Matilda doing?

My eldest daughter, Matilda has a new hobby. She’s a cheerleader in her spare time. After her exams she wants to be a cheerleader full-time.

Brilliant – she must be really good at it? 

I have not actually seen her doing any cheerleading but she’s going to all the training sessions. It’s funny because I can never remember her being able to do a cart-wheel as a child. My goodness – those cheerleading girls practice an awful lot! Matilda is very tired when she comes home…after midnight…most nights.

Any boyfriends on the scene for Matilda then?

Matilda is seeing a guy called Matt but she’s so busy with her cheerleading I don’t how she has time to see him. I am just glad all her requests to stay over at his house have stopped. At what one point she went on so much about having sleepovers at his house I nearly went insane. She kept telling me teenage relationships nowadays are not based around sex and are more about friendship. I swear Matilda thinks I was brought down in the last rain shower. Then she found cheerleading.

How’s work?

*Rolls her eyes* My boss Martin is a nightmare. This week he’s started dating, after his mother told him a man of forty-nine, who still lives at home and is the newly appointed Badminton captain for his local sports centre team should get a wife. Martin does what ‘Mummy’ says.

I have had to sit and listen to him putting potential dates through a telephone interview.

A telephone interview?

*Shakes head*  He says dating is just like recruiting new members of staff. All his women are going to be put through a competency based interview once they show interest in him online.

So what can we expect from the new series on BlondeWriteMore?

The usual Roxy Collins madness and some new characters; Useful Kim, Orange Lorna, Big Spike and Little Spike.

There will also be the usual crew; me, Shaz, Brian my landlord, Harry, Toby (my sons), Matilda, my wild cousin Mags and Great Aunt Vera.

Who the hell is Orange Lorna?

*Rolls eyes* She’s a friend of Useful Kim’s and has recently come into our friendship circle. Orange Lorna has an obsession with fake tan. I thought my attempt at fake bakes were bad and then I met Orange Lorna.

How is Great Aunt Vera?

*Concerned look* I am not going to give too much away but we are worried about Great Aunt Vera.

Oh no – is she close to popping her clogs?

LOL no! She has a toxic friend called Ailsa at her nursing home. At ninety you don’t need a toxic friendship with someone who is using you for your tin of shortbread biscuits and the secret bottle of sherry you have stashed behind your chair in the dayroom.

We do worry because Great Aunt Vera does like to get revenge on people who annoy her and there have been some unexplained deaths at her nursing home.

I take it your ex-boyfriend Dan is no longer on the scene. 

*Hangs head*  He broke my heart so many times in the last series I struggle to say his name.

When is the series starting and can you give us a first part teaser?

Thursday is when the fun returns to BlondeWriteMore

The first part has a really classy title. It is called ‘Wobbly bits & Tattoos.’

Thank you Roxy for this fab interview. I am sure the readers of BlondeWriteMore will struggle to contain their excitement for the start of this new series. 

Roxy waves and goes back to sipping Prosecco through a straw.

Have a great day all!

Don’t miss Thursday’s blog post!

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Lucy Mitchell lives in South Wales with her husband, her two teenage daughters, a giant labrador and a gang of unruly cats. Lucy is the author of the award winning blog, BlondeWriteMore and was a Featured Romance Author on Wattpad. When she’s not working or writing, Lucy can be found listening to audiobooks in a muddy field with her dog or sat outside her local pub in the sunshine enjoying a glass of wine. Her debut novel Instructions Falling In Love Again is OUT now and already pulling in some fabulous reviews ❤️

20 thoughts on “Interviewing Your Fictional Character – The Hidden Benefits #MondayBlogs #ASMSG

  1. As i promised, I did not miss it!
    It amazes me see how you took this interview, I mean, you’re asking yourself questions and answering them too! It was great and fun! A sure way to know our character more! 🙂
    Have a great day!

  2. I confess to not having read all of Series one… so before Thursday, that will be one of my tasks! I know you said it’s not necessary, but I just have to!
    Meeting Roxy made me feel I just have to know all the back story too!

  3. Hi, Lucy – LOVED your Roxy interview! And I agree with every word you said — character interviews are a terrific and fun way to both get your readers and potential readers into your characters and stories, and a great way for a writer to get to know their characters a little more intimately. I just went through one with Craig Boyack on his Cool Hand Boyack writing and book blog. His main character, Lisa Burton, a female android with an interesting attitude, interview my “Adventures in La-La Land” main character, Fish Fishbein, Malibu’s Harley-riding, tatted up, Repo Man and Bounty Hunter to the Stars. He had a ball; she had a terrific time; and readers laughed their socks off. Here’s the link:
    Thanks for a fabulous interview, and I hope you, Roxy, and her buds have many more happy, wacky times together.

  4. I have done character interviews too and loved them. This is a great interview and I’m looking forward to Roxy part two, I followed her story since the beginning. x

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