New Diary of Roxy Collins Part 14 The Audition Party #ASMSG #Romance

Welcome to the New Diary of Roxy CollinsThe Serious Relationship Series.

Every Thursday you can read Roxy’s latest diary entry.

They record the emotional highs and lows of her new serious relationship with Marcus, the man of her dreams. He lives on the posh side of town, drives a flash car and doesn’t mind her wild kids or the wobbly bits on her hips and thighs. Has Roxy finally found true love?

How will their new relationship survive when Roxy enters the TV talent show ‘Search For a Star?

All previous episodes are stored here.

Last week Roxy enjoyed a mad night out with her cousin Mags and after a few drinks ended up going round to Marcus’s house. She had decided to give their relationship another try. When she got there he was climbing out of a taxi with another woman. Gasp.


5.45 P.M.

The ‘Search For a Star’ auditions are being televised tonight, ahead of the live shows, which start in a few weeks.

This will be the first airing of my ‘accidental’ kiss with attractive, multi millionaire, music mogul, Hugo Rocco.

As you can imagine I am really nervous about the public reaction to my audition, so I have decided to watch it alone. There are some things in life you need to do by yourself and this is one of them.

Matilda has gone to her friend Lou’s for a girlie night, Harry is at a football sleepover party and Toby is staying the night at his school friend’s house.

Yesterday at work I tried to put a lid on the office excitement over my TV appearance. I asked everyone if they could refrain from discussing it with me at the desks, as I needed to concentrate on work. Martin’s eyebrows arched in surprise. “You never concentrate on work, why do I sense trouble, Roxy Collins?”

Bev, who sits next to me, winked and then went on the company’s instant messaging system to send out a message to all employees including executives, announcing she was having sleepless nights about seeing my ‘kiss’ with Hugo Rocco. A few guys from the IT helpdesk replied to her message saying they were also suffering from #Roxyinsomnia, Martin replied saying he hoped I wouldn’t embarrass myself and the Managing Director replied saying she had already set a reminder on her phone for Saturday evening as she would be on a hen do and didn’t want to miss it.

I have set up camp on my sofa, ready for the start of the show at 8 P.M.

In difficult life situations I like to wear my adult pink rabbit onesie, complete with two large pink floppy ears, a white rabbit tail and a furry chest. I combine this with sipping Prosecco, through a silver twirly straw.

Nothing bothers me when I am dressed as a pink and white Prosecco drinking rabbit. My onesie has helped me through messy relationship break ups, dates who don’t show up, bad days at work and ex partners who let me down at the last-minute.

I like to think that wearing my rabbit onesie will make watching my performance followed by my fall onto Hugo Rocco’s lap easier to watch. I am also praying it will take away the ache in my chest for Marcus.

5.55 P.M.

A knock at my door makes me groan. Going to answer it dressed as a giant rabbit fills me with fear. Hopefully it will just be a charity fundraiser who doesn’t know me.

5.56 P.M.

“Surprise!” shout the family. In front of my eyes I can see my mother, my father, Uncle Bob, Cousin  Mags, Vince and Great Aunt Vera.

“Good grief, Roxy!” screeches Great Aunt Vera, “what do you look like?”

Cousin Mags chuckles. “She’s a large pink rabbit.”

My mother gives my arm a squeeze. “We’re here to see your big singing break.”

I feel my cheeks heat up with embarrassment. It’s not my singing the family will be talking about afterwards.

Uncle Bob wheels in Great Aunt Vera and the rest of the family follow.

6.30 P.M.

“Can we move you, Mum?” asks Uncle Bob, grabbing hold of Great Aunt Vera’s wheelchair. “You are blocking the television.”

“Don’t you dare move me!” snaps Great Aunt Vera. “I need a good view of Roxy’s competition.”

“But I can’t see,” moans my mother.

I place my large pink rabbit head in my rabbit paws and pray for a miracle. Watching my audition, surrounded by my entire family, all commenting on my embarrassing kiss will be hell.

A loud knock at the front door distracts everyone.

“Who is that?” cries Great Aunt Vera. “Roxy, get the door.”

I open the door.

“Surprise!” shout my friends; Shaz, Useful Kim and Orange Lorna.

Shaz takes one look at me in my pink rabbit outfit and shakes her head with disapproval. “Roxy, get that off! You are going to be a pop star in a few weeks. Celebrities do not go around dressed as giant pink rabbits.”

“This was supposed to be a private viewing,” I mumble, as they all troop past me.

Useful Kim is stood frozen to the spot in my living room. Her eyes fixed on Uncle Bob.

Great Aunt Vera waggles a walking stick. “What’s the matter with your big friend, Roxy?”

I glance at Useful Kim and then at Uncle Bob, who is stood open-mouthed and staring at Useful Kim.

“Dad,” says Cousin Mags, “What’s with you and the one with the dodgy perm?”

Uncle Bob refuses to move.

“Bob, please tell me what is going on?” shouts Great Aunt Vera, glaring at her son.

A grin spreads across Orange Lorna’s heavily bronzed face. “OMG, its Texan Bob, Kim. Remember you got off with him at the Western Evening down the club last week?”

Great Aunt Vera lets out a piercing scream.

“Dad, is she telling the truth?” asks Mags, shaking her father’s arm. “Are you really Texan Bob?”

Words fail Uncle Bob. His mouth opens and closes but nothing comes out.

“Bob,” cries Great Aunt Vera. “Do you dress up as a cowboy and pull strange women in your spare time? The family has a right to know.”

“And she’s been inside,” chuckles Orange Lorna.

Great Aunt Vera erupts into a coughing fit.

Vince slaps Uncle Bob on the shoulder. “Nice one, Bob.”

Useful Kim shifts her great weight from cowboy boot to cowboy boot. “How are you doing, Texan Bob?”

We all turn to stare at Uncle Bob.

7.45 P.M.

“Roxy, I need more gin,” croaks Great Aunt Vera. “Get me my gravy boat. Hearing my sixty year old son dresses up in a cowboy suit and kisses ex-convict women at night has done terrible things to my nerves.”

Shaz loops her arm through mine as we head out to the kitchen. “I can’t believe Useful Kim got off with your Uncle Bob.”

I roll my eyes. “Shocking behaviour. Can you imagine him dressing up as a cowboy and frequenting bars, calling himself, Texan Bob?”

“I heard Useful Kim whisper to Orange Lorna he wanted to take her back to his ranch,” says Shaz, pouring gin into Great Aunt Vera’s china gravy boat.

“Do you mean his bungalow in Slough?” I can’t help but smile.

“I also heard he wanted to show her his pistol.”

8.23 P.M.

We are all engrossed with the ‘Search For a Star,’ TV show, apart from Useful Kim and Uncle Bob who have gone for a private word in my kitchen.

Great Aunt Vera is shaking a walking stick at the TV screen. “You want to watch her, Roxy,” she cries, as an attractive Asian woman finishes her power ballad.

I watch the judges give the woman called Ritu a standing ovation.

Shaz leans into me. “Ritu killed that Whitney Houston number. You have a fight on your hands with her. She could win this, singing like that!”

8.35 P.M.

“I thought I sang really well,” remarks Orange Lorna, as we watch our group performance.

Shaz rolls her eyes. “You were flat the whole way through.”

Orange Lorna exhales loudly. “I don’t think so, Sharon!”

Great Aunt Vera leans towards the TV screen. “Well, look at that! Hugo Rocco is gawping at our Roxy.”

My mother nods. “He’s mesmerised by you. Dad used to be like that about me once.”

Everyone turns to look at my father who returns to watching the newspaper.

I watch Hugo Rocco stare at me singing and wonder whether Marcus is sat at home watching this.

8.45 P.M.

The room goes silent as the camera follows me into the audition room. A TV presenter is jabbering away about how I have decided to come back for my audition on my own.

I grip the sofa as the music starts to play.

This is going to be cringeworthy. I can’t watch. Shaz hands me a cushion to hide behind.

“Don’t you dare walk away from me, Texan Bob!” screams Useful Kim.

Everyone turns round to see Uncle Bob march out of the kitchen.

“TEXAN BOB!” cries Useful Kim. “You told me a cowboy always comes back for his favourite cowgirl.”

“Its over,” he snaps. “This cowboy needs to get back on his horse.”

My father mutters something about Uncle Bob’s horse being an old Honda Civic.

Useful Kim starts to sob loudly. Her crying drowns out my audition.

“My son is not a real cowboy,” screeches Great Aunt Vera. “He’s a retired second hand car dealer from Slough.”

“To me he’s Texan Bob,” wails Useful Kim.

8.48 P.M. 

By the time the family turn away from watching Uncle Bob and Useful Kim argue about their one night stand, my TV kissing moment has gone.

The only person who did see it was Vince, Mags’s fiancé.

As I hand him a cold beer, he grins at me but doesn’t say anything. For the record I have always liked Vince.

9.45 P.M.

The managing director has text me from her hen party. It reads, ‘Good singing. You might need to invest in some new shoes for the live shows.’

Martin has text me. It reads. ‘Did you have to get carried away in a singing audition on national TV, Roxy?’

Bev has text me. It reads. ‘Can’t believe you snogged the face off a TV judge!’

10.34 P.M.

As I take off my giant pink rabbit outfit the only person I can think about is Marcus.

What must he be thinking after seeing tonight’s show?

There will be more from Roxy next week.

Last week I asked whether any of my readers wanted to be written into The Diary of Roxy Collins. My friend, Ritu, from the award winning blog, ‘But I smile Anyway,’ requested a part. Hope you like your character, Ritu! 

If you would like a part in Roxy, let me know. 




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Lucy Mitchell lives in South Wales with her husband, her two teenage daughters, a giant labrador and a gang of unruly cats. Lucy is the author of the award winning blog, BlondeWriteMore and was a Featured Romance Author on Wattpad. When she’s not working or writing, Lucy can be found listening to audiobooks in a muddy field with her dog or sat outside her local pub in the sunshine enjoying a glass of wine. Her debut novel Instructions For Falling In Love Again is out in June 2019.

14 thoughts on “New Diary of Roxy Collins Part 14 The Audition Party #ASMSG #Romance

  1. Oooh! Ritu has been featured!! And Whitney Houston too!

    Poor Roxy, having her moment of quiet comtemplation ruined by everyone!
    Roxy – You know Marcus will have watched… and he will want you all the more!

  2. Oh dear, oh dear Roxy. If one is to dress in a pink rabbit onesie then perchance steps need taking such as lock door, lights off, curtains drawn and let the flicker of TV illuminate the room in the pretence of being out elsewhere and deter potential intruders.

    I would suggest your familial bunch should perhaps be omnipresent in your mind too. Defence against familial onslaught saving throws and all that. Not only that, but pre-supposing the door rapping would not be them was utter folly; surely Mystic Clive would have predicted such and suggested pre-emptive advice upon such matters.

    And Texan Bob! I can but shake my head and suggest going back for more advice in the pub. Although family discord made them, at least, miss the action with the yacht owning mogul. Although, I suspect Great Aunt Vera will have catered for this and have it live streaming all over social media from a control centre back in Vera’s Ville.

    I also have a question; bad things tend to follow your renditions of Whitney Houston yes? One would like to see the outtakes of this Asian woman, Ritu. It might be there are more shenanigans in the back room that did not make actual airplay footage. Far be it for me to suggest Ms Houston has, perhaps, negated copyright and performance rights by imposing some curse upon the very songs that people use. #getoutofjailcard.

    Speaking of Marcus; I have it in good faith that the footage was watched with his rather dishy sister who was trying to console him over said Tycoon’s unprofessional advances upon a contender in the show. I rather feel winner beware as the press might dig into judicial bias and viewer complaints of “Fixed.”

    I fear for Marcus’ sanity now. Although… a pink rabbit onesie he was not dressed in. The sister left around 10 leaving Marcus in a pool of misery and heartache. Sleeping under the influence of an impending hangover…. just saying…. you should sort this out post haste 😉

    1. Oh Gary! #worththewait Your comments always cheer up both Roxy and I. Sigh! I am planning for your character to make a reappearance so please don’t get disheartened. The fans are chanting for ‘sensible Gary!’

      1. I feel rather “in tune” with this saga! There is something so synchronous that I get very involved and can almost see the characters working against each other. I must apologise for seeming to take them over in comments. Think of it as an accolade to your writing that empowers me to get into the spirit. Do you write this in the weekly bath too?

      2. I can empathise with what to do on those that decreases boredom! Although in your case “Carry on Comuting.” Could be a film with that name 🤔

  3. All I want is a pink rabbit onesi! !! Not to mention a sip of Prosecco while I read next hilarious episode!!!!!

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