New Roxy Collins: How To Tell Your Boyfriend & His Mother You’re Pregnant #ASMSG #RomCom

Welcome to the New Diary of Roxy CollinsThe Serious Relationship Series.

Every Thursday you can read Roxy’s latest diary entry.

What has happened so far?

Roxy, a thirty something, single mother of three children has entered a TV talent show called ‘Search For a Star.’ She never wanted to take part in the first audition but was persuaded to by her friends, who, at the time wanted to form a pop band.

At the auditions Roxy’s voice impressed the judges and due to an accident, involving her stiletto heel, she ended up sailing through the air and landing in the lap of handsome Hugo Rocco, one of the celebrity judges. He took an instant shine to her and somehow Roxy found herself, singing solo and  through to the live TV shows.

During this series Roxy has been madly in love with Marcus, her old senior manager from work, who she had spent all of Series One, pursuing. Her and Marcus had finally got together at the start of this series and were enjoying a serious relationship.

A few weeks into this ‘serious relationship,’ cracks started to appear. Roxy got drunk and mistakenly got the wrong name tattooed onto her shoulder. It should have said ‘Marcus,’ but there was a mix up and she got the name of her line manager, ‘Martin’ tattooed instead.

This incident was followed by a number of communication mix ups, a lot of chaos, a handful of incidents, where Roxy got carried away with her emotions and after seeing Roxy accidentally fall into the arms of a handsome, multi millionaire celebrity TV judge, Marcus decided to end their relationship. This left Roxy feeling devastated.

What happened last week?

Last week, life got tricky for Roxy in the run up to her first live TV show. Brian, her emotional rock and long-suffering landlord broke the news to her about needing to sell his house, so Roxy and the kids are soon going to be homeless. Roxy’s ex-partner, Jon, turned up after splitting from his butcher boyfriend, Paul and a pregnancy scare left Roxy, tottering onto the TV stage for the live singing show in need of a miracle.


11.09 A.M.

“Roxy, what’s the test saying?” Shaz raps on the supermarket toilet door. “Come on the suspense is killing me.”

Someone enters the ladies toilet at the same time as two bold lines appear in the little test window.

“Aghhhhh!” My scream is so loud the shoppers in the frozen food aisle will be able to hear it. I don’t think I will ever set foot in my laundry cupboard again after this.

“Is she alright in there?” A woman asks Shaz, outside my toilet cubicle door.

“She’s done a pregnancy test,” explains Shaz.

I can hear the woman exhale loudly. “It took me awhile to conceive. I know how frustrating it can be.”

“I don’t think Roxy’s got issues with conceiving. This will be her fourth.”

The woman gasps as I yank open the toilet door.

“Are you okay, Roxy?” Shaz places a reassuring hand on my shoulder.

I shake my head. “How do I explain this to Marcus?”

The woman with neat short brown hair and lavender eye shadow smiles. “He’ll be thrilled. Have you been trying for long?”

I place my face in my hands. “We did it once in the laundry cupboard without using protection.”

“They’re not together anymore,” explains Shaz. “Marcus and Roxy. He finished it a few weeks ago.”

“Oh,” says the woman, casting me a look of concern. “Maybe this will bring you back together? Babies can do that, sometimes. Hang on a minute – where have I seen you before?” She scratches her head.

Shaz places her arm around my shoulders. “Was it the Search For a Star TV show last night?”

The woman’s pink mouth falls open and her eyes widen. “Oh my goodness, yes. You sang Bonnie Tyler didn’t you?”

I nod.

“That judge, Hugo Rocco, was a bit harsh, I didn’t agree with his comments about your voice,” says the woman, frowning at me.

Shaz squeezes my shoulder. “That’s because Roxy and Hugo have history.”

The woman gasps.

“Roxy kissed him, he started hassling her on social media and she turned him down.”

“Noooooooo!” exclaims the woman, looking at Shaz and then at me. “You turned down Hugo Rocco?”

Shaz nods. “She did it for Marcus.”

The woman stares in shock at me. “And Marcus dumped you after that?”

Shaz quickly adds, “apparently he couldn’t handle the chaos in Roxy’s life.

With a shaking head the woman says, “some men need to realise that behind every good woman is a little bit of chaos.”

Both Shaz and I nod in agreement.

“Good luck with telling Marcus about the baby,” says the woman. “Do you want to get back together with him?”

“I love him,” I say, softly, as a swarm of butterflies enter my chest.

Shaz leans her head on my shoulder.

I carry on. “Yes, my life is chaotic but its always been like that. I just want Marcus to accept that when he is in a relationship with me, the chaos is an added extra.”

The woman smiles. “Once a man accepts the chaos in a woman’s life, things usually work out.”

I take a deep breath. “I think you might be right. Look I have to get back to the TV studios.”

“Best of luck with the public vote,” says the woman. “I did vote last night but now I know about your situation I will get on Facebook Messenger and tell my friends to vote for you.”

“Thank you,” I gush, giving her a hug.

As Shaz and I leave the toilets the woman calls out to me. “By the way you are an amazing singer, Roxy.”

2.45 P.M.

I am staggering out of the TV studios toilets after heaving up my guts.

Whoever named it ‘morning sickness’ obviously had not experienced one of my pregnancies.

“Roxy,” says a flustered studio assistant, wiping a layer of sweat from her brow. “There’s someone here to see you. Follow me.”

I am led to a small room. Marcus is stood by the window. He turns as we come in.

The studio assistant hurries away leaving us alone.

“Oh Roxy, you look so ill!” exclaims Marcus, rushing towards me.

This would be the perfect time to tell him but I can’t get the words, I’m pregnant and it’s yours, Marcus, out of my mouth.

My lips are moving but no sound is being made. I want to tell him, but something is stopping me.

“Just a bit of flu,” I mumble.

He takes my hand in his. “Roxy, I can’t stop thinking about you and when I saw you on TV last night I fell in love with you all over again.”

I gasp. “Really.” My heart has set off at a gallop.

Marcus nods and strokes my face. “I want us to get back together, but you must be promise me one thing, no more secrets?”

Now would be a great time to tell him. Once again my lips are moving and in my head I am saying, I’m pregnant and it’s yours, Marcus, but only a squeak is coming out. This is frustrating.

He pulls me into an embrace. “I think we should take things slowly, get to know each other properly and not rush into anything too serious.”

I wonder how he’d react to seven months of us getting to know each other properly, before our child is born.

The studio assistant pokes her head round the door. “Roxy, time for the results show final rehearsal.”

Marcus places a delicate kiss on my head. “I will be in the TV audience tonight, I managed to get a ticket for my mother and I.”

I gasp. “Your mother?”

He strokes my hair. “She wants to meet the woman who has stolen her son’s heart. Gloria has been telling her all about you from the park meeting.”

I cast him a worried glance. “I hope she didn’t tell your mother I crawled out of a bush with two gay men and two of my female friends?”

Marcus grimaces. “Gloria thought it was funny.”

“Has Gloria told her anything else?” I always adopt a ‘little info as possible’ strategy with future mother in-laws.

Marcus shifts his weight from foot to foot. “Gloria told her you had three kids, two ex-partners and you live on the large housing estate.”

“Oh,” I mutter.

“And the bit about you coming onto me at a staff party.”

Mental note: will need to do some damage limitation work with his mother.

3.09 P.M.

I can’t believe I am hiding yet another secret from Marcus. The urge to tell him about the baby was there but I couldn’t for the life of me get the words out.

7.12 P.M. 

“Who is the handsome man in the audience waving at you?” whispers fellow contestant, Ritu. We are stood waiting to be called onto the stage.

“It’s Marcus,” I whisper back. “My boyfriend.” A warm feeling shoots up my spine.

“Who is the stern looking woman with him?” asks Ritu.

I take a deep breath. “That’s his mother.” Marcus’s mother is sat bolt upright in her chair, her long face is pale and taut whilst her dark and beady eyes are surveying the studio.

“She looks well scary.” Ritu shakes her head.

In a way I am glad I didn’t tell Marcus today. Maybe I should get to know his mother first before I break the news?

8.45 P.M.

“And the next person through to the next round of Search For a Star is….”

I am on stage trembling with fear. Other contestants are worried about whether they will get through to next week but I have another pressing issue. Marcus’s mother is glaring at me from the audience. Her dark eyes are drilling into my soul.

I quickly avert my attention to Marcus. He gives me a little wave.

Must stop thinking about carrying his child.

I’m pregnant and it’s yours, Marcus.

Must stop thinking about having unprotected sex with him in a laundry cupboard and bringing my child total up to four.

I’m pregnant and it’s yours, Marcus. 

“ROXY COLLINS!” screams the TV presenter.

“What?” I gasp, staring in surprise.

All TV cameras point in my direction. Millions of people up and down the country are now looking at me.

The tanned TV presenter comes racing over and thrusts a microphone into my face. “How do you feel, Roxy, about being one step closer to winning Search For a Star?”

Everything goes silent as my brain processes what he has just said.

I am through to the next round on this huge TV show.

OMG – people must have actually voted for me.

He wiggles the microphone as the clapping in the audience dies down.

Silence descends upon the studio. Everyone is waiting for me to thank all voters, to gush about how excited I am to be through to the next round and to give a hint at what I am singing next week.

My heart thumps against my ribcage.

His mother is still glaring at me.

The presenter urges me to say something.

To my surprise the words I have been struggling to say all day come tumbling out, loud and clear. “I’m pregnant and it’s yours, Marcus.”

There will be more from Roxy next week.

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Lucy Mitchell lives in South Wales with her husband, her two teenage daughters, a giant labrador and a gang of unruly cats. Lucy is the author of the award winning blog, BlondeWriteMore and was a Featured Romance Author on Wattpad. When she’s not working or writing, Lucy can be found listening to audiobooks in a muddy field with her dog or sat outside her local pub in the sunshine enjoying a glass of wine. Her debut novel Instructions For Falling In Love Again is out in June 2019.

14 thoughts on “New Roxy Collins: How To Tell Your Boyfriend & His Mother You’re Pregnant #ASMSG #RomCom

  1. Oh Roxy!
    Well that’s one way to make sure you have no secrets… blurt it out in front of millions!
    Hope Ritu is with you on the next round to continue to give important nuggets of advice and observations:
    “She’s well scary!” 🤣

  2. Well, life is hectic and I have voices suggesting a month of writing draws near…which is a grim excuse for keeping this post notification for over a week….although much hanging of head in hands and despairing has been going on. Trouble follows you Roxy and I matpy suggest a mindfulness course to draw breath and pause before twists and turns lead to more outcries to the nation.

    Good fortune seems to be with you though…granted a positive pee test might not be the right outcome for one about to face eviction, freedom reigned back once again and single mum of loads does not bode well…timing wise.

    Now, drag back the most recent drunken antics…we are absolutely certain laundry was only done the once? No unmentioned shenanigans tha might cast doubt upon lineage later on? One has to ask as this could have catastrophic repercussions with the glaring mother. Not only will she possbly decree entrapment, but such a faux pas of memory loss and more “washing” would render Hell freezing over and icy stares at each waking moment. What this might to do my good friend Marcus is….well, best not go there.

    As for tumbling the words out on an open mike slot….I must refer you to the mindfulness course above. Chaos is good, but such announcements might render the future brief….refer to Icy Stare woman. She looks the protective type.

    I am of the opinion, Marcus is the Honourable type too….so onwards to this weeks episode…with, one might add, some trepidation!

      1. I have just been over there and voice my opinion of (c)rap. MC is a great character though so yes. It’s quite tricky rooting for both Roxy and Marcus at the same time lol

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