8 Peculiar Things About Blogging I Will Never Understand #Blogger #Blogging

I have been blogging for about three years and one of the reasons why I am still doing it is because for me, every blogging day is different. I never know which posts are going to do well and which ones are going to tank. I can’t predict who will read my posts because different blog readers pop up all the time and the comments I get on my posts are always varied.

There are also some strange things about blogging which I still don’t understand.

  1. The blog post you spend the least amount of time on will always perform the best. Why does this happen? You can spend hours crafting an amazing post and then more hours marvelling it. As you press publish you find yourself getting emotional as it looks like a work of blogging art. To your dismay it generates a pathetic response from readers and leaves you spending the rest of the day contemplating quitting blogging. The next day you whip up a quick post on the train, post it as you get off and by the time you reach the ticket barriers your readers are going crazy. I still don’t understand why this happens.
  2. Blog posts about weird subjects always do well. One of my best posts is ‘What You Should Consider When Dating Mythological Creatures.’ Why do weird subjects do better? Maybe I am wrong and there are genuinely a lot of people interested in the pros and cons of dating a centaur? 
  3. You can make one tiny change to an old blog post (simply swapping the image or adding a new word to the title) and it will suddenly come alive with views. This one boggles my mind. One teeny weeny change and your post wakes up. 
  4. Your blog stats always seem to mirror your life. Whenever life is going well your blog stats will do well and whenever life is giving you a rough ride you can guarantee your blog stats will nose dive too.
  5. I can never find the ‘follow’ button on other blogs which are so good they make me bounce up and down in my chair with excitement. Blog hysteria gets the better of me and I start playing a frustrating game of ‘find the blog follow button’ and for the life of me I can’t see it.
  6. It is the law of blogging which says there will always be one link which never works.
  7. You can check your blog a hundred times for typos and there will always be one which will evade capture. You will notice it once your post has gone live.
  8. A single positive comment from a blog reader can turn around the darkest of days.

If you have anymore peculiar things about blogging which you feel I could add to my list, leave me a comment below. I will update my post and link to you as a way of thanks.

Take care out there bloggers!

Have a great day.

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Lucy Mitchell lives in South Wales with her husband, her two teenage daughters, a giant labrador and a gang of unruly cats. Lucy is the author of the award winning blog, BlondeWriteMore and was a Featured Romance Author on Wattpad. When she’s not working or writing, Lucy can be found listening to audiobooks in a muddy field with her dog or sat outside her local pub in the sunshine enjoying a glass of wine. Her debut novel Instructions Falling In Love Again is OUT now and already pulling in some fabulous reviews ❤️

76 thoughts on “8 Peculiar Things About Blogging I Will Never Understand #Blogger #Blogging

  1. I agree. I definitely do better with things I speak into my phone and edit crazy words that auto correct adds and send it to a word doc where I find a host of new places that need editing before adding my pics or videos and hitting publish now. As you said, there will always be a boohoo. I’ll
    Never understand how those booboos Hope into my writing. I think they might have something to do with the sock disappearance in the dryer issue.

  2. Haha “finding the follow button”! This always happens and it feels like a greater adventure than Indiana Jones. The damn button always pops up everywhere else but not when I need it!

  3. You could write pretty much any old thing but if you put ‘blogging’ in the title, people will view it. Not suggesting what you’ve written is ‘any old thing’ btw but it attracted my attention didn’t it?

  4. Perversely, you can spend loads of time getting a really short comment perfect.
    I haven’t ever done it, someone told me.

  5. I have a theory about the ‘follow’ button. Maybe if you don’t have one, you are immediately more appealing, more confident… clearly doing well enough not to need any more followers?

  6. I hardly follow any blogs because if you do, the morning look at the email inbox can be frightening, and you end up deleting them all without even opening them. I prefer to discover odd posts I like on Twitter!

    My most popular posts are always those with writing advice, or the general human interest ones. And the ones announcing one of my new books. Or a good book review. Hell, I don’t know! My all time biggest number of views for one post is currently 12,628, which is a walkthrough for a video game I play sometimes. Clearly, lots of other people do too! Go figure, right?!


  7. I don’t understand blogging at all. I blog about different things but I still don’t really know what I’m doing.Lol. I liked your blog post & can identify with nearly all of it.

  8. This was great. You got it all right! I’ve been blogging a bit longer than you have, started in 2002, so I don’t get upset when there are no comments. What I’ve learned is I’d do it anyway.

  9. Loved this! Especially the part about the length of time a post is written and the number of hits it gets. Makes no sense, but it’s true! Two hours to compose? One like. A quick, random post about something weird…and the blog is blowing up. LOL My most read post is about the “back story” of a local headstone. It reads, “Killed by the Cars.” Found out its history during a cemetery tour. On the one hand, I’m glad I was able to share it, but on the other hand, it was just a fun piece I typed out rather quickly.

  10. All 8 points are ‘RIGHT ON’! On bad days, one questions the wisdom of blogging as a book promo tool! It seems, for me, my ‘flash fiction’ has received the most attention… I’ve learned over the years to stay away from judgemental pieces relating to politics and religion – like the old bromide suggests… Most days, I feel quite good after blogging a post that I feel has some relevance…
    Sorry for the ‘ramble’ – Your post makes good points!

  11. This is great! So true about Number 1! And about “Dating Mythological Creatures!” 🙂

    I believe parr of why Number 1 is so true is because we are not overthinking our post. Our heart is full of words and we just pour them out quickly, we let our heart speak , not our mind.

  12. Good list. I think the blog post that you dash off does well because it’s probably something you’ve been rolling around in your head for a while or something which you have a very solid opinion about, which was why it was so easy to dash off. People pick up on this stuff and are attracted to posts that have strong and definitive POVs. The posts we torture over maybe mean too much to us, we have some uncertainty about or we just pin too much hope on.

    As to adding to the list, I’d say:

    When in doubt throw up a good recipe or a cute picture of your pet.


  13. Thanks for liking my post from yesterday. It seems to be disobeying rule #1 as it was something I wrote a while back with not thought that it might make a good blog post. Then yesterday I dug it out again and thought I’d give it a try. Here’s a thing about it, though, that might explain things – when I first wrote it I called it The Plastic Spire. I didn’t think that would attract many eyes and decided instead to put Spiderman in the title. Tell me, was that what caught your eye?

  14. What about when you think you have written a fantastic post on an ‘original’ topic, then you find someone else has actually written about it too, and much better than you did!

  15. I understand #3 (to a point). Freshening something up, editing it, reworking it, reposting it…yup. I can see that. But one tiny change? Eh…it’s like the planets are in alignment or something. I guess.

    #1 happens to me all the time. All. The. Time. I should just stop trying on any of my posts, really. 😉

    Have a lovely week, blonde writer.

  16. Some interesting observations – blogging is indeed a strange thing sometimes! I get annoyed when there are no like and share buttons, or when someone uses a weird commenting system you have to sign up to before commenting. Maybe I’ll write about my own weird blogging observations at some point!

  17. Lucy, thanks for stopping by and liking my blog post today and leaving a comment. I have to LOL, love what you wrote and I find it to be so true, sometimes the posts I think are so incredible great, do very poorly and then the ones I just whip up in no time become instant hits. Love your post.

  18. This is great and I totally agree! It always seems to be those unsuspecting posts that do the best, I’m still yet to figure out the magic formula myself… Also a mystery for me is why some posts that do better long term, do terribly when they’re posted and vice versa…

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