New Roxy Collins Diary Entry: Surprise Heroine #ASMSG #RomCom #Chicklit

Welcome to the New Diary of Roxy CollinsThe Serious Relationship Series.

Every Thursday you can read Roxy’s latest diary entry.

What has happened so far?

Roxy, a thirty something, single mother of three children, is looking for love and wants to find someone who will accept her crazy life.

She is madly in love with Marcus, after they both realised in Series One how much they liked each other. This was after months of misunderstandings, failed love attempts with other people and an accidental selfie of Roxy, in a string bikini, which she sent to her entire phonebook.

A few weeks into this serious relationship cracks started to appear. Roxy got drunk and mistakenly got the wrong name tattooed onto her shoulder. It should have said ‘Marcus,’ but there was a mix up and she got the name of her line manager, ‘Martin’ tattooed instead.

This incident was followed by a number of communication mix ups, a lot of chaos, a handful of incidents, where Roxy got carried away with her emotions and after seeing Roxy accidentally fall into the arms of a handsome, multi millionaire celebrity TV judge, Marcus decided to end their relationship. This left Roxy devastated.

Roxy discovered she was pregnant with Marcus’s child whilst rehearsing for the live TV singing show ‘Search For a Star.’ She tried to tell Marcus about the baby, and explain about the no protection used in the laundry cupboard incident, when he came to visit her at the TV studios. It would have been a great opportunity to share the good news as he wanted to get back together with her, but Roxy couldn’t get the words out.

After hearing the public had voted her through to the next round of ‘Search For a Star’ Roxy got carried away with her emotions and blurted out on live TV she was having Marcus’s baby.

What happened last week?

Marcus and Roxy got back together and they announced to Matilda, Harry and Toby that there would soon be a fourth child.

Marcus’s mother turned up to inform Marcus she was unhappy about his relationship with Roxy. Things reached boiling point in the kitchen when Marcus’s mother accused Roxy of being a ‘GOLD DIGGER.’ Gasp!


10.48 A.M.

“She’s a gold digger, Marcus!” barks his mother, whilst shaking a diamond ring encrusted finger at me.

I am blinking away hot, stinging tears. How dare she accuse me of getting pregnant with Marcus’s child so that I can get my hands on his money?

When Marcus and I were having a cuddle (which got out of hand) in my laundry cupboard, the size of his bank balance was not on my mind.

What attracted to me to Marcus in the beginning was his sculptured hair, his wide pink lips and his inability to turn a photocopier off whilst under pressure. At no point have I ever thought about his wealth.

How am I going to stop this woman saying all these horrid things about me?

“Stop right there, lady,” orders Matilda, striding purposefully into the kitchen.

She stands between Marcus’s mother and I, folding her arms across her chest and flicking her long brown hair. “I have been listening to your little tirade about my mam and I have heard quite enough.”

Marcus’s mother glares at my teenage daughter.

I put my hand on Matilda’s arm. “Its alright, I can deal with this.”

The last thing this situation needs is my hormonal teenage daughter, who rarely has a good word to say about me. I recall the earlier outburst from Matilda when I told her not to invite her rapper boyfriend round to the house.

Matilda shakes me away. “Mam is what I call a survivor.”

I can feel my jaw dropping at the words which have tumbled out of my daughter’s pink glossy lips.

Marcus’s mother lets out a snort. “A survivor, is that what you call it?”

My shoulders and neck are stiffening. I can’t believe I have fallen in love with a man who has an evil dragon for a mother.

“Please stop this, mother,” orders Marcus, raising his hand.

Matilda steps closer to me, with her eyes fixed on Marcus’s mother. “When Mam’s last partner ran off with a barmaid, leaving her with three young kids, no money and nowhere to live, Mam could have got herself a rich boyfriend. She didn’t. Mam found us somewhere to live, she got herself a job and on the days when she couldn’t afford her bus fare she walked to work. Just by looking at you, lady, I doubt whether you know how far away town is from here.”

Marcus’s mother rolls her dark brown eyes at Matilda. Anger starts to swell inside of me.

I place my trembling hand on Matilda’s shoulder. “Leave it now.”

She shakes my hand away. “I ain’t finished with her yet!”

Matilda links her arm through mine. “Mam has never been on state benefits. She’s never been out of work. Always paid her way. Even when we have had no money Mam never asked for a penny from anyone. Even when there was no money for our tea she never asked for help. You don’t look like someone who has had to stick their hands down the back of the sofa to find enough loose change to buy a tin of beans to feed your kids.”

Marcus’s mother inspects her camel coat and starts to pick fluff from it. “I am sure your mother gets money from the many fathers involved here.”

Matilda throws her head back and laughs. “Well, let me put you straight on a few things, lady. There are only two fathers and you are wrong about both of them. My father stopped giving Mam money months ago and she’s not had money from Rob for over a year.”

Marcus’s mother shakes her head and fishes out a pair of black leather gloves. “Marcus, you have heard what I have to say, this woman is after your money.”

Matilda sweeps a handful of long brown hair away from her flushed face. “Why do you keep saying that when it isn’t true? Mam does not need your son’s money. Like I said, Mam’s a survivor. She gets through life without handouts or charity. I’m so proud to say this woman is my mother.”

I turn and stare at Matilda. After years of battling against teenage sarcasm, hormonal outbursts and a lot of unsavoury boyfriends, I can see a strong and lovely young woman emerging. There is light at the end of this dark tunnel.

Marcus’s mother has stopped pulling on her last glove. Her beady eyes are flitting between Matilda and I.

“That’s right, I am proud of Mam. She hasn’t had it easy; getting pregnant with me at seventeen, listening to my Dad tell her he was gay, bringing me up on my own whilst holding down an office job. Falling for an idiot who ran a tropical fish shop, having his two kids, letting him run up a load of debts and then watching him leave to go shag some barmaid from the local pub. Being told by the idiot from the fish shop that she and the kids had to leave his house so he could move his new girlfriend in and living for three years in this hell hole with no rich boyfriends or handouts.”

I notice Marcus’s mother’s eyes have flicked to the floor and she’s gone quiet. Oh my goodness Matilda has silenced the dragon.

Matilda places her hands on her hips. “And now Mam is following her dreams on this TV show. How inspirational is that? She’s done that all by herself. My Mam ain’t no gold digger! Now, I think you should take your little designer handbag, expensive coat and flash hair style out of here before I say something I really regret.”

“Marcus I….” His mother’s voice tails off.

“I think you better leave, Mother, you’ve said enough.” Marcus pulls me against his broad chest. “I love Roxy.”

“But what about the life you had planned, your career, the overseas business opportunities we discussed a few months ago?”

Marcus shakes his head. “That wasn’t my life. This is my life, here, with Roxy, her kids and my unborn son or daughter.”

His mother casts him a look of dismay.

“Roxy is my future. Now, I think you better leave.”

“Oh and when you want to give Mam and I an apology, you know where to find us,” snaps Matilda.

As the front door slams I turn to Matilda, my voice thick with emotion. “Did you mean all that?”

She throws her long arms around me. “I know I am a little so and so sometimes, I know you moan about me to Aunty Shaz, I know I give you cheek but Mam I think you are amazing!”


Matilda presses her warm face against mine. “Love you, Mam. Can I spend the night with MC Raz at his house?”

11.17 A.M.

Marcus and I are sat at the kitchen table with two cups of tea. His large tanned hand is covering mine.

“I can’t believe Matilda said all that,” I say, shaking my head in disbelief.

“It made me fall in love with you all over again,” Marcus beams. He squeezes my hand and takes a deep breath. “I want you and the kids to come live with me.”

“What?” I gasp. “But you live on the posh side of town..”

Marcus grins. “It’s time the posh side of town got to know Roxy Collins and her kids!”

My head is awash with thoughts and worries. “What about your mother?”

He rubs my hand. “She will be in a mood for a few months. I just want to be with you.”

“What? Living in the posh side of town, in your immaculate designer house with my kids?

Marcus scratches his head. “Life’s certainly going to be interesting and we will all have a lot of adjusting to do, but I think we have reached our limit in terms of craziness.”

I look away.

There will be more from Roxy next week. 

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Lucy Mitchell lives in South Wales with her husband, her two teenage daughters, a giant labrador and a gang of unruly cats. Lucy is the author of the award winning blog, BlondeWriteMore and was a Featured Romance Author on Wattpad. When she’s not working or writing, Lucy can be found listening to audiobooks in a muddy field with her dog or sat outside her local pub in the sunshine enjoying a glass of wine. Her debut novel Instructions For Falling In Love Again is out in June 2019.

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