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One of my favourite board games is The Game of Life’ by HasbroYou spin the wheel and start down the road of life in your little plastic car, taking exams, getting a job, making money, getting married, having babies, acquiring pets, losing money and going on adventures.

The other day, whilst playing ‘The Game of Life’ with one of my children I had the idea of a ‘Game of Life’ board game version for authors.

Nearly everyone nowadays wants to be an author so this unique game would make you feel like an author, without doing the hard bit – writing a book. It could be called ‘The Game of Author Life’. 

In the ‘Game of Life’ your plastic car counter has little holes for your husband, wife, children and pets.

In the ‘Game of Author Life’ you would have little holes for your literary agent and your publisher if you decide to go traditional. If you decide to go self published, you would have little holes for your editor and book cover designer.

You would spin the wheel and start down the road towards publication. *Sigh*

The initial part of the game would be about getting your book written, surviving rejection and trying to get an agent.

I think the book writing section of the board game should be festooned with things like ‘get distracted by Netflix box set go back 5 spaces,’ and ‘your draft novel is so bad you have to pay another player to read it. Pay £10k to a player of choice and go back 10 spaces for writing a load of drivel.’

If you chose the traditional route, you would submit your manuscript to agents and spin the wheel to find out whether it was accepted or rejected. I think if it’s a ‘reject’ you would have to spin the wheel several times to find out how many rejections you receive. Some of us may get stuck on this part of the game and be frantically spinning that bloody wheel for hours! Once your manuscript is accepted by an agent you would get to choose a literary agent pin to stick in your plastic car.

It would then be onto the next part of the game which would be about securing a publishing deal. Again, you would be at the mercy of the spinning wheel for your advance amount and things could go horribly wrong if you don’t get your book deal.

If you chose the self publishing route in the game you would have to secure an editor and a book cover designer. You would be at the mercy of the wheel with regards being able to afford the editor and book cover designer you desire.

You would then progress to the book launch section. This could be interesting. You could spin the wheel to see how many book bloggers like your book pre-launch, how many blog tours you organise and then look to the spinning wheel to see how many people turned up to your launch event. There could be some board game shame for those of us who don’t manage to get more than 2 people to attend our book launch event.

Your success would be based on the number of positive and negative book reviews, sales and book blogger reviews – all at the mercy of the spinning wheel!

In the ‘Game of Life’ there are ‘story cards’ which you pick along the way and find out how your life is going. You can win and lose money with the ‘story cards.‘ For instance ‘congratulations you have won £100 in a newspaper competition.’

In the ‘Game of Author Life‘ you could also have ‘story cards’. You could have things like ‘famous celebrity tweets about your book – receive £20k in increased sales,’ and ‘spend too long on social media and waste valuable writing time, go back 10 spaces.’

Success would be for those authors who reached global fame and managed to get onto the international author part of the board game.

What do you think? Family board games would never be the same again *Sigh*

Have a great day.

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Lucy Mitchell lives in South Wales with her husband, her two teenage daughters, a giant labrador and a gang of unruly cats. Lucy is the author of the award winning blog, BlondeWriteMore and was a Featured Romance Author on Wattpad. When she’s not working or writing, Lucy can be found listening to audiobooks in a muddy field with her dog or sat outside her local pub in the sunshine enjoying a glass of wine. Her debut novel Instructions Falling In Love Again is OUT now and already pulling in some fabulous reviews ❤️

41 thoughts on “If There Was a Board Game About Life as an Author #MondayBlogs #BoardGames #WritersLife

  1. Brilliant. However being stuck spinning the wheel of rejection will probably create so much friction it would set fire to the board and all my dreams would go up in smoke… Now there’s a bloody Metaphor for my author’s life…

    1. Brilliant comment 😂

      I thought your latest book of short stories was fab BTW – as said in my review you have a great character Herbie the vampire which you should do more with

    1. We’re big fans here. I think this particular game could stir up a lot of emotions especially when my husband becomes an international author and I am still frantically spinning the rejection wheel 😂

  2. A brilliant concept that could be patented… you did do that before letting the world know about it … didn’t you. Phones business manager ‘Bugger it’s Bank holiday’ sends email ‘Dear sir I have an idea 📚✒🖊✉💲

  3. Great concept and it sounds like a winner. Not sure how big the market would be though as seems as though it’d be limited to authors. Get JK Rowling to buy a copy and you would be made.

  4. Huh. You should make this. You should have a few people over *raises hand* and open a few bottles of wine *raises glass* and create this game. Seriously. Awesome. (Love your new avi, BTW. Sparkly!) 💖

    1. Can you imagine the hilarity that would arise? A few of us would be frantically spinning the rejection wheel, some of us would still be struggling to write a novel and one jammy soul will become an international author – cue we all chuck wine corks at them!

  5. Daunting 😳 I’m really amazed I ever self published. I’m trying the traditional route this time. Another harrowing experience no doubt. At least I love the writing part which takes up most of my writer’s life!

  6. I love board games – just spent rather too much of this bank holiday weekend playing board games with family. Can I put in an order for this game, please! 🙂

  7. This is a brilliant idea – you should definitely create Author’s life and sell it – we’d all spend hours playing it really competitively, which would be a nice change form writing!

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