Things From Last Week Which Made Me ❤️ Being a Writer #SundayBlogShare #Writer #WritersLife

I loved being a writer last week. It was one of my best weeks as a writer.

Before you get excited there were no spectacular literary achievements or game changing book announcements.

Just a series of random events which led to me toasting my writing life with a glass of cheap, but tasty wine last night.

So, here’s the stuff from last week which made my little writer heart swell:

The third draft of my weird thriller, titled ‘The List of Unspeakable Things,’ FINALLY started to come together. Only taken three full rewrites to get to this stage. Half of it will probably need to be rewritten again, but I feel like I have turned a corner. On a London tube last week (Circle line) I actually smiled whilst reading it. #firstsmile

Writing blew away the cobwebs of a lingering dark mood. I haven’t been feeling myself for a few weeks. I have struggled with the U.K. heat wave, I know I shouldn’t moan about the weather but I am fair-skinned, go a bright shade of pink and sweat so much people think I am dissolving. My day job is beyond stressful and don’t get me started on living with two hormonal teenage daughters. I did a couple of good writing sessions and it was like my bleak mood was simply blown away.

I met up with a close writing friend, author, Helen Jones. We were attending a writing event in the afternoon, but decided to spend the morning in Covent Garden, shopping for stationary. I won’t tell you how many happy feelings I experienced walking around a stationary shop, browsing an extensive array of notebooks and saying stuff like, ‘what do you think this notebook says about me as a writer?’ It was a magical time for us both and other stationary shoppers, who watched Helen and I struggling to keep it together at the sight of a notebook with a stunning fabric cover.

At the writing event I got to meet author Lia Louis, who I follow on Twitter. I love her tweets about her journey to publication and family life. She was speaking at the writing event and getting to talk to her in the break was a real fan girl moment for me.

We talked, at length, about whether or not you know the story you are working on is the one! When I say the one I am likening the book writing process to relationships / finding the person you want to marry. I am an unpublished author, who has written and ditched so many draft stories I am starting to lose count, so knowing whether the story I am working on is the one which will lead to other things is on my mind a lot. I have made the jump from romance to thriller and I guess this is fuelling my anxiety. Am I writing the right thing or am I wasting my time? Lia said she knew her debut novel was the one because it scared her and she was happy to rewrite it millions of times. I got a lot from this conversation as The List of Unspeakable Things terrifies me most days, it won’t leave me alone and it’s the only story which I am prepared to rewrite again and again.

The writing course left me feeling motivated and optimistic. The literary agent, who told us about pitching was Juliet Mushens. She was brilliant, she made a few things make sense and she made me want to go home and work harder with my draft. It really was money well spent.

So, that was my week, where at one point, whilst changing tubes at Baker Street, I sent God a little thank you prayer for making me a writer ❤️

Just keep writing folks x

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Lucy Mitchell lives in South Wales with her husband, her two teenage daughters, a giant labrador and a gang of unruly cats. Lucy is the author of the award winning blog, BlondeWriteMore and was a Featured Romance Author on Wattpad. When she’s not working or writing, Lucy can be found listening to audiobooks in a muddy field with her dog or sat outside her local pub in the sunshine enjoying a glass of wine. Her debut novel Instructions Falling In Love Again is OUT now and already pulling in some fabulous reviews ❤️

22 thoughts on “Things From Last Week Which Made Me ❤️ Being a Writer #SundayBlogShare #Writer #WritersLife

  1. I am impressed with your ability and sense of humour to keep going no matter how many obstacles keep appearing along the way. Another way of looking at being an unpublished writer is that the journey must be just as important as the destination? You will get there, Lucy.

  2. Fist of all, I can totally relate to your aversion to the heat. I too, am fair-skinned and “pink” all summer here. 🙂
    I love that you don’t give up after having multiple drafts put aside. Persistence is the key and you will get there. I cannot wait to finally read your work!
    I wonder if we ever truly feel confident. I’m still waiting, hoping.
    Thank you for sharing your experience. It’s a joy to read your posts.

  3. I LOVE the title of your book – for me a title that is WOW is what let’s me know I’m on the right lines… It’s just that moment when, regardless of the effort and the heartache, it is all just perfect.

  4. It’s nice when a week turns from bleak to amazing. 🙂 Writing is certainly a rollercoaster but I’m sure you’ll one day be the writer someone is fangirling over. 😀

  5. I love all the positivity in this post! ❤️ I’m so glad your week went well. It doesn’t always feel good to be a writer, but when it feels good, it feels like you’re on top of the world!

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