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Welcome to my new weekly writing diary. Every Sunday I am going to post a diary entry about the emotional highs and lows of my writing life. I will try my best to make it funny and interesting.

Blogging has a tendency to take over my creative life, so this is the only way I can control my excitement and at the same time make my draft novels a priority.

Long standing blog followers might recognise the photo from Photopin, as I used it on one of my old blog stories in 2015. It is the only photo which gives you a good insight into my writing life. I do spend a lot of time lying on the floor, mulling over my draft novel in my head, whilst my tight clad legs are resting against the wall.

Every week as part of my diary I am going to run a new little story, titled ‘When Harry Met Po.’

This is based on my two pets; Po the dog and Harry the cat who have struck up a wonderful little friendship. Po is nearly two and Harry is seven.

We have two other cats who don’t like Po, but Harry is different.

When Harry Met Po…

One dark day in January Po and Harry had an argument.

Harry was not allowed to eat Po’s food, but he often struggled to stop himself from having a naughty nibble. On this day Po’s bowl was laden with dog sized chunks of roast chicken.

After returning from a dog walk (a good hour spent walking around a muddy field, daydreaming about his lunch) Po caught Harry licking his dog bowl clean. He barked and barked. How dare his little furry friend eat all his chunks of roast chicken!

Harry did not appreciate being barked at by his big friend. Po has obviously forgotten what’s mine is mine and what’s his is mine too, thought Harry. To his annoyance Po was still barking. Harry knew he didn’t need to make a noise to show Po the error of his ways. He simply turned his feline head away from Po and stared at the hoover.

Sensing he’d annoyed Harry, Po immediately apologised, ushered Harry into his dog bed and let him stay there for hours.

There will be more next week from ‘When Harry Met Po.’

So, moving on swiftly to my Writing Life.

What have I been learning this week?

This week I have learnt that exhaustion can come disguised as Writer’s Block. I endured four days of total Writer’s Block this week. My creative brain simply shut down. I didn’t feel like posting anything witty on Instagram – that’s how bad it got. Not surprising my brain fell over given the amount of creative work I am expecting it to do at the moment. Anyway after four days of going to bed early, eating good food and reading it came back. Sometimes Writer’s Block has nothing to do with your story…

Who have I been hanging out with?

As you may or may not know I am a co-host on UK RomChat. This is a weekly Twitter event, every Monday 8-9pm and its where romance writers, authors, editors and book bloggers all come together to discuss romance. Every week we interview someone live on Twitter and I am learning so much from working with the fabulous UK RomChat team (Eilidh K. Lawrence & Jeanna Louise Skinner).

On Monday we are interviewing Elisa Winther who is an author, but also she’s a sensitivity reader. I did not know these existed until a few weeks ago.

Monday should be really interesting as we are going to ask Elisa all about her work. If you want to know more check out @UKRomChat on Twitter.

What have I been reading?

This week I became engrossed with Em Ali’s novel ‘Soft on Soft.’ It is the story of makeup artist June Bana who falls in love with model / actress Selena Clarke. It is a fabulous romance, which also looks at anxiety and body image. Em Ali has such a fabulous way with words, her characters are rich in detail and it was a wonderful slow build of a story. I was completely hooked on their romance and it took a few days for me to stop feeling all churned up inside. Check out my Goodreads page for my review.

Big thanks to the Pink Heart Society for pointing me in the direction of Em Ali.

What am I working on?

It has a working title of ‘The Patient’. Half of the latest draft has just been emailed to my good friend and author, Sandy Barker.

This will be the first time someone else has read it, so I am going to spend this week torturing myself with made up images of Sandy pulling faces at my story.

Hopefully I can share some good news next week on what Sandy thought of my romcom about two people who find love over a plaster cast and a few stitches. 

The story I wrote for NaNoWriMo back in November has been buried in a hole at the bottom of my garden. Ten years might have to pass before I dig that pile of literary wrongs up.

Any other news?

My husband has a new job after being made redundant before Christmas. He started work last week. I am so proud of him.

I still can’t do the top button up on my favourite pair of jeans. This has been an issue since Christmas.

Currently feeling grateful about my old 2018 self’s decision to reconnect with gherkins. At the end of last year I bought a toasted cheese and ham sandwich which to my surprise contained gherkins. Well, it tasted so good I got a little bit emotional. It has been years since I connected with gherkins.

My gherkin love is back AND someone told me in the week that gherkins are big in America. Long standing blog followers will know about the strict instructions I gave my mother, from the womb. In the Fallopian tubes I decided that she should give birth to me in AMERICA, because I wanted to be a cool American writer.

She ignored my demands from the womb, pushed me out in the south of England and then spent years wondering why I screamed so much as a baby.

I like to tell myself that my love of gherkins, coffee, cowboy romances, town names which end with ‘Falls’, cheerleaders, blazer sleeves rolled up to the elbows, Sweet Valley High book binges, golden tans, front porches and The Wire are simply signs my inner American writer is calling out to me.

Have a good week blog readers!

Photo credit: Anna via photopin (license)

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Lucy Mitchell lives in South Wales with her husband, her two teenage daughters, a giant labrador and a gang of unruly cats. Lucy is the author of the award winning blog, BlondeWriteMore and was a Featured Romance Author on Wattpad. When she’s not working or writing, Lucy can be found listening to audiobooks in a muddy field with her dog or sat outside her local pub in the sunshine enjoying a glass of wine. Her debut novel Instructions Falling In Love Again is OUT now and already pulling in some fabulous reviews ❀️

23 thoughts on “My Writing Life Diary #AmWriting #Writer

  1. Your post gave me a good laugh, Lucy. My mom pushed me out in England and then dragged me to South AFrica. I want to go back to England, the land of literature, castles and history, but life isn’t helping me. Good luck with your writing, maybe I should try your upsidedown, tights idea.

  2. Good to hear the new year is off to go a great start (never mind those top buttons!). I love the story of Harry and Po – they look adorable together. Can’t wait to hear what they’ll be up to next.

  3. Yay that Hubs got a new job! My doggy looks a lot like your Po, but the cat with whom he was friends passed away last month.:-( We still have other cats, but apparently they think he’s a boor, the poor dog.

    Happy writing!

  4. Love this!! Started off my day with a good laugh. And guess what? I also ponder my stories while on the floor with my legs against the wall. I tell myself it’s good for circulation and new ideas.πŸ˜‰ Harry & Po are adorable. And…it would have been nice if your mom pushed you out in America.
    Have a great week!

  5. Love hearing about Harry and Po. Our dog is nearly two as well.

    Yes, exhaustion can cause problems with writing. It, along with the health issues that have caused it, is mostly responsible for my unreliable writing in recent months. Hopefully that will change soon though, and it will just become something that happens from time to time, rather than a constant problem. Hope your days of rest helped.

    Great about your hubby’s job. Don’t worry about the jeans. Keep walking the dog, and keep your hands busy writing so you’re not so tempted to fill them with snacks, and that will soon change.

  6. Terrific post. I am a little in love with Po and Harry’s story, especially when Po kisses Harry. I also love gherkins and I am now off to read The Patient (part 1 of 2).


  7. Great to have you back! Was beginning to wonder what had happened! Glad to know that my future Sundays will be blog filled. Thanks! xxxxx

  8. Idea: come visit me for a week or two. You’ll get almost no writing done because the animals are encouraged to bother anyone escaping to the guest room, but I’ll ply you with coffee and gherkins and really good barbeque and you’ll get tan and no part of your jeans will fit anymore but you’ll be able to dedicate your next novel to yourself, the Real American Writer.

  9. Hi Lucy! It was a great chat with Elisa yesterday (Monday). Thanks for co-hosting and your GIF skillz. Harry and Po are super cute. I love the idea of a weekly writing diary. Following your blog now. E.

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