Why Writer Friends Are Like Lighthouses The Closer You Get To Publication #AmWriting

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I am likening the process of getting closer to publishing my book to sailing a small boat across a violent sea at night.

It doesn’t matter which route you take to get to publication. From the tweets and blog posts I read from other writers and authors, we all end up in the same little publication boat; in total darkness, weary and desperately clinging onto something, a life dream of being an author perhaps, with no idea where we are going to end up and cursing ourselves for even thinking about setting off on a journey like this.

So, here we all are, alone in our boat, being tossed about by the angry sea of our emotions, worries, comparisons with other established authors and self-doubt, feeling a little desperate about publishing our first novel…when out of the literary darkness comes this wonderful beam of light. *Gasp*

It is a writer friend reaching out (normally via Twitter or Facebook) to guide you to a safer and calmer place.

They know how lost you’re feeling and how unpredictable your sea of emotions can get…approaching the launch of your book.

Writer or fellow author friends are like lighthouses because they shine brightly, even on the darkest and stormiest of nights.

In the weeks up to publication you can expect rough seas, however the light from a good writer friend will always find you no matter how lost you feel.

Standing, shining beacons in the night, their rays of writing friendship will break through your fear, confusion and self doubt and will fill you with a warm and reassuring glow.

They will stop you from crashing your boat on the rocks and help set you navigate a smoother course.

This post is dedicated to all my writer friends who are currently acting like my lighthouses. I am so grateful to all of you who shine out from my email, my blog, my Twitter feed, from my DM’s, from Facebook comments, from Instagram and from your own posts.

I do hope my little book boat doesn’t spring a leak or even worse, sink before I reach my new world.

Have a great day!

My book is coming soon πŸ›Ά

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

9 thoughts on “Why Writer Friends Are Like Lighthouses The Closer You Get To Publication #AmWriting

  1. Actually Lucy, you set your compass and sailed your boat exactly on course. Now you’re noticing a few choppy waves, imagining the dark cloud on the horizon is a storm coming … but these are just ripples in the sea. If your writer friends can help buoy you up, throw you a line or shine a light, then that is wonderful. We are delighted and honoured to be be part of your crew, but never forget you took the helm and made this happen!! (*talk about taking a metaphor and running with it hah hah!!) xx

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