Vampire & Single Part 9 – The Voice #ASMSG #Vampire #Paranormal

#Vampire #VampireFiction

Welcome to my weekly blog series – Vampire & Single. Last week the world went crazy over the camera footage of Sasha flying. As the search for #flyingwoman intensified, Henry hid her away in his mansion and organised for her appearance to be changed. Brace yourselves here’s this week’s part: Part 9 Sunday “What are […]

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Why We Love Reading Historical Fiction #Bookworm #HistoricalFiction

There is something magical about reading historical fiction. After interviewing historical fiction writer Evie Gaughan yesterday, I am taking a moment to celebrate historical fiction. Here are the reasons why I think we love reading stories from this fabulous literary genre:

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Author Interviews @IcySedgwick #writers #author #WeekendBlogShare

  Hello and welcome to my weekly blog series – Author Interviews. These weekly author interviews give me good reason to stalk / pester some of my favourite authors and beg them to come sit in my red interview chair. I like these interviews because I think I find out about the person behind the […]

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