Why My #WritersLife Feels Like Stranger Things #AmWriting #StrangerThings


If you haven’t watched the Netflix series Stranger Things, seasons 1 and 2, I strongly urge you to clear your social calendar, stockpile food, close the curtains, wrap yourself in a warm blanket, clutch a large cushion (to hide behind during scary bits) and binge watch it all. For those who haven’t experienced it, Stranger […]

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10 Things To Consider Before Dating A Time Traveller #Romance #TimeTravel

dating time traveller

Dating a time traveller sounds flash, but there would be some stuff you would need to consider before taking the romantic leap. This post works on the basis that you are about to start dating a time traveller and only they have the ability to cross time. Here are the things you would need to think […]

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New Diary of Roxy Collins Part 12 The Visitor #ASMSG #Romance #Comedy

#romance #RomCom #Comedy

Welcome to The Diary of Roxy Collins – The Serious Relationship Series. Every Thursday you can read Roxy’s diary entries. They record the emotional highs and lows of her new serious relationship with Marcus, the man of her dreams. He lives on the posh side of town, drives a flash car and doesn’t mind her […]

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The Fixer #Blogbattle #ScienceFiction

One of the annoying things about life is that there are some awkward and painful situations which you would rather avoid or duck out of, if you had the choice. With life you can’t opt out of the bad patches. You have to live through the uncomfortable times, endure the sleepless nights, the stress, spend […]

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Agent Orchid #BlogBattle #Sciencefiction

    They sent a message to the agent network saying ‘Secret Agent Orchid down’. There were no more details given about your death in the message. Rumours were leaked in the days that followed. You died in a prison hole, after being captured and tortured. Your mission to infiltrate the enemy failed. I refuse to […]

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Head Refuge #BlogBattle #Sciencefiction

    Our space craft suffered a mechanical failure and we were forced to crash land it on Earth 36,525 days ago. We were not able to repair it. Our planet sent a rescue craft to help us. We were instructed to take refuge inside human heads and wait. We are still here. The rescue craft […]

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