Heaven Calling – Part 2 Fictional Series #Comedy #Marriage #Dating

romcom, fiction

  Welcome to my weekly blog series – Heaven Calling. This series is out every Thursday on BlondeWriteMore. For part 1 please click here. Recap:Β Camilla’s enjoyment of heaven life came to an abrupt end last week after she made a shocking discovery about her husband, Gerry. He’d decided to start dating after spending two years […]

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The Diary of Roxy Collins – OMG He’s a Rat #romance #chicklit #MondayBlogs

romance, chicklit.comedy

  Saturday 8.45 A.M.Β Two things have come into my life; my ex-boyfriend Dan and my youngest son Toby’s new pet rat ‘Bob’. I can’t say I am happy with the arrival of Bob and I can’t say my landlord Brian is thrilled either. However Bob has stopped Toby talking to his imaginary friend Malcolm. Big […]

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How to Write a Holiday Romance #MondayBlogs #romanticfiction #writer

  Photo Credit: Pixabay In my serialised fictional podcast – The Diary of Roxy Collins,Β the main character Roxy has flown to Greece to persuade her hell-raising cousin Maggie to return home. The big question is whether there will be some romance for Roxy out in Greece? I am a BIG fan of holiday romances in […]

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The Diary of Roxy Collins – Marcus – Part 29 #Romance #comedy

  Thursday 9.15 a.m. Receive a mixed reaction from the office to my new vibrant red hair colour. Martin, my line manager, takes one look at me, grips the desk and says ‘good grief Roxy what have you done!’ The nice men on the IT helpdesk give me a thumbs up and then ask me […]

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The Diary of Roxy Collins – Tears In The Loo #romcom #Chicklit

  Wednesday 3.16 P.M. I am creeping out of the ladies toilet with red puffy eyes and a handful of tissues. Just had an emotional breakdown in the loo over: Dan going back to Clara. Being thirty something with three kids, two ex partners, living in a shabby rented house and no sign of Prince […]

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The Diary of Roxy Collins – Part 25 The Ex-Boyfriend #ChickLit #comedy

  Tuesday 6.54 P.M. I have summoned a ‘Dating Council of War.’ My new relationship with Jake is on my mind. Shaz and I are sat on my sofa, working our way through a box of Cadbury’s Milk Tray whilst assessing my dating predicament. ‘Jake seems petrified of me’ I say, recalling our last date […]

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