Survival Tips For Writers


Here are my survival tips for writers:

  1. How To Stay Married To A Writer. Click Here.
  2. How To Dress Like A Writer. Click Here.
  3. How To Dance Like A Writer. Click Here.
  4. How to Conquer Self-Doubt. Click here.
  5. Things You Should Consider Before Falling In Love With A Writer. Click Here.
  6. Why Writing Is Like Space Exploration. Click Here.
  7. How To Admit You Are Writing In The Wrong Genre. Click Here.
  8. How To Survive Writing The Weird Story. Click Here.
  9. How To Accept Weird Stuff Happens To You Once You Become A Writer. Click Here.
  10. Why Your Writing Life Can Feel Like Something Out of Stranger Things. Click Here.
  11. How To Handle The Slow Burn Story. Click Here. 
  12. How To Handle Recycled Characters. Click Here.
  13. Falling In Love With Your Fictional Characters – 5 key things to watch out for. Click Here.
  14. How To Survive A Romantic Crush on a Fictional Character. Click Here.
  15. Things You Learn After Writing a Novel For a Year. Click Here.