Meeting Your Online Blogging Friend In Real Life – The Key Stages #MondayBlogs #BloggingGals


You can build some great connections online with other bloggers. With some blogging connections it can feel like you have found your online Best Friend Forever (BFF), even though you’ve never actually met face to face.

Meeting your online BFF in real life can get a little crazy.

As I have met most of my online blogging friends at blogging events, I have used this scenario – the blogging event (conference or awards ceremony) to show you the key stages.

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Different Blogger Reactions to Winning an Award #BloggersBash #bloggers

Different Blogger Reactions to Winning an Award

Picture this. You are at the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards waiting to hear whether you have won an award.

After weeks of campaigning for votes you are broken and a shadow  of your former self.

Added to this, the cruel committee members have left your category to the end of the awards ceremony – as if you need more pain inflicted upon you! 

You check your competition one last time. They are all great bloggers! Cue sinking feeling. 

You know that you struggle to contain your emotions on a daily basis. Those self help books better pay off!  

“Must not let my emotions run away with me!” you whimper. “Must keep up the image of being….all there mentally!”

Nerves and emotion build inside you as the Committee members announce the results of the votes in your category. 

Your heart pounds in your chest, your mouth runs dry and a nervous blogger next to you squeezes your clammy hand.

When the committee members reveal that you are the winner – how do you react?

I was lucky enough to be at the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards 2016 at the weekend and there were some different reactions from winning bloggers.

  1. The Cool as a Cucumber Blogger. The news of your victory does not faze you. With the hint of a smile you walk calmly to the front to collect your prize.
  2. The Grinning Blogger. The news of your victory brings a huge grin to your face. You bound up to the front and maybe raise a hand to your applauding fans.
  3. The Delighted Blogger. With a hop, skip and a jump you race up to the front and hug every committee member on the stage before accepting your prize.
  4. The Air Punch Blogger. You leap up from your seat and roar ‘YESSSSSS!’ This is quickly followed by some rapid air punches. Unable to contain yourself you charge up to the front (air punching as you go). You snatch the prize from the shocked looking committee member and race back to your corner, still air punching. Once seated another blogger has to quietly tell you to stop air punching.


I will let you decide on how I reacted to the news that I had won Funniest Blogger.

Think about how calm and collected I am on this blog! Sigh! 

Thank you for all your support. I have been blessed with some great readers and followers. 

Photo Credit: Seth Doyle via Unsplash