Writer Metamorphosis #SundayBlogShare #writers #amwriting

  Becoming a writer is a wonderful experience. I believe the transition from non-writer to writer can be likened to the metamorphosis of a butterfly. Caterpillar Stage: The caterpillar performs the same daily tasks; eating, sleeping and shuffling up and down a leaf. It has no idea that it has the potential to change into […]

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The Writer’s Job Description #Writing #AmWriting


Here is my take on a job description for a writer. Vacancy – Writer Writer needed to join the millions of other writers around the world. About The Role Hours: Can vary each week and are dependent upon number of new ideas for stories, writing confidence levels, social media activity, reading binges and coffee consumption. […]

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Emotional Hurdles For New Writers #writers #amwriting

As a newbie writer I am constantly trying to jump over emotional hurdles in order to progress. I am calling them hurdles  because if you don’t jump them you will end up falling down and hurting your writer self. They are emotional  because each one has the potential to bring on tears / sobbing / a […]

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